Bryan Young Is Also a Filmmaker

You may know Bryan Young from a lot of things.  He’s a Disney shill.  He writes for and Star Wars Insider magazine.  He writes lies about his political adversaries in legacy media articles.  He defends an accused rapist despite claiming to a male feminist who instantly “believes women,” because that particular accused person in this case happens to be the co-host on his Full of Sith podcastHe likes to attack people who have opinions other than his own.  He blames others for people being angry over his own public statements.  He’s clueless and uneducatedHe likes to engage in online sex chats with underage teenagers.  But he’s also a filmmaker under his own company Shinebox Media Productions.

The first film that we’ll take a look at, is entitled Timmy Learns His Lesson from 2008.  It’s the story of a grown man who, assaults and beats the child bully of his own son.

The subject matter in this film may offer insight into the foundation of Bryan Young’s disregard for children when entering online sex chats.  But he’s quick to put critics at ease in the comments section of his video:


In the SJW collective, the children make the rules and order the parents around.  So it never would have occurred to Bryan to explain to the “kids” that it is inappropriate for an adult to beat a child to a bloody pulp, and would therefore be inappropriate to depict such a scenario on film.  Nor is an adult beating a child to a bloody pulp particularly funny.

Next, up is the trailer for his film, Infidelity Investment, from 2006.  Now, the trailer on Bryaon’s own YouTube channel is blocked in my country.  However, the internet is forever, and therefore the trailer does show up on another channel.  The film deals with what could be Bryan’s favorite topic of all, cuckoldry.  Enjoy!

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