Star Wars Toys Among Top 10 Returned Gifts

According to Lisa Fickenscher of the NY Post, Star Wars toys may not be selling well, but they sure are returning big.  She writes:

Among the top 10 most returned gifts are women’s tops with bell sleeves and boots with fringes, according to B-Stock Solutions, a liquidation auction sales business for the likes of Walmart, Target and Macy’s.

Other unpopular toy-aisle items included all things “Star Wars,” likely because the last movie came out in May and other blockbuster hits like “Black Panther” and “Aquaman” have been more captivating.

I can’t imagine that a young boy receiving a Rose Tico action figure would ever want to part with it.


She’ll return for Episode IX too.

World Class Bullshitters comments on this story:

4 thoughts on “Star Wars Toys Among Top 10 Returned Gifts

  1. I admit that I’ve returned Star Wars items within the last 12 months. I kept a lot of my receipts and wasn’t “feeling the love” after TLJ, so l took some sequel crap back for a refund!

    I still collect, but absolutely no Disney Sequel merch will enter my house again.

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    • I think the general audience is beginning to truly “feel the [lack of] love” from Disney/LF.

      Is this what KrazyKathyKennedy planned from the start? Was this some vindictive plan on her part, egged on by her feminist identity politics agenda? Can we really credit KKKennedy for being this naïve? They’ve got Bob Iger at the top… and he’s green-lighting this whole debacle?

      Does anyone over at the mouse house ever take business courses? Or courses on human relations? I mean, I can throw pejorative marshmallows at Disney all day… but someone somewhere must have a finger on the pulse that’s moving this beastly to do what it’s doing.

      Maybe Kellogg’s might make a mistake about a formula for a breakfast cereal, or Coca Cola made a poor decision on the “new” flavour of their product. But this all goes beyond anything that makes sense on the surface.

      On one hand, we’ve got KKKennedy defecating on the very heads of those who bring that department “profit.” On the other hand, we’ve got Bob Iger raising entrance fees for the Star Wars theme park. It’s his little way of saying: “Thank you for being utterly oblivious to how we’ve treated the segment of the fans that fun us! Thank you, thank you! Now, pay our inflated prices cuz you’re entering Disney Theme Parks!! Yay!” … some kind of 1984-style social experiment.

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  2. This is doubly damning when one considers the fact that Disney Star Wars toys did not sell that well to begin with, as Jeff’s videos of piles of clearance Star Wars merch at multiple locations attests to (as well as Disney’s own admission last week). Congrats Kathy, you’ve done what was once considered nigh impossible: have the lowest selling toys of the season simultaneously be the highest returned items post-season. You’re right up there with Jimmy Carter’s stagflation feat!

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