Justina Ireland Doesn’t Want To Demonize Sex Work In Her Young Adult Novels


Justina believes that all books are identical.

Common sense can sometimes be fleeting, especially when you’re a cog in Lucasfilm’s social justice machine.  So although Justina once approved of Chuck Wendig’s firing, she has since returned to the characteristic lunacy that personifies the average Lucasfilm representative.

Justina Ireland, author of Star Wars: Lando’s Luck, has a few things to say in response to a tweet from author Heidi Heilig:

So apparently Lucasfilm hires authors who don’t want the Young Adults that read Star Wars books to be detered from taking up a life-long career in sex working.  I wonder if venereal warts and syphalis are by-products of revisionist history too.  Or maybe herpes is just a trope.

Yes, let’s take a look at the Comstock Law.

SJW tale spinners will tell you that it was used to suppress reproductive freedom, by outlawing the mailing of certain material and meia through the U.S. Postal service; mainly pornography and contraceptives.

But what they won’t tell you, was that it was also used to prevent the spread of Margaret Sanger’s eugenicist propaganda in her pamphlets, such as “Family Limitation,” “What Every Girl Should Know,” and “What Every Mother Should Know.”  We’ve spoken about Margaret Sanger on this blog before, but here’s a bit more:

Eugenicists refer to people who do not deserve to have children or, worse, do not deserve to live as “unfit.” Margaret Sanger had her own definition “unfit,” which encompassed a wide number and a wide variety of people. Sanger kept records of “the nationality, heredity, religion, occupation, and trade union affiliation of patients at the clinic”; it is possible that she considered all of these factors to be important in determining whether an individual was fit or not.  Sanger’s definition for “unfit” included racial, physical, and socioeconomic qualifications, but she focused primarily on the mentally unfit. “We want, most of all, genius,” she said.

And what was the goal of Margaret Sanger’s eugenicist vision?

As a eugenicist, Sanger even made eugenic distinctions based on race, though she often tried to avoid the issue.  She wrote of “racial mistakes.”  She expressed concern at the high birth rate of foreigners, just as she expressed concern at the high birth rate of the unfit and feeble-minded.  “Do these [foreign] elements give promise of a better stock?” she asked rhetorically. She referred to Caucasian Americans as “pure white native stock.”  In the next sentence, she made the assumption that African Americans were at least partially responsible for the high rate of illiteracy in the South.   In a letter to Albert Lasker, she wrote, “I think it is magnificent that we are in on the ground floor, helping Negroes to control their birth rate.” 

Gee, somehow the Comstock Laws seem a little less evil, especially after you read about Sanger’s “Negro Project.”

Justina continued:

Yes.  Reality isn’t the way it is, just because the people she disagrees with politically have had to explain it to her side of the political isle repeatedly.

12 thoughts on “Justina Ireland Doesn’t Want To Demonize Sex Work In Her Young Adult Novels

  1. I guess they started talking about this because of #ThotAudit
    Also, honest work has always been available to women; these SJW pseudo authors just want to glorify whoring.


  2. Oh boy, another “progressive” woman endorsing prostitution and pornography, which is something I’m strongly against. First of all, let’s stop picking on Margaret Sanger just because she “supported” eugenics – EVERYONE did in those days (OK every white American). American Experience recently did a documentary about the Eugenics Movement and revealed that Sanger was up against so many obstacles in her quest to get birth control available for women that in desperation she turned to endorsing eugenics. Just because she was a woman of her time, does not mean that her efforts in reproductive rights should be dismissed. It’s like dismissing the ideals of the Founding Fathers because they owned slaves.

    Now that I got that off my chest, here’s some anti-prostitution words by radical feminists:
    Former prostitute Fiona Broadfoot:

    “In fully decriminalizing the sex trade, prostitution came to be viewed as work — a job like any other. As a result, the many (mainly) women who find themselves stuck in the industry are given no support when trying to exit, while the men who buy sexual access to their bodies are given a sense of entitlement to do whatever they please.

    Thirty years ago, when I was arrested in the UK for prostitution, the police knew who my pimp was but chose not to arrest him. I ended up with a criminal record while he went free. This is very typical of the way men are treated in a society where buying sex and being in prostitution is normalized and seen as harmless, while victims of the system of prostitution are left to deal with the repercussions.

    Unless we acknowledge the massive power imbalance in the system of prostitution, we will never be able to support women who have no other choice but to sell sex and who so desperately want to leave the trade. The men who buy sex have absolute power and privilege over those who are sold, who have no desire whatsoever to be there and are merely doing everything they can to stay alive.

    In saying that it is okay for men to buy sex, their desire to exploit is made more important than a woman’s basic safety and human right to be free from torture and slavery. It is a despicable slap in the face of women who deserve to live better lives than this, and who should be given support.”

    Cherry Smiley:

    “I am of the political opinion that prostitution is a form of male violence that should be abolished. Today, these are enough to mark me as a violent, hate-filled, supremacist/fascist, and have the ability to destroy my reputation, livelihood, and potential academic or employment opportunities now and in the future. I have already been passed over for some opportunities due to my political analysis of prostitution, asked to leave conferences, told I’m not allowed to speak about prostitution when invited to speak about Indigenous research, and threatened with police involvement. I have been intimidated and harassed due only to my politics, not my behaviour. These are only some examples of some of the backlash that I, and other women, have experienced for speaking our opinions. This backlash, however, doesn’t just include no-platforming, but also threats and acts of violence. To many, this may sound unbelievable, as though I am exaggerating. I wish this were the case. I wish I were exaggerating. Unfortunately, this is the reality of activist and academic circles in Canada and elsewhere.”

    Then there’s this review of Julie Bindel’s book “The Pimping of Prostitution”: https://www.feministcurrent.com/2017/09/27/julie-bindels-pimping-prostitution-destroys-sex-trade-myths-unforgiving-detail/

    Ironically there was a Clone Wars episode a few years back where Asajj Ventress rescued a girl from human trafficking.


    • You are entirely incorrect with regards to Sanger. It’s very important to continue to pick on Sanger because of her foundational work in eugenics, which inspired the Nazis and the Holocaust. Read the blog post I link to about the Nazis to learn more about her. She didn’t resort to eugenics. She was a leading pioneer in eugenics. The founding fathers wanted to abolishing slavery, but the states wouldn’t allow it, so compromises had to be made in order to preserve the union, and the problem of slavery had to be dealt with at a later time. Otherwise, we’d all still be singing God save the queen, and the slaves might not have ever been freed. American Experience is progressive revisionism. To equate the founding fathers owning slaves with sanger’s Negro Project is absurd. Sanger wanted to limit the population of blacks. The founding fathers inherited their slaves, and in many states it was illegal to free slaves if you inherited them, or if you were in debt. Government regulation forced them to own slaves. No one forced Sanger to launch the Negro project. And no, not every white American was a eugenicist. Only sick progressives like Sanger were.

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      • As a mulatto woman, yes I can compare the Founding Fathers to Sanger because they DID NOT abolish slavery and I’m not buying your information. Plus how do you know what American Experience is when it’s part of the non profit PBS? And whatever her flaws, we would not have birth control which may not matter to you but is very important to me. Your just feminist bashing again. Knock it off.


        • Citing your sex/race in an attempt to validate your position does not make for a sound argument. Facts are facts, whether you buy them or not. If you disagree, cite actual evidence; don’t just play the race card and expect that to make your argument for you.

          FYI, being non-profit does not make PBS unbiased; public programming such as PBS and NPR are well known for having a long-standing bias towards the left side of the aisle.

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        • Whether you are a mulatto woman or not means less than nothing. Remember, melanin and genitalia have no intellectual value whatsoever.

          If you compare the Founding Fathers to Sanger in that fashion, then you’re uneducated. Period.

          You may not buy my information, but that’s the way it is anyway even though you don’t buy it.

          PBS is the left’s Ministry of Truth. It’s state propaganda.

          What’s not to bash about the inherent idiocy in feminist ideology? It’s a moronic ideology after all.


      • Not saying I agree with her practices, but Sanger did have a point about demographics: If the majority population of a country changes, is it still the same country? Several countries in Europe are about to find out.


        • In Europe, the problem isn’t just about population changes, but the intentional cultural disparity of the changing populations. It’s basically a major jihad in disguise, being promoted and defended under the banners of “tolerance” and “acceptance”. Ironic, really, since the cultures being imported are not known for their tolerance and acceptance.


  3. These SJWs forget that there are also male escorts who risk being abused by their clients as well.

    So why no one cares about them? Because they’re males?

    SJWs and their double standards…


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