SJWs Are An Invasive Species In Geek Culture

Donovan Colbert has written a piece at his blog The Devil’s Advocate entitled,  SJWs Define their Fandom by Personal Identity – Not by Love for the Franchise.  Here is an excerpt from that blog post:

Pretty much anything related to what would traditionally and broadly be called “nerd culture” has seen an influx of radical Cultural Marxist oriented Social Justice Warriors.

The irony is that they tend to show up on the scene and claim to want to be a mechanism of inclusion. Ask them about it, and they’ll tell you that they want to put an end to gatekeeping in nerd culture, that they want to see a more diverse, inclusive community in comics, fantasy, cinema and gaming genres that have traditionally catered to white and Asian male nerds.

Their method of achieving this is almost universally by driving white and Asian male nerds out of the community if they will not accept being shamed into second class citizens in the cultures they’ve created and nurtured for the last 50+ years.

But what I encounter – what we see in the video linked at the top – is people who insist that this unnecessary and unrelated quality of their personal identity be acknowledged as a primary characteristic as a member of the geek communities they want to identify with.

They aren’t content to be acknowledged as a fan of Star Wars or Anime or Comics or Gaming. They have to be acknowledged as an LGBT fan, or a female fan, or a minority fan. The division by IDENTITY arises not from the community excluding them, but by their instance that their fandom be defined by their personal identity first.

Their goal is to be militant political activists disrupting these communities to change the focus from the love of the thing to a platform for Social Justice agendas and Cultural Marxism. Their goal isn’t to create more unity and inclusion and tolerance. It is to create division – to generate hostility and to create a class of oppressors and victims – and then justify treating the oppressors exactly how they claim the victims have been treated.

And then when those identified as the oppressors raise their hands and politely say, “Wait… I think you’ve got us wrong, and worse yet – I think you’re treating US exactly the way you say you don’t want to be treated…”

They shout those voices down and call them the voices of homophobia, racism, misogyny and xenophobia – with the fanatical mob mentality of a group of Puritans on a witch-hunt.

Increasingly, if you oppose this kind of thing in your communities, and you speak out about it, you’re liable to be summarily judged a witch… er, a racist, misogynist, or homo or xenophobe – and be kicked from the group. You know, because, people like you act as gatekeepers to nerd communities and that is unacceptable – so someone has to man the gates of those communities to keep people like YOU out of them, because if you’re not excluded, they all know you’re going to be excluding people.

The hypocrisy of this is that transparent and mind boggling.

It’s worth reading the whole thing if you have the chance.

The hypocrisy is indeed both transparent and mind boggling, but that’s primarily because most SJWs themselves don’t have a fundamental understanding of what it is that they’ve been programmed to do.  But that’s a separate topic.

I’ve described this phenomenon in The Phases of a Geeker Gate:

15. THE FINAL PUSH – Shill media entities, and rank and file SJWs tell long time customers to go find something else if they don’t like it anymore, in a last ditch effort to push critics out of the “community” once and for all.  “Don’t like it, don’t buy it.”  This can also come in the form of the more friendly phrase, “Why don’t you focus on the things you love, instead of on the things you hate?” 

Lucasfilm Story Group Member Matt Martin recently expressed this sentiment himself:

I just mean hate in general. Why spend so much time hating a thing when you could be spending it loving another thing. If you hate DC, don’t go see DC movies and let the people who do like them enjoy them.

— Matt Martin (@missingwords) December 31, 2018

Matt is either being disingenuous or simply doesn’t understand what is actually happening here.  The critics don’t hate Star Wars.  The critics hate what SJWs are doing with and to Star Wars.


An invasive SJW considers joining a Geek Culture that is currently hassle free.

You see, First Fans have been here for over 40 years.  Matt Martin and his SJW ilk, are an invasive species to fandom.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines invasive species as such:

As per Executive Order 13112 (Section 1. Definitions) an “invasive species” is defined as a species that is:

1) non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem under consideration and

2) whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.

This can be rephrased to suit our own purposes in geek culture.

An “invasive SJW species” is defined as a species that is:

1) non-native (or alien) to the fandom or the geek culture under consideration and

2) whose introduction through “entryism” causes or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm to the health of the intellectual property.

It is SJWs who are the unwelcome guests, the uninvited squatters, the unwanted pests.

I wonder if it might be worth the effort to create an intellectual property specifically designed for SJWs to invade, in order to keep the other ones free from their antics.  Just a thought.

18 thoughts on “SJWs Are An Invasive Species In Geek Culture

  1. Great article! I wanted to touch on this part,

    “I wonder if it might be worth the effort to create an intellectual property specifically designed for SJWs to invade, in order to keep the other ones free from their antics. Just a thought.”

    This is actually quite a good idea. Because SJW’s are so dumb that they would actually pontificate against an IP that is made just for them! They have such a narrow view of their own “cause” that they would even whine about something that is specifically made just for them.

    The mantra’s of, “diversity” and “inclusivity” are barke dout loud and clear by proglodytes all the time. Only in White majority countries though. Does say, Rwanada have to have diversity and inclusivity shoved down their throats daily? Venezuela? China? North Korea? Ethiopa? Mexico? See how this is only done in certain area’s and not in others? If “diversity” is such a virtuous strength, then why don’t those countries I listed, as well as others I could list, have the same narrative being screamed at in their countries?

    Cultural Marxism is what got us to where we are today. The proglodytes, progs, lefties etc. are the result of the Cultural Marxism plague injected into our society. The Frankfurt School is where this all began.

    Just to show how dense the left is, they created what is called the, “Red-Green Alliance.” It is where the leftists groups like AntiFa, LGBTQAAIP group up with the Muslim Brotherhood. These are two groups that are basically at odds with each other in every possible way. The Muslim world isn’t “nice” to the gay community. There is ample evidence out there to support this. AntiFa is supposedly “against” Facism, but yet employs Facist tactics? And Islamic controlled states are Facistic in every way, AntiFa wouldn’t fare well in a Islamic contriolled states.

    So the “Red-Green” Alliance is a complete joke that really don’t have any reason to an Alliance in the first place!

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    • Or in two words: “anything goes”.
      The scammers and extortionists can and will produce unlimited amount of worthless narratives, hijack and co-opt unlimited “causes”.
      Which is why endlessly arguing with them on face value rather than exposing the fraud is rarely a good idea. At best it leads to being bogged down in two-bit distractions and losing time for no gain, at worst contributes to an illusion of legitimacy around the frauds, and supplies them with literate sounding arguments to regurgitate tomorrow when they’ll turn in another direction.

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  2. Sexual identities have been weaponized in the SJW/NPC swarms. Its a means to hollow out those Western Civilization institutions that actually had means to uplift a generation/civilization. It is nihilism as a movement, rather than a philosophical position.

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  3. SJWs wouldn’t create their own IP because they are simply incapable of creativity from the ground up. They can only latch onto an existing idea and infect it with ideology until the existing idea atrophies and dies.

    As a writer, I’ve often been asked whether I would consider writing in the Star Wars universe. My answer has always been a resounding “No”. I have (??) too much respect for George Lucas’ and what he created and I wouldn’t want to trample in that sandbox.

    What I am forever grateful to George for inspiring me to go out and create my own stories and characters and ideas. This is something SJWs will never understand nor comprehend.


    • Exactly! I’ve said this on this very blog once before, but I’ll repost it here again:

      Everything these cultural marxists touch ends up corrupted and destroyed. Franchises, businesses, academia, governments, etc… They are like a virus or a cancer. Alone they are meaningless and can’t do (or as you put it, create) anything by themselves. So they attach themselves to something good/healthy and end up infecting, corrupting and killing it. And if they don’t get themselves killed with it, they move on to the next healthy victim (be it an IP, brand, institution, etc).

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  4. “I wonder if it might be worth the effort to create an intellectual property specifically designed for SJWs to invade, in order to keep the other ones free from their antics. Just a thought.”

    Well, that’s what Steve Universe is an SJW cartoon, and it’s garbage. Starr versus the Forces of Evil is also a Disney SJW cartoon, and it’s also trash. The fandom of these shows, as I understand is terribly toxic.

    So even when SJWs “create” their own thing, it ends up being horrible and unwatchable.


    • I don’t think Itchy means SJWs should create their own property or even that someone else should create one that they would genuinely enjoy and support. I think he means someone should create a dummy target IP for SJWs to attack, such as a film / TV show / game about how great women, and especially women of color, have it under the Patriarchy, for example. Let them swarm and destroy that IP while they leave the real IPs alone (although I can’t think of any at the moment that haven’t been invaded yet). Similar to farmers planting “trap crops” to lure harmful insects away from their cash crops.

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