On Ethan Van Sciver And Jason Ward

A reader of this blog recently posted the following comment, which was posted on my Geeker Gate article:

Dean Mayes on December 7, 2018 at 6:45 am said:

I’m coming to this article quite late but I have to ask the question – what is happening with EVS and Jason Ward lately? In, at least, the past three videos I’ve seen from EVS, he seems to be intimating a thawing of relations between him and MSW.

This is the MSW who is not above sicking their SJW pussy posse onto anyone who dares step outside the accepted groupthink.

I’ve had my own issues with the MSW machine – for daring to question the wisdom of airing allegations of sexual assault on Twitter (the individual I questioned was Ash Crossin). The MSW posse, led by Jason & Steele Saunders came down on me like a tonne of bricks. They abused me online. Many issues death threats. They were somehow able to look up my home phone number and threaten me verbally. My eight year old daughter actually heard the call and was traumatized.

These people are not ones to be forming alliances with. They are the prime example of why the Star Wars fan community is such a dumpster fire. They believe in some sort of born-to-rule entitlement and they will savagely go after anyone who dares challenge their orthodoxy.

I sincerely hope I have this wrong re: EVS and Jason Ward.

I agree with much of what Dean has written here.

Having said that, I don’t answer for Ethan or anyone on the High Council.  I remain independent, as do they.  None of us belong to any singular thinking collective.  We are individuals who each make our own decisions, and travel our own paths in life.  We agree on some points, and differ on others, and that is perfectly okay.

Having said that, we can only hope that all parties remember the fable of the Scorpion and the Frog.

10 thoughts on “On Ethan Van Sciver And Jason Ward

    • I think Itchy posted the wrong link, because I can’t find your original comment.

      What do you mean by a “thawing of relations” between EVS and MSW? He doesn’t talk about him as much, but I don’t remember him speaking about Jason in friendly terms.

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      • The only thing I’m currently aware of is that Jason ward may be appearing on the high council. I’m not aware of much beynd that, but I’ve been very busy, so I could be missing something.

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        • Interesting. I haven’t been paying attention lately, so this is news to me.

          They must already know about Jason, though. I remember him and Amanda Ward being open about badmouthing both G+G and EVS on Twitter, so unless it’s going to be a grand debate or some ploy to get one of their channels taken down, I don’t see any reason to have them on other than principle.

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        • Hmm very odd, I don’t remember EVS saying much of anything about him other than that he was an enormously disgusting piece of shit (and he is). I could not imagine EVS ever getting friendly with him, if he’s going to go on THC it will surely be to get the shit kicked out of him, like they did to Mundane Matt.

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