Toxic Reylos Harass Star Wars Author

Back in August 2018, EK Johnston, writer of Ashoka and Star Wars Queen’s Shadow, committed the cardinal sin of criticizing the object of Reylo desire, Kylo Ren.



I’m a bit confused by Johnston’s statement.

Am I to understand, that EK Johnston thinks the Darth Vader and Kylo Ren characters have led to a casual unconcerned view of burgeoning if imaginary fascism, because of the “fun” in Lucasfilm’s comic books and merchandising?

Is that the point she’s expressing here?  Why would she choose to write for Star Wars then?  Wouldn’t she be contributing to that burgeoning if imaginary fascism through her own writing then?


EK Johnston better hope this cosplayer isn’t a scorned Reylo.

But some Reylos were not concerned with such things.  Their focus was on the way Ms. Johnston maligned their unrequited love.

Well What Girl, human claxon Geek Girl Diva will tell you that you’re a bad customer.  Or that you’re not even a customer at all.

Yes, it appears that EK Johnston was wise enough to scrub her twitter feed.

The folks at Reddit had fun watching this happen.

But where were all the ultra-concerned writers in the legacy media?

Where was Bryan Young and the rest of the Wack Pack, to call these Reylos out for their toxic behavior?  For their harassment of creators?  Why weren’t they calling these particular Reylos sexist and/or misogynistic since the female author, EK Johnston, wrote about two prominent female characters?  Why didn’t Pablo Hidalgo make snide cryptic remarks about these particular Reylos?  Were they all just sleeping on the job?  Where are all the endless articles?

Oh, the humanity.

Now, I want to be clear, I am not criticizing all Reylos.  I am only criticizing the toxic Reylos who are actually sexist and/or misogynist.  Sound familiar?

Thanks to Mr. Roboto for the tip.

20 thoughts on “Toxic Reylos Harass Star Wars Author

  1. Beautiful. The very definition of “No bad tactics, only bad targets”- in other words “It’s OK when WE call for understanding the franchise/ firings / professionalism / boycotts.”

    The fact that EK Johnston is female mysteriously, suddenly, seems irrelevant. My, how shocking!

    SJWs have NO self awareness, no shame, and it’s angering reading those tweets brazenly stating the things they call us “chilling” for saying.

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  2. Well I have to admit that Di$ney War$ makes me want to vomit!

    But I love it when the proglodytes devour their own!

    I just grab me some popcorn and watch the limp wristed hand slapping to begin…

    And damn the whole, “Hurr durr NAZI Derpity derp” crap is getting old and tired. They whine about Nazis, while at the same time wanting to be under the boot of commie oppression! They love to pretend they are some sort of “revolution” but unless that revolution has soy, gender neutral bathrooms, skinny jeans, etc., their “revolution” is pretty much DOA! And they can’t be too much of a revolutionary when they are deathly afraid of firearms, because they look mean and scary! LOL
    I guess they will just yell, ‘SHAME” a thousand times! Yeah that will show all those make believe non-existent “Nazis!”

    You go girlfriend…

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  3. These ” Reylos” are really stupid. Storywise, Rey just watched as he killed his father and she called him a monster but she is supposed to be liking the guy in the next movie? Doesn’t work, and makes Rey look very weak willed.


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