The Decline of Star Wars YouTube

Perhaps you’ve read the usual suspects associated with Lucasfilm take swipes at successful YouTube channels, particularly those channels that are critical of Lucasfilm.  If not, here’s a tiny sampling for you:

Why do these personalities devolve into hyperbolic hysterics when the topic of YouTube comes up?  And why would no shill Star Wars channel mention Star Wars Theory’s Darth Vader fan film?

An interesting thread at Reddit may provide an answer.  It’s posted by a user named u/an0nymous_bosch and I repost it here for your consideration:

The Decline of Star Wars YouTube – How analytics prove a dying fanbase

It’s a tough time to be a YouTube channel focused on Star Wars these days, but that wasn’t always the case. In the interim of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Star Wars channels were thriving. Theory videos and speculation were a fun form of content for many fans. But then TLJ happened – a movie that told us our fan theories were stupid and that we were stupid for even caring. A funny thing happened after that, and thanks to analytics, we can track it in real time.

I’ve picked out the subscriber and view graphs from some prominent Star Wars themed channels. You may notice a pattern.

Star Wars Theory

Perhaps the most telling example is Star Wars Theory. What is there to theorize about anymore? December 2017 into January 2018 should have been a busy time for this channel. The Last Jedi had just come out. Surely there were things to expand on and analyze, right? Apparently not, because the views and subs dropped off a cliff and never recovered.


Star Wars Explained – aka starwarsminute

Same as before. Huge drop right as TLJ comes out that never recovers. I genuinely feel bad for this channel. I used to watch this content pretty regularly and I think there’s real passion behind it.


Hello Greedo

Hello Greedo blew up right after TFA. It tapered off a bit, but he was still pretty popular leading up to TLJ. Since the movie came out, Greedo has been one of the biggest defenders of it. His monthly subs are now so low that 0 is the baseline of the graph. I checked out his channel while researching this post and he posted a TLJ defense video only 3 days ago. Most of his uploads don’t even eclipse 20k views anymore.


Star Wars

For giggles I included the main Star Wars channel. Obviously there are huge spikes when trailers are released, but there’s a definite downward trend. You can barely even pick out when the Solo trailers dropped.

This list isn’t comprehensive, but I hope it illustrates the point I’m trying to make. TLJ spat in the face of anyone who crafted theories or speculation about Star Wars. It told fans to “Let the past die,” and it looks like they took that to heart. The only SW themed channels that are growing appear to be ones that are critical of the franchise. Channels such as MauLer, Thor Skywalker, and WorldClassBullshitters are on the upswing. It’s not a good look for the franchise.



After a lot of feeback, I’ve decided to add the graphs of the “detractor” channels. Those that were critical of TLJ upon release and those who continue to criticize Disney.


MauLer’s channel has grown exponentially since he uploaded his “Unbridled Rage” response to TLJ. He has just released part 1 of a critique of The Force Awakens. He is perhaps the most thorough reviewer of them all.


Thor Skywalker

As the name implies, this channel covers more than just Star Wars, but it does focus on the problems with the Sequel Trilogy a lot. The growth this channel has undergone in the past year probably has a lot of factors, but I believe his candid tone about the ST is at least part of it.



This channel exploded onto the scene after The Last Jedi, but has since tapered off. WCBS seemingly the most unapologetic critic, and there certainly was an audience for that.


Geeks and Gamers

Yet another channel that blew up after The Last Jedi.


So it would seem that Lucasfilm reps suddenly developed their issues with YouTube once the channels were no longer universally praising of everything that Lucasfilm does.  Additionally, those YouTube Channels who were universally praising of everything that Lucasfilm does, now appear to be jealous of the success that critical YouTube channels now enjoy.  But I’m open to considering other interpretations.

7 thoughts on “The Decline of Star Wars YouTube

  1. That Reddit article is fantastic. You cant argue with facts and figures. Shame he didn’t include Ethan Van Scivers channel because that defentily boomed after TLJ as well.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I was dragged into all this, kicking and screaming, because of that awful, evil, Evil Van Sciver! He reviewed an article by Neil Harrington who trashed some poor fellow for wanting to boycott solo. So Uncle Ethan reviewed the article with all patience.

      I was impressed at how gentle and soft-spoken Uncle Ethan was, considering how nasty and twisted, in fact, very trollish Harrington was. Such mockery!

      Well, I had no idea what this black hole vortex conniving Sciver was dragging me into! I had to like his vid… I had to comment! I … :sob: … had to subscribe!

      So, yeah; EVS was moved into popularity thanks to TLJ and KrazyKathyKenken. Good on him for his rise in popularity. May his next two novels be so successful that it makes the first look like a total loss!

      And, thanks again, Mr Bacca, for your patient investigative work, your editing, time and efforts. And, in a back-handed way, thanks KrazyKathy, for your misguided plan to whip the fans so hard (by way of shill and garbage-tier media, etc.) that the backfiring of your plan brought prosperity to the worthy.

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  2. This is awesome! MauLer, WCB and Thor Skywalker are the best!

    But I was laughing at HelloGreedo! What an ass clown that guy is. I was just watching the MauLer video of them destroying the video of Maj0r Asshole(Maj0r Lee) TLJ $hill video. I was constantly busting out laughing every two minutes. Unbelievable the length some $hills go to, to defend such mediocrity!

    Salieri claims to be the patron saint of mediocrity, but LFL can now claim that title.

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