Soylo Novelist Mur Lafferty Stirs Up SJWs To Harass Marvel Editor That Brought Winter To Wendig

When Chuck Wendig was fired from Marvel, he made a point of publicly waving the name of the editor who fired him on Twitter, in an effort to give his fellow drones in the Collective a target to harass.  According to Hollywood Reporter:

In a series of tweets, Wendig — who was working on both the five-issue Shadow of Vader miniseries and an additional, currently unannounced, Star Wars series for the publisher — revealed that he had been fired by Marvel in the middle of his work on the titles because, in his words, “of the negativity and vulgarity that my tweets bring. Seriously, that’s what Mark [Paniccia], the editor said. It was too much vulgarity, too much negativity on my part.”


Chuck Wendig helpfully points out Mark Paniccia for his fellow drones, while sporting the Collective’s mandatory Soy Face.

Readers may remember author Mur Lafferty, also known as Mighty Mur, who wrote the novelization for Solo: A Star Wars StoryMighty Mur also believes that Christians treat people like animals.  Here’s what Mighty Mur had to say about the firing of Chuck Wendig:


Mur’s hair is mighty colorful.

So it should come as no surprise, that Mighty Mur is giving Chuck Wendig an opportunity to revise history on her YouTube Channel, and work their fellow drones in the Collective into a frenzy, in order to harass the editor who performed his job correctly by firing the unhinged crank.  And as we know, they’ll refer to their harassment as “activism.”

Some interesting takeaways from the podcast:

Chuck talks about how angry Mark was. He says he’s been fired from Marvel, but not from writing Star Wars Novels.  He claims someone higher up in Lucasfilm approved of his Twitter antics. He doesn’t mention anyone specifically, but does mention #gamersgate, and blames #comicsgate for the events, along with everyone else around him including imaginary Nazis.

As a result, drones will now commence harassment of Marvel editor Mark Paniccia on behalf of Chuck Wendig.


Ethan Van Sciver posted more SJW chanting:


I’m of the opinion that SJWs are utterly ineducable.  Attempting to teach them anything about any topic is like trying to teach calculus to a goat.  But with the patience of a saint, Ethan Van Sciver may be planning to put out a video soon attempting to do just that.  So I write this blog post in support of his efforts.

So though I feel my friend’s attempt on that front to be well-intentioned but pointless, I’m going to help him anyway by encouraging my readers to work on another front.

I strongly encourage all of my readers to report Mur Lafferty’s Ditch Diggers #70 podcast video on YouTube for the targeted bullying and harassment of Marvel editor Mark Paniccia.  Likewise, you can report the following tweet to Twitter for bullying and harassment, given that it promotes Ditch Diggers #70.


Ethan Van Sciver reports on this story:


The tweets that likely got Chuck Wendig fired were deleted, but have been archived here.

15 thoughts on “Soylo Novelist Mur Lafferty Stirs Up SJWs To Harass Marvel Editor That Brought Winter To Wendig

  1. It’s a sad indictment on Lucasfilm and Star Wars story telling that I now base my book purchasing decisions on the Twitter antics of the author.

    In the past few years, none of those antics have been good.

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  2. That Non-mighty Mur creature in that picture is quite the repulsive beast.
    No wonder she’s angry at everything, her life must be a never ending chain of unhappiness.

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  3. “He claims someone higher up in Lucasfilm approved of his Twitter antics”

    Well, that says it all doesn’t it. DLF used Wendig as a mouthpiece to hit back at the critics of TLJ on Twitter. I couldn’t understand why anyone would hire this guy to write for them. I couldn’t write to save my life, but Wendig’s work can only be described as utter shite!

    It’s as though DLF are intentionally trying to drive a wedge into the fanbase. Between the extermination of the EU, hiring whack-jobs like Wendig and allowing Johnson to trample all over the lore – this is a machiavellian attempt to destroy this once great franchise. I fear the worst is yet to come.

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  4. I listened to a bit of the podcast, and it was truly surreal to hear them use the word Nazi unironically. They are sitting there calmly, matter-of-factly referring to people as Nazis. I’ve heard lots of Antifa types scream that accusation, but to hear it spoken as if it’s common knowledge is truly disturbing.

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    • SJWs get all their knowledge about Nazis from Indiana Jones, captain america, and hellboy. So they don’t have any real understanding of who and what Nazis actually were. The fact that they still think Nazis are a real threat 75 years after they were defeated in Germany demonstrates just how clueless they really are.

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      • The greatest risk of totalitarianism recurring will come from the heard/extreme left. The identity politics, the group think, the excommunication of individual thought that challenges orthodoxy. Folks like Wendig, Lafferty and Hidalgo cannot compute that.

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          • Yes indeed! A brilliant point and one that I have been exploring in depth recently.

            The DFL Story Group’s obsession with identity politics and intersectionality poisoned TLJ to such a degree that they had no idea how to tell an effective war story, which, is what Star *Wars* is supposed to be about. Lucas couched his original trilogy in the context of a Vietnam styled guerilla campaign. You can clearly see the parallels within the triolgy – albeit with some excellent character study (as evidenced in ESB). The prequel trilogy was an (almost perfect) examination of tyrrany arising from within, how loyalties fracture in the quest for power (“if you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy). This current trilogy was supposed to be a Cold War retelling, which – through TFA – showed promise. The ideological nightmare we were served up with Rian Johnson’s fever dream had none of that continued exploration. What I saw was…well actually, I don’t know what I saw. I’m still trying to figure that out and it’s making me tired.

            I want led Star Wars – not Culture Wars.

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