Lucasfilm Orchestrated Racist Harassment Of KMT To Malign And Purge Older Fans

“I fucking hate Star Wars fans with a passion.”

~Jason Ward,, 11-24-2014

December 15th, 2018 is the one year anniversary of the release of The Last Jedi in theaters.  That’s a great time to go over some information that may demonstrate how Lucasfilm is responsible for the staged racist harassment of Kelly Marie Tran which led to the infamous Instagram Incident, in an effort to malign and purge older fans from the fan base.  I believe that the motive may be demonstrated as well, and that Bryan Young, Jason Ward, Steele Saunders, and others in the Wack Pack may have been hired by Lucasfilm, specifically to conduct malicious activity against the older portion of the fan base.

This is going to be a very long post.  The longest post I’ve made here to date.  So either grab some tea and crumpets and get ready to relax for a while.  Or, if you want to skip through the nitty-gritty, you can jump down to the numbered recaps and get a general sense of what I’m demonstrating in each section.

For ease of communication, I will sometimes refer to the Bryan Young/Steele Wars/Jason Ward/etc. machine as the Wack Pack.

Also be advised, that all information contained in this blog post was secured either from public information that is available to anyone, or from anonymous sources.

This blog post has been archived here.


Here’s how this blog post will be organized:

Section 1:  THE KELLY MARIE TRAN INSTAGRAM INCIDENT – I’ll briefly review what we know about the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident as of this writing, in order to give a foundational understanding of what this is all about to the uninitiated.  Then we’ll start to look at various pieces of evidence.

Section 2:  JASON WARD CAUSES HAVOC AT THE CANTINA FORUMS AND THE FORCE.NET – I’ll review information that demonstrates a consistent history of abuse and harassment of the original older fanbase, and Pro-Legends EU activists.  I’ll then review incidents with the Cantina Forums at Star Wars News Network, and with the forums at by the Wack Pack.

Section 3:  DOXXING AND FALSE INSIDER LEAKS  I’ll discuss evidence that demonstrates how Jason Ward and his associates posed as Lucasfilm insiders and then leaked false spoiler information to rival websites in an effort to discredit them publicly,  and how they contacted the workplace of their rivals.

Section 4:  ATTACKS ON REBEL FORCE RADIO – I’ll look at how the Wack Pack organized SJW attacks on RFR leading to their replacement at Star Wars Celebration.

The sections up to this point will serve to establish a history of malicious anti-fan behavior.

Section 5:  DOWN WITH DISNEY – I’ll review the Down With Disney hate hoax account, and how it relates directly to Jason Ward and his associates.

Section 6:  WOOKIEEPEDIA EDIT –  I will review the Wookiepedia edit of Kelly Marie Tran’s entry there, and discuss the possible identity of the editor.

Section 7:  CONNECTIONS – I will review possible connections between the Wack Pack and Lucasfilm, and the potential motive of the culprit(s).

Section 8: THEORIES AND SUSPICIONS – I will put forth theories and suspicions in light of what we’ve discovered so far.


Yes, Rian.  Really.

Since the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident is the crux of this issue, let’s go ahead and briefly recap what we know about the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident as of this writing, an incident which happened approximately two days after Rebel Force Radio appealed to Lucasfilm to control the psychotic public rants of unhinged crank Chuck Wendig with Disney’s social media policies.

We know that the evidence for the purported racist and sexist harassment of Kelly Marie Tran is nearly non-existent.  What little evidence there is floating around on Twitter, we’ve been able to dismiss as either Photoshopped fakes or coming from the accounts of SJW hate hoaxers.  In fact, some have suggested that Russian Bots were responsible for the online harassment, and someone actually wrote an article suggesting just that.

The entire Kelly Marie Tran Instagram narrative hinges on the opinion expressed in a single tweet from the unverified user Star Wars Facts.  The sentiments expressed in that single tweet were repeated over and over again in stories published by the legacy media and in social media posts made by SJW activists.

You can read my own theory about what happened on the Kelly Marie Tran side of the Instagram Incident here.  This blog post however, will deal only with the fan side of the Instagram Incident.

So who is responsible for the harassment against Kelly Marie Tran taking place?  Early evidence suggests the Wack Pack may be the culprit(s), and we also may be able to determine a possible motive.

First, let’s go over some histories in order to establish a pattern of aggressive misbehavior perpetrated by this group.


When searching through Reddit, I came across this thread, which indicated that Mr. Ward was accused of engaging in sock puppet activity at The Cantina at Star Wars News Net (SWNN) around February of 2015, before “rage quitting” the forum, where he apparently had multiple banned accounts.


Additionally, according to a thread at, Jason Ward was also banned at forums for disruptive behavior:

So we know that Ward and his associates engaged in malicious behavior against the fans within online fan forums.


A thread at the forums from April 2015, shows information taken from The Comlink, a sub-forum from  Apparently had some informant or mole that gave them this information, and as a result, they put together a dossier which can be read by anyone as of this writing.  The dossier details Mr. Ward’s history of engaging in doxxing activities earlier in March 2015.  In particular, the contacting of workplaces of individuals that he had online conflicts with.  The thread has been archived here, and it’s definitely worth a read.  There is more information there than I’ll be able to post here, so you’ll have to click on the thumbnails at to see these posts in full size and in their full context.


There is also discussion there of efforts by Ward and his associates to pose as Lucasfilm insiders, and feed false spoilers from Star Wars productions to rival websites including Star Wars News Net, in an effort to discredit them publicly.


According to the information at, it appears that Jason Ward had rival competition such as Rebel Force Radio in his sights since at least 2015, and was waiting for an opportune moment to strike. For Ward, it was about “entrenchment.”



Ward caused havoc in The Cantina fan forums, and was banned at forums for disruptive behavior there.

Jason Ward and his associates were involved in contacting the employers of rivals, and also in feeding false insider leaks to rival websites in an effort to discredit them, including Star Wars News Net.


Two Twitter users indicated that Mr. Ward engaged in creating rifts within the fanbase during a conflict with Rebel Force Radio.

Indeed, an article was found from January of 2018 that explained some of these events:

The Social Justice Warrior Attack on Rebel force radio continues. Hey I thought Star Wars Fandom was United?

Let me Begin on where this all Started. in 2016 During the release of Star Wars Rogue one, There was a Press Junket where a Journalist asked about Females Directing Star Wars, and the Journalist Harassed Kathy Kennedy about it. Well Rebel Force Radio addressed this and People Like Jason Ward from Making Star Wars attacked Rebel Force Radio over it. RFR appologized. But Ward and his Social Justice Warrior Buddies are still Scrutinizing Rebel Force Radio. Jason Ward Also attacked Star Wars News Net saying they are a Hype Machine. Well The Star Wars Social Justice Warriors are at it again.

Before I go on let me Just say this. If you did not like The Last Jedi Because New Character Rose, or Wrote Derogatory terms about her on Wookiepedia because she is asian you are part of this Problem. I will even say if I read a racist, sexist comment on Star Wars fan sites I will let you have it. Now for the Controversy. one Star Wars fan mentioned about the Racist, Sexist Comments about the last Jedi. Well Jimmy Mac not Thinking about what he Wrote. Said Reports of Racism and Sexism against the last Jedi was a Scam. Jimmy realized the Mistake he made Apologized and Removed the post. But the Damage was Done. Jason Ward and Social Justice Star Wars fan’s piled on attacking Rebel force Radio on Twitter. and here are the posts.

Star Wars fandom is now becoming like the GamerGate Situation. Jason Ward Has Become the Anita Sarkeesian of Star Wars, and if you Believe that Rebel Force Radio and its fans are not Prejudice. I say do what I did and Boycott! because Jason Ward is trying to do this Crap to Promote his Site and Podcast, just like Anita did with Gamergate. Until fandom unites again I think we shold hold off on Star Wars Celebration Expo’s. also Jason Ward attacked Star Wars News Net over there Hype just to prove he is in it for himself.

So Jason Ward was scrutinizing Rebel Force Radio.  But why?

According to anonymous sources, I’ve been told that Rebel Force Radio was hired by Lucasfilm to work a Behind The Scenes stage at Star Wars Celebration 2015 a year and a half in advance.  As the event drew near, there was an increasing lack of communication between Rebel Force Radio and Lucasfilm.  At the event itself, they were left completely alone with no room producer.  Only a handful of volunteers helped.

Afterwards, I’m told that there was a weirdness in Lucasfilm’s relationship with Rebel Force Radio.  RFR was not invited to The Force Awakens press junkets, despite being told by Lucasfilm that they would be.  When Rebel Force Radio attempted to push back against Lucasfilm PR in regards to this, RFR received cold responses.

Then about 3 months later in 2016, before a meeting at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) with Mary Franklin about RFR’s role at Celebration, Rebel Force Radio was told directly to their faces that they weren’t wanted for next year’s Celebration by DJ Elliot Hansen of ReedPop.  That they wanted a girl instead.  As a result, they hired Amy Ratcliffe (author of Women of the Galaxy) to replace them.  Rebel Force Radio wasn’t told this until after the announcement was made.  Later, Amy Ratcliffe would be interviewed by the Antifa supporting Space Jess, a star on the podcast show Rebel Grrrl which is in the podcast network.

As previously mentioned, Rebel Force Radio admonished Chuck Wendig for his psychotic behavior on the very public platform of Twitter, and for other Lucasfilm representatives antagonizing the fanbase such as with Andi Gutierrez’s silly Fanboy Tears mugThere had also been additional problems with a variety of Lucasfilm representatives.

In 2017 SJWs were organized by Jason Ward, Bryan Young, Steele Wars, and Brian Larsen (The Wack Pack) in an email writing campaign that targeted to two email accounts.  One was which apparently is looked at by corporate people inside of Lucasfilm, and the other was  The latter is an email for Mary Franklin formerly of Lucasfilm, who now works for ReedPOP, a convention organizing outfit.  SJWs were encouraged to use the following form letter written by Brian Larsen:


I have been told that the claims in the above form letter are 100% false.

Anonymous sources tell me that this email campaign damaged an amicable relationship that Rebel Force Radio had with Lucasfilm for 10 years.  Lucasfilm seemingly caved into the demands of the email campaign, with Mary Franklin publicly responding to the SJWs and endorsing and their concocted concerns.  As a result, Rebel Force Radio received threats and doxxing attempts.  Jason Ward’s wife, co-host of Rebel Grrrl Amanda Ward, threatened physical intimidation tactics should Rebel Force Radio take the stage:

In 2018, the #ForceOutHate Twitter hashtag was created to harass and purge Rebel Force Radio from their own “entrenchment.”  Polygon amusingly explained:

Marjorie, who goes by “MargieC,” but asked to keep her full name anonymous, witnessed this behavior bubble up to the top of Star Wars fandom. In the weeks leading up to her own encounter with online abuse, she saw fans hurle death threats at The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. Actress Kelly Marie Tran reportedly left Instagram after dealing with trolls. Anonymous voices called for the head of a Star Wars Show host found drinking from a mug that said “fanboy tears.”

Marjorie wanted to push back with positivity, so she, her husband and their two friends in Australia started the #ForceOutHate hashtag.

Despite misleading their readers into thinking that the hashtag began in Australia, the reality is that the hashtag actually began in the United States, and here’s the evidence.

My anonymous sources tell me that Margie C is Marjorie Carvalho, of Star Wars Action News, which is based in Springfield, IL.


Currently, they have decided to squat on the old Rebel Force Radio Twitter handle, in order to further harass RFR.  How do we know?


After Rebel Force Radio called out Star Wars Action News on their Patreon, the Springfield, IL location immediately disappeared from the Twitter account.

Amusingly, the Polygon article’s attempt to keep MargieC’s identity a secret as the creator of the #ForceOutHate hashtag was pointless, given that the “pushy and loud mouthed broad” publicly posts it in her Twitter profile.


I’m told that Star Wars Action News always had a beef with Rebel Force Radio since about 2006, when RFR won a position at, beating out Star Wars Action News.  And who is Star Wars Action News cozy with?  Bryan Young, aka swankmotron, who writes for and Star Wars Insider Magazine.  It’s also worth noting here, that Bryan Young was caught publicly lying in an article that attempted to malign Geeks + Gamers and Ethan Van Sciver.



Rebel Force Radio was given poor treatment after the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney, despite being hired to attend Celebration 2015 a year and a half in advance, and after a 10 year amicable relationship with Lucasfilm.

Rebel Force Radio was given the cold shoulder, and not invited to Lucasfilm functions.  They were replaced with Amy Ratcliffe (Women of the Galaxy) without ever being told until the announcement was made.

The Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident and the ensuing legacy media hysteria over it, occurred approximately two days after Rebel Force Radio called for Disney to control Chuck Wendig’s rants with their social media policies, and for other Lucasfilm representatives to stop antagonizing the fan base with “Fanboy Tears” mugs.

In 2017 SJWs organized an email campaign to have Rebel Force Radio removed from the podcast stage.

Amanda Ward made public threats of physical intimidation against Rebel force Radio should they take the stage publicly on Twitter.

Rebel Force Radio experienced doxxing attacks, and was harassed with the #ForceOutHate hashtag.  The #ForceOutHate hashtag was created by Marjorie Carvalho of Star Wars Action News, based in Springfield, IL.  Star Wars Action News had been jealous of Rebel Force Radio beating them out in an audition at in 2006.

Lucasfilm caved into the demands of SJWs without hearing Rebel Force Radio’s side or offering any kind of appeal.


In June of 2018, Jason Ward of published a blog post that admonished the activities of Down With Disney.

Mr. Ward also made sure to post public heroic pleas demanding that Facebook remove the “Down With Disney” account.

But there were those who suggested that Jason Ward himself was responsible for operating the “Down With Disney” account, which was exposed as an obvious SJW hate hoax account.  Down With Disney also claimed responsibility for the harassment that led to the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident.  The Down With Disney account was able to get mainstream media to pick up its claims as representative of critical fans, thereby smearing critical fans by associating them with Down With Disney’s overt racist statements.

When I mentioned what some were saying on Twitter, Jason Ward responded to my comments by saying:

Well, actually the notion came from another Twitter user, who had some previous experience watching Mr. Ward engaging in similar sock puppet antics:

What was interesting about the diatribe in the blog post about the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident that Mr. Ward published and which I responded to, was that the image he provided showed a time stamp of “5 mins.”  Did that mean that Ward just happened to see the post 5 minutes after it was posted?  Or did it mean that Ward operated the “Down With Disney” account which seems to have begun its activity sometime around April of 2018, and then screen-grabbed it 5 minutes after he posted it himself?


Interestingly, Jason Ward just happened to be monitoring a thread on Twitter, in which several of us were discussing the “Down With Disney” account, its potential user, and its ultimate purpose.  Mr. Ward refers to me as “The Critter.”

The critter’s account is now is trying to push the idea that the screenshot I posted has a time stamp of 5 minutes after it was posted, which proves I took it. However, it was given to me after being posted in the Alliance Facebook Group:

— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) June 10, 2018

It was certainly possible that a 3rd party gave Mr. Ward this image. But then, someone had to have seen this post only 5 minutes after it was posted, if the time stamp in the image hasn’t been altered.  However, Twitter users Rebel Je-Daii and RebeLibrarian claimed that no such thing was ever posted at the aforementioned Alliance group or page (The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe):

That was never posted in the Alliance group or page. I dare anyone in the group to find it or to look on the page. Whoever claims it came from there LIED. Such content violates both the group rules and its goals.

— Rebel Je’Daii (@SWForce4EU) June 10, 2018

In fact, read the title right there: that screencap did not come from within the Alliance, as you claim. It’s impossible. Only 2 pages are members of this group, and that is NOT one of them. As seen by the members list, which is publicly accessible:

— RebeLibrarian (@rebelrealcanon) June 10, 2018

Mr. Ward then spent the next several minutes posting screengrabs of my own comments on Twitter.  It’s curious that he was monitoring my posts this thread, given that he’s had me blocked for some time now, if Jason was just a run of the mill fan.


But the moment that I posted a link to the previously mentioned Reddit thread into the Twitter thread, it seemed to have struck a nerve in Ward.  He then made a plea to his followers to block me on Twitter, clearly not wanting them to read anything I might write and post.

When I said “hi” to Jason in the thread that I knew he was monitoring, he tweeted out a message directly to me.

I’m pleased that he corrected “Clown to clown.”  But I have to wonder, does the bragging statement, “Mickey Mouse says ‘sup!'” mean that Jason Ward works for Disney?  Possibly, but adolescent vernacular is difficult to translate at times, and it was hardly conclusive.  More on “Mickey Mouse” in the Connections section below.

The very next day, Jason then announced that the “Down With Disney” Facebook group had been magically taken down.

Deleting the Down With Disney account would make it more difficult for investigators to rifle through the account’s material, and glean clues as to the account’s identity.  But it’s interesting to note here, that the “Down With Disney” account attempted to associate itself with the Legends movement in an effort to malign it by association, just as Down With Disney attempted to align with Geeks + Gamers and myself in the past, in an effort to malign us by association.

He then called for his followers to report the “Down With Disney Twitter account:

He really wanted to show people that he was fighting the good fight.


That was quite the performance indeed.  But out of all of the “bad actors” that Mr. Ward is known to have blocked, why didn’t he block the most despicable of them all, “Down With Disney”?  And why was Jason Ward “down” on pro-Legends activists?

Jason Ward claimed that Rebel Force Radio supported the notion that Jason Ward was Down With Disney, but it could just as easily have been a matter of Rebel Force Radio liking any post that was critical of Mr. Ward:

Below are the screenshots that Jason Ward posted:



“Down With Disney” was an effort that attempted to associate with the Pro-Legends campaigns and malign them through legacy media stories, and is linked with Jason Ward.  Down With Disney also took credit for the harassment that led to the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident.

Ward seemingly suggests that he speaks on behalf of Disney, with his gloating “Mickey Mouse says sup” statement.

Multiple known Twitter accounts pointed to Ward for likely operating the “Down With Disney” account and stated that Ward has a history of that kind of activity, which the and Reddit threads support.

Ward had Rebel Force Radio in his sights since at least 2015.  It was about “entrenchment.”

The timestamp on the image showed that it was captured only 5 minutes after it was posted.   Mr. Ward was caught lying about the “Down With Disney” image he posted on his blog post, and about where he got it.

Mr. Ward encouraged his followers to block me on Twitter to prevent them from seeing the Reddit thread that I posted, about his disruptive activities in The Cantina forums.

Mr. Ward accused Rebel Force Radio of supporting the notion that he was acting as Down With Disney, to further tarnish RFR’s reputation among Ward’s followers.

All of this further establishes malicious behavior against fans by Ward and his associates.


Many readers may remember the story about the Wookieepedia entry on Kelly Marie Tran that was altered with purportedly racist comments.  Other readers may remember Wookieepedia’s absurd posturing after the factBrandon Rhea is the Senior Manager, Fan Engagement and Support at wikia, which hosts Wookieepedia.  Brandon is also the Product Marketing Manager at

A simple advanced twitter search under “to and from these people,” demonstrates that Brandon Rhea and Jason Ward have a cozy relationship:


You can perform the search yourself to see more communication between Rhea and Ward.

Keep that relationship between Brandon Rhea and Jason Ward in mind, while reading the following.

Wookieepedia refused to release the username which edited the Kelly Marie Tran entry, but did provide the IP address of the user responsible for the edits.  Newsweek helpfully published that IP on December 19th, 2017, the very same day that Bryan Young tweeted about the edit.

Wookieepedia admins have removed the vandalism, closing off Rose’s page for editing. A history of the edits to the page, with attached IP addresses, is still publicly available, though the edit in question has been removed. Young told Newsweek the IP address attached to the edit in the screenshot is The user has been blocked from using Wookieepedia or any other FANDOM wikis.

Where does lead to?  According to the public website, it leads to the Multi-Culturally Diverse Land of Inclusivity, Los Angeles, CA.  Specifically, to the suburb of Tustin, California.

TustinCalifornia also gives us additional public information on the IP, such as zip code, area code, and the ISP.


Now, according to Jason Ward’s public LinkedIn profile, he’s based in Placentia, California.


Which according to Google maps, is only 17 minutes away from Tustin, California.



We cannot access the exact physical address of an IP through public information.  However since we can get the names of municipalities, we can see the general proximity of these two locations.  The two locations may be close enough to represent something being posted by an associate at an office, or at an internet cafe, or anywhere that offers WiFi.  But if we had the exact addresses, the locations could be significantly closer, or even the exact same location.  Unfortunately, the only way to get a physical address from an IP is with a subpoena.  Regardless, the proximity is remarkable given that the person who made the Wookieepedia edits could have been based anywhere in the world.

This has added significance when we consider that Jason Ward was caught publicly lying about where he got the Down With Disney screencap as mentioned above in Section 5.

What are the chances that the guy who was caught lying about where he got the 5-minute-old screencap of the Down With Disney Facebook group which claimed credit for the racist Kelly Marie Tran harassment, also just happens to live within 17 minutes of the location that is traced from the IP which made the racist Wookieepedia edit in the Kelly Marie Tran entry?  The same guy who has a demonstrated history of malicious behavior against fans?  The same guy who associates with colleagues that also engage in this very same behavior?

Why would Jason Ward engage in all of this abuse and manipulation of his fellow fans?  I think Jason Ward says it best.


“Sometimes I forget I didn’t participate in the old ways that much because I hate them. I fucking hate Star Wars fans with a passion.” ~Jason Ward,

As previously mentioned, Jason Ward’s “Mickey Mouse says sup” comment suggests that he may be working for Disney.  But if he does work directly for Disney, then perhaps “Mickey Mouse” paid him specifically to engage in these bullying antics against the fans.

How exactly did Ward get this job?  There are some interesting connections to consider when asking that question.


Jason Ward is based in Placentia, CA, which is roughly 17 minutes away from the physical location of the IP address that made the racist edits in the Wookieepedia entry for Kelly Marie Tran, which is in Tustin, California.

This is interesting to consider, in light of the Down With Disney account, which Jason Ward was caught lying about as mentioned above in Section 5.

Both the Down With Disney account and the Wookiepedia entry made racist comments against Kelly Marie Tran.


Now we begin to look at various connections between the Wack Pack, and Disney/Lucasfilm.

Back in December of 2015 was declared “The King of Star Wars Leaks” by WIRED magazine.  How did that happen?

When we look at Ward’s public Linked In account, we see references to him working as a “social media marketing coordinator,” starting in 2013; the year of the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.  It also mentions that he is commission based.  What does that mean?  We believe it means that Ward and others in the Wack Pack work as “social media influencers” for Lucasfilm, and that he is earning commission on sales for DisCanon material.

Ward gets away with using the official Star Wars logo, while no one else can.  He’s allowed to hang out on the set of The Mandalorian without security removing him, and then passes it off as guerrilla journalism.  He’s allowed to post the images he takes on his website, without Lucasfilm lawyers suing him out of existence.  He’s sponsored by Star Wars TOPPS Card Trader, and has official product sponsorships.  He gets Lucasfilm books and merchandise free to review.  He’s been getting tickets to every premiere event since The Force Awakens.  Why would Lucasfilm invite a guy who constantly leaks their material to every premiere event they have?  Unless he’s working directly for them.

But is there a more provable connection?

When we go to the Twitter account of famous screenwriter Frank Marshall, we see that he helpfully follows the Twitter account of his wife, the notorious Kathleen Kennedy.


Sure the this particular Kathleen Kennedy account could be one of many fake Kathleen Kennedy accounts on Twitter.  But then why would Kathy’s husband Frank Marshall follow that Twitter account?  Wouldn’t he know whether or not his wife had a Twitter account, and which Kathleen Kennedy account on Twitter would be authentically hers?

Additionally, Frank Marshall retweeted a post from Dimitri Vegas.


The Kathleen Kennedy account had a conversation with Dimitri Vegas.



kathleen kennedy1

So we have what we believe is Kathleen Kennedy’s genuine Twitter account.  The account was created in December 2015.  There’s not much activity on it; only 9 tweets.  Most of the tweets are retweets that demonstrate Kathy’s endorsement of fringe left politics.  The tweets start in March of 2016, and end in October of 2017.  At that point the activity in the Twitter account just stops.

Kathleen Kennedy’s Twitter account has 191 followers.  But what’s more interesting, is who she follows.  Out of the hundreds of Star Wars fan websites, podcasters, discussion forums, social media groups, YouTube channels, blogs…which of them does Kathleen Kennedy choose to follow?

Only one.  Jason Ward of


What exactly is the nature of the Jason Ward/Kathleen Kennedy connection?  What makes Jason Ward and Making Star Wars special enough for Kathleen Kennedy to want to follow them on Twitter?  Is Ward a relative benefitting from nepotism, an in-law, a family friend, a cuckoldry paramour?  Inquiring minds want to know.

But that’s not the only connection that Wack Pack has with the queen bees at Lucasfilm.  Jason Ward, along with Bryan Young, also seem to share an online rapport with Last Jedi director Rian Johnson.

As an aside, that was a post which Rian Johnson write shortly after I published the first draft of my Geeker Gate.  Just an interesting aside.

But why would the director of a major motion picture like Star Wars, have time to mingle with a guy who writes articles for Star Wars Insider magazine, and who engages in online sex chats with underage teenagers?   Especially when Rian is purportedly busy working on another Star Wars trilogy?

And why would Rian take the time to correspond with the webmaster of a singular fan website like Making Star Wars, as seen in the Twitter exchanges below?




Let’s take a closer look at some of the more interesting statements from Jason in the tweet exchanges from above:
“We’re going to figure this out.” 
“Just trying to figure out a way to cut the crap before it snowballs.”
“It’s out of hand and we’re gonna to stop it.” 

What exactly is Jason going to figure out?  Why does Jason think it’s his job to figure anything out?  Exactly what crap is Jason going to figure out a way to stop?  Why does Jason think it’s his job to stop the purported crap?  Why is Jason making these statements to Rian Johnson as though Rian is his supervisor?

Star Wars fans are individuals.  There is no collective, collaborative, cooperative, community, culture.  Fans see the movies, then express what they like or hate about them as individuals.  As it should be.  Jason simply has no place to guide or control any culture, nor should he have any.  Why would he be under the delusion that he did have such a place?  Why doesn’t Jason recognize his complete and total lack of all authority?

Perhaps Lucasfilm hired Ward and instructed him to take that place, and attempt to exert a concocted authority over fandom.   Predictably, the only option available to Ward is to be continually frustrated over his “community management” failures, as defiant fans rightly urinate all over his dumb little ego.


Kathleen Kennedy’s likely genuine Twitter account follows Jason Ward, and no other fan accounts.

Rian Johnson talks to Bryan Young and Jason Ward on Twitter in what appears to be a familiar relationship.  Jason Ward talks to Rian Johnson as though Rian is his supervisor.


“Let the past die.  Kill it if you must” ~Kylo Ren, as written by Rian Johnson

I suspect there’s a reason that Mary Franklin never bothered to hear Rebel Force Radio’s side of the story.  I suspect that the decision to purge RFR among other pre-existing fan organizations, had already been made among the SJWs within Lucasfilm, and Mary was one of the SJWs making that decision.  I believe that the letter writing campaign was just a dog and pony show, devised to justify removing RFR from Celebration to the public.  Why listen to any appeals from Rebel Force Radio, when the decision had already been made?  Why give Rebel Force Radio early notice that they had been replaced, when that would just give them time to inform their fans of the decision and potentially take action to reverse it?

It would make some sense for Ward to attack and suppress pro-Legends campaigns if his commissions for social media influencing were based on DisCanon material.  Disrupting their fan forums would leave them in disarray and focused on things other than getting Legends back.

I believe there are two motivations here.

1. Entryism – This is where SJWs get into an organization like Lucasfilm and work to purge those who aren’t politically compliant while hiring those who are to replace them.  This is fully explained in the Geeker Gate.  When we look at the Glassdoor Reviews for Lucasfilm, there are numerous comments from presumably former employees of Lucasfilm that paraphrase the following sentiment, “Promote from within and stop hiring friends.”  This to me sounds like SJWs were working to purge the Old Guard from the company and replace it with the New Guard.  The Glassdoor reviews are given added weight when we consider that Ray Park and Daniel Logan were both reportedly purged from the 501st Legion.  It’s given even more added weight when we consider the curious case of Phil Tippett, or Ben Burtt who was quoted as saying:

“I don’t know if there’s bad blood,” he told Vanity Fair magazine recently. “I was just never consulted or hired to do any of them. No one’s ever told me why. No, I was told–on the new regime, I was just told, ‘Just stay in your room and make sounds and just send stuff to us. We’ll decide what to do.’”

And now it appears that Rachel Butera was quietly purged from Star Wars Resistance for not complying politically.

If a political purge was being conducted within Lucasfilm, then it’s reasonable to suspect that a similar effort might be made to purge the old fanbase outside of Lucasfilm as well. Who could forget, the profusion of SJW Twitter accounts that said, “If you don’t like Star Wars anymore, why don’t you move on, and focus on something else that you love instead we after?”. How many of the SJW accounts saying that were sock puppets accounts being operated by “social media influencers” who were trying to push older critical fans out of fandom?

Rebel Force Radio is part of that fan base, and its clear from Jason Ward’s “entrenchment” comment in the thread, that the Wack Pack had been listening to the Rebel Force Radio show for some time, anxiously awaiting an opportunity that would allow them to strike.  The numerous pro-Legends campaigns also represented the old fan base that Lucasfilm wanted purged. Particularly older “problematic” fans who would feel no qualms about criticizing the substandard material currently being created at today’s Lucasfilm., and who therefore stood in the way of Lucasfilm’s new SJW vision for the franchise.  So the “Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident” was orchestrated by the Wack Pack, in an effort to malign and purge the older fans from the fan base.  The only real question is if the Wack Pack was operating on their own, or if they received specific direction from higher up on the Lucasfilm food chain?  Given the demonstrated online associations with Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson, I’m inclined to suspect that it may be the latter.  Regardless, either way, if they’re working for Lucasfilm, then Lucasfilm is responsible for their actions.

Why would Lucasfilm want to be rid of older fans?  For two possible reasons.  First, because old fans were perceived as soon aging out of their primary spending years, and Disney wanted to hook a new generation of children that would be fans for another 40 years, long after the First Fans had passed away.  Second, They wanted to use the franchise as a vehicle to push political propaganda into the minds of impressionable naive children.  It could be a combination of both.  But whichever theory you gravitate towards believing will likely depend on if you think the current crop working within Lucasfilm are communists or capitalists.  I know which side I fall on.

I’d prefer communism to unchecked capitalism, frankly

— Bryan Young (@swankmotron) September 22, 2018

2. Money – The new SJWs in the Wack Pack get paid, get sponsorships, and other perks.  For instance, the #ForceOutHate campaign attacked the sponsors of Rebel Force Radio, and as a result, Harry’s Razors publicly dropped Rebel Force Radio and was then picked up by Steele Wars.



If you have any more information regarding “Down With Disney,” the Kathleen Kennedy connection, the Wookieepedia alteration, the Spoiler Jihad of 2015, or the conspiracy against Rebel Force Radio, you can email your tips to  All sources will be kept confidential upon request.


Perhaps you could help solve a mystery.


Twitter terms of service.

This blog post has been archived here.

Oh, and #BoycottEpisodeIX


Brian Borg of the Twin Suns Foundation, who wrote the article on the Spoiler Jihad of 2015, tweeted the following in response to this blog post:


The Comic Book Hut comments on this blog post:


Stephanie Janiczek comments on this story:


An interesting video on Down With Disney by Kos Juludo that was produced back in June 2018, thanks to a tip from blog reader Toxic Discerning Film Fan:


The following video is an example of the kinds of stories that the Down With Disney account was able to get the legacy media to pick up and run with:


Kos Juludo produced another video about 8 months ago, where he talks about Jason Ward and Steele Wars, and their apparent total lack of knowledge when it comes to the Legends EU which they routinely criticized:

Another video from Kos Juludo which discusses a False Flag smear campaign against EU Legends:


Below is a Ted Talk video with Mary Franklin.  About halfway through the video, she makes it clear that she buys into the “entitled dark side of fandom” narrative.


A Facebook user by the name of Becky Sharp from The Escape Pod Facebook group offered some counterarguments to this blog post in a reasonable and respectful manner.  So I’d like to respond to these points in an equally respectful manner, because it’s always important to consider counterarguments and opinions other than your own.



That may be the case, that the Ward’s don’t work for Lucasfilm.  But receiving any kind of remuneration for services, even if it’s just goodies and perks, is a form of compensation received from Lucasfilm.  But I would argue by asking, if the Wards don’t work at all, then why does he list “social media marketing coordinator” since 2013 on his LinkedIn resume?  If the Wards don’t work at all, then how do they pay for rent/mortgage, car payments, utilities, travel expenses, groceries, sunglasses, etc.?

And you’d still have to explain why it is that what appears to be Kathleen Kennedy’s genuine Twitter account follows Jason Ward, and no other fan Twitter account at all.


I would have to counter the Wookieepedia comment by asking the same question I ask above:

What are the chances that the guy who was caught lying about where he got the 5-minute-old screencap of the Down With Disney Facebook group which claimed credit for the racist Kelly Marie Tran harassment, also just happens to live within 17 minutes of the location that is traced from the IP which made the racist Wookieepedia edit in the Kelly Marie Tran entry?

And let’s be clear, this isn’t the only incident with Ward.  As I’ve demonstrated above, there have been many similar incidents of this kind with Ward.  He has a history of engaging in these activities, so it’s not something that just came out of the blue.  Furthermore, there are multiple people from sources independent from one another who point to that behavior in Ward, over the course of several years.  So it’s not as if this is the result of people reacting over a single incident.

With regards to the ugly crap about KMT, I’ve looked at the evidence that has been floating around right here.  There are 7 pieces of evidence examined at the bottom of that blog post, which is a minuscule amount when you consider the amount of people who have access to social media.  Furthermore, the 7 pieces evidence were examined and can be dismissed as either Photoshopped or not coming from a genuine actor, such as the hate hoax account Down With Disney.


Nonsense.  Van Sciver lampooned a silly pop culture character on his YouTube channel.  Nothing more.  In fact, if you watch his videos, you’ll find that he genuinely likes the actress Kelly Marie Tran.  It may be possible that some of his fans took it out on the actress themselves, but there isn’t any evidence of that at all.  None.


Well, except that they were.  I’ve also examined the cases of Jake Lloyd right here, and Ahmed Best right here.  In both cases, the actors consistently cite the legacy media as the driving force behind the anti-Prequel narratives.  And both actors consistently have good things to say about the fans.



There’s no question that my blog is biased.  I openly admit that, and have done so frequently in the past.  I make no indications otherwise.  But this of course is because all human beings are inherently biased.  There is no such thing as an unbiased human being, or an unbiased blog or website, since those are created by inherently biased human beings.  Until the Vulcan Spock becomes a reality, bias is a normal omnipresent aspect of the human condition.  The focus of arguments should be on the facts.  Are they sound?  Are they supported by citations?  Do they make sense?  Citing bias is merely a lazy way to arbitrarily disregard inconvenient or uncomfortable facts.

For instance, another Facebook user by the name of Yancy Evans in The Escape Pod group had this to say about the Making Star Wars, in response to Ethan Van Sciver’s Star Wars Sex Abuse videos:



The husband of MargieC, Arnie, of Star Wars Action News, is now amusingly threatening legal action against me, for reporting on the antics of a public figure, which all podcasters are.

The information I posted is public information available to all.  Furethermore, it was information Arnie and Margie themselves published.  There is no “doxxing” here.  So once again we have an uneducated SJW imbecile who struggles with the basic definitions of words, and wants “doxxing” to mean whatever he would like it to mean.

As far as legal action, here’s my own legal advice to Arnie:  I both invite you and strongly encourage you to launch legal action at once.  Do not delay.  In fact, I outright demand that you do so immediately.  Your laughable lawsuit will be crucial in getting this blog post the much needed additional publicity that it should receive, and I’m sure that Lucasfilm would agree.  In fact if I don’t receive some kind of legal notice from your lawyers within the week, I’m inclined to remind you weekly until I do.  I’m going to need those letters from your attorney so I can profit by making T-Shirts out of them for Celebration 2019 attendees.

Also keep in mind that this blog post has been archived here.


Twitter terms of service.


The exact physical location of the IP that made the racist edits in the Kelly Marie Tran Wookieepedia entry still eludes investigators.  Though it is confirmed to be somewhere within the suburb of Tustin, California.

However, new information has come to light regarding the physical address of Mr. Ward.  Public records at The White Pages lists Mr. Ward’s Placentia address as a previous locationMr. Ward’s current address is listed as beling located in Costa Mesa, Ca.

When we plot a course from Mr. Ward’s publicly listed home address to the suburb of Tustin, CA, the distance is roughly 19 minutes, in a mostly straight shot along HWY 55.


Again, it needs to be reiterated here, the Wookieepedia edit made by IP could have been made anywhere in the world from Perth, Australia, to Paris, France.  So the proximity is remarkable, globally speaking.


Ethan Van Sciver just released the trailer for Part 4 in his Star Wars Sex Scandal Series:


Star Wars Insider Dishes Dirt

Trigger Warning:  Folks who are able to read this blog won’t need this warning, However since there is likely going to be an influx of progressives reading this blog post, a warning may now be necessary.  This is a rumour about an overheard conversation from an anonymous Star Wars contributor.  Take it with a grain of salt, kiddies.

About two days ago this blog post inspired a Star Wars contributor who wishes to remain anonymous, to approach me with the following inside information.

This person tells me that every fan website he knows of seems to be scared to say anything bad about Lucasfilm. The few who didn’t like TLJ but don’t hate it, remain silent because they don’t want to be attacked by SJWs.

This person tells me that the new Lucasfilm under Disney is very strict with its underlings. Actors such as extras and puppeteers, are sometimes afraid to express their opinions. Some kept the fact that they were in the movie a secret until months after the release, and some won’t talk about it unless Disney gives them explicit permission to. One of them talked too much, and as a result will never get hired by Lucasfilm again.

This person tells me that during George Lucas’ period there, people were friendly, replied fast, and a lot was made possible. After the takeover by Disney, that changed. Many good people left Lucasfilm, and those who stayed changed completely from friendly to strict. From cooperative, to uncooperative.

This person says that his experience with LFL employees reflects the information in the Glassdoor reviews. In particular, the comments about how they should “promote from within instead of just hiring friends from outside,” which suggests an “out with the old and in with the new” policy at Lucasfilm.

That sentiment was echoed in a private conversation which took place roughly about four years ago in a podcast studio. My source was told about that conversation, in which Pablo Hidalgo was talking about the future of the Star Wars franchise. He said that the old fans don’t matter, that the future of the franchise lies in new younger fans. Apparently, Lucasfilm never intended to use the old canon, and they felt that the old fans were no longer their target audience anymore, since money could no longer be made off them. Younger fans, were the new hope for Lucasfilm.

UPDATE:  The conversation in question was heard by a Ken Tomlin, who overheard it while sitting in on a podcast with Star Wars Action News.  The entire story as Ken tells it can be read verbatim here.


Interestingly, a Twitter user recently posted a clip from a June 1st episode of Rebel Force Radio, in which they interviewed filmmaker Kyle Newman.

The full episode of Rebel Force Radio can be listened to here, and the relevant audio starts at the 1:16 mark.

Here’s what Kyle Newman had to say about The Last Jedi and the purported critics:

“You look at Last Jedi, I honestly, I don’t know anybody out here, maybe two people in my life, and hundreds of people I’ve talked to that liked the movie.  All the filmmakers I know, that won’t talk about it publicly, all the people I know internally, there’s all these people that won’t, even journalists that gave it positive reviews are like, ‘I do that because I need to maintain my access.’  Like, privately, there’s a lot of people that really don’t like that movie.

So again, we have an account of people fearing how Lucasfilm will react to people who express their honest opinions.


This blog post has finally made it through all of the block chains that the Wack Pack maintain.  This is likely due to Pablo Hidalogo’s crucial help in retweeting this blog post for his followers.  As a result, Jason Ward has now made a statement about this blog post, 5 days after its been published.

The fact that Jason was kind enough to stand by his quote, should confirm that the information from which the quote came from, the thread, is accurate.

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