Rachel Butera Quietly Replaced In Star Wars Resistance?

Readers may remember Rachel Butera, as the talented voice actress cast to play General Leia in Star Wars Resistance.  Back in September, Rachel Butera did an impression of Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who is now a public persona and thus fair fodder for satire.  SJWs in the Collective were furious over the comical impression, and forced Rachel Butera off of social media.

To briefly review some facts about Dr. Ford, Ms. Ford’s 4th purported witness claimed no knowledge of any assault.  Ms. Ford has changed her story multiple times.   Discrepancies in Ms. Ford’s polygraph test has raised some questions.  TTwo other men claim to have assaulted Ms. Ford rather than KavanaughMs. Ford’s high school yearbook demonstrates “multiple photos and references to binge drinking and the accompanying joy of not being able to remember any of it.”   Attempts were made to cleanse the internet of Ms. Ford’s yearbhook pages.  Ms. Ford’s ex-boyfriend claimed that Ford helped a friend prep for a possible polygraph test in the past.

But drones in the Collective were furious over Butera’s impression of Dr. Ford, because they were counting on Ford and other lying accusers to prevent Kavanaugh from being appointed to The Supreme Court.  Unhinged crank Chuck Wendig was so furious over the Kavanaugh appointment, that he went on Twitter rants that earned him a 5-minute out at liberal Twitter, and a firing from Marvel Comics.  SJWs are required to #BelieveWomen without regard to evidence or lack thereof, unless the accused happens to be the co-host of Star Wars podcast.

It appears that Rachel Butera has been quietly replaced by Carolyn Hennesy, according to Brian Larsen of the Tosche Station podcast, who posts screenshots from the credits of Star Wars Resistance.


I’m sure that the production team is more than happy to comply with the Collective’s continuing political purge of Lucasfilm.  That’s what entryism is all about.

I wonder if SJWs will also seek to purge Bryan “Likes Em” Young for not instantly believing women who have zero evidence.


They’re happy to force you to comply.

17 thoughts on “Rachel Butera Quietly Replaced In Star Wars Resistance?

  1. “Should also say that the Resistance production team are to be commended for getting this done this season. I can’t imagine it was easy to re-cast and re-record that quickly given tight production realities.”

    Cringe-worthy shill…

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  4. I was laughing so hard at all the beta proglodytes whining and crying when Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed! And all the accusers were either lying or telling tall tales.

    And how anyone with 2 brain cells was able to watch that Blasey broad and think she was “credible” need to their heads examind.

    “Hurr durr believe all womenz derpity derp!”

    Due process be damned!

    To all of Justice Kavanaugh’s accusers, fact’s don’t care about your feelings!



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