Shipping Gone Wild At Disneyland

I’ve offered my own opinion on shipping before, but it’s worth repeating it here.

My own opinion on fan fiction in general, is that it’s a useful exercise to practice the craft of writing.   Those who want to become professional writers will graduate from fan fiction, and those who don’t may still write fan fiction as a fine hobby.

With regards to shipping fan fiction in particular, I don’t see it being much different from the trashy romance novels that have been published and read many times over for decades.  There’s nothing at all inherently wrong with it.  Romance is a normal part of the human experience, so it’s normal that people would want to read about it and write about it.  It’s simply just not for me.

However, here’s the danger I see, and again, this is not a criticism of shippers.

There are much older gentlemen lurking within the subterranean echelons of Lucasfilm, who may use online shipping chat rooms as a way to gain access to very young ladies and attempt to develop inappropriate relationships with them.  Relationships that the older gentlemen may attempt to pursue in real life, at the conventions they slither around.  Young ladies should be ever mindful of that danger.

Having said all of that, it’s also normal for older people to poke a little fun at the activities of younger people.  Generation X earned the reputation of being slackers, because of their interest in newly emerging video games, and the fact that they had no interest in engaging in the kind of activist hysterics that typified their parent’s generation, the Baby Boomers.  So this not something that shippers should ever be offended by.  Shippers have nothing to worry about from us.  In fact, it’s the adult weirdos who don’t poke fun at shipping, and who feign interest in it, that shippers ought to be worried about.

So this story is not at all an indictment of all shippers, but rather, a commentary on one particular incident involving a singular individual.

Your kids?  Other people’s kids?  Who crossed what line?

Am I to guess that the particular b*tch in question, wasn’t drying for a glass of aqua?

A Disneyland actor playing Kylo Ren was harassed?  Yes.  It appears that 2 or 3 years ago, this did happen.



Shipping gone wild.

Well Hopey, what’s old to you, is new to someone else.  And after all, one man’s treasure is a another man’s trash.

It’s not the anits you should be worried about.

The young lady involved was mortified at having this old drama resurface after so many years.


That’s the collective, collaborative, cooperative, community for ya.

Corariley is learning a couple of important lessons here.

First, the internet is forever.

Second, SJWs will persecute you for what was ultimately a fairly harmless display, even if makes normal old folks uncomfortable.

The incident that was described here isn’t much different from the commonplace incidents of young female groupies chasing the stars in rock bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, or Def Leppard around for decades.  It hardly describes an actual “assault.”  This, I’m afraid, is much ado about nothing.  But that’s what SJWs do.  They gnash their teeth over minutiae and nothingness.

Not to worry.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the actor playing Kylo Ren will somehow get over having his ego boosted.  I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to working at Galaxy’s Edge.

10 thoughts on “Shipping Gone Wild At Disneyland

  1. Well that was a pretty interesting story. But this is is something that should be expected with the new regime over at Lucasfilm. They are proglodytes. And proglodytes in real life, and by extentsion Lucasfilm, will bring their sexual pervesions with them.

    Proglodytes in the real world are the one’s who champion the sickest pervets out there. They have kids, KIDS for crying out loud that are saying they are transgendered! I am talking 10 years of age or younger. This is their proglodyte parents putting this garbgae into their heads. They dress up their kids, if it is a boy they will treat him like a girl and vice versa for a girl. That is a messed up effin’ message!

    They have kids that age walking around as drag queens! This really pisses me off of what these proglodyte parents do to these young kids.

    There is also pushes by proglodytes to have pedopheillia accepted in mainstream society. This is absolutely unacceptable!

    Now how does this tie into Di$ney War$? Well since the proglodytes push their perversions into society, it bleeds over into the their media as well. They are pushing for more “LGBTQAAIP” representaion in their media. And if they have been doing this little by little. It begs the questions,

    Where does it stop? When does it end? And Lucasfilm have staffed themselves with perverts and lefties. I am positive that they will try to push the boundries of creating characters of perverse backgrounds and even making original characters fit the proglodyte’s filthy narrative!

    Lucasfilm should really just change the name at this point. Because there is no LUCAS in Lucasfilm anymore.

    I don’t care if people want to be gay, that is their choice. But when they try to drag pedopheilliia and warping kids minds to make them believe that they were born the wrong gender, that I most definitely do have a problem with!

    I believe strongly in the original family unit. I believe, well I KNOW there are only 2 genders.Not the “57” or whatever number the left is pushing this week. I guess that makes me “antiquated” according to the proglodyte left? Oh well, antiquated it is then!

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  2. I was unaware of this.
    Then again, women calling each other out for slutty behavior is good for us. Since the regressive left decided to impose on all men the idea that women should never be held responsible for their actions, never, the fact that women are starting to call each other things like “thirsty bitch” when they act like unbridled hoes is not a bad thing.
    If this happens more and more perhaps women will once again remember that being morbidly obese tatted up sluts is not what men want in a woman.
    Then again, perhaps not…. but I can hope, can’t I?


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