4 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Slams SJW Star Wars

  1. I watched “Galaxy Quest” over the holiday again and was again impressed with Sigourney Weaver’s acting. In GQ, a comedy based on Shatner era Star Trek, she played the total opposite of officer Ripley, a 70s eye candy space female character and did it perfectly with no hint of irony but lots of humanity and likeability. Wow.

    As an aside, saw Disney’s Wreck It Ralph 2 this weekend: another Disney princess fest with super cute, perky and sharp as a tack girl protagonist staring with dumb as a rock toxic male sidekick who was taught a much needed life lesson. Also the entire cast of Disney Princesses become super heros. Star Wars 9 is going to suck like a black hole.

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  2. He actually called it out as soon as he saw it in January:

    I give him extra points for that, because the shills were out in force back then, including his buddy Kevin Shill, I mean Smith.

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