Pedro Pascal Channels His Inner Wendig

Previously we’ve seen the SJW lunacy hinted at in Pedro Pascal’s Instagram account.  But on Twitter, it’s in full display.  It’s all here.  The deeply sick obsession with the artificial divisions of race, bigotry against white people and Christians, seething frothing hatred for all things Trump, wishes for Republicans to rot in hell, and adolescent incoherence.



Pedro Pascal and Chuck Wendig enjoy unhinged equality.

The Mandalorian should be a really fun ride indeed.

21 thoughts on “Pedro Pascal Channels His Inner Wendig

  1. First the Disney MCU’s Captain America – Chris Evans wants all Republicans obliterated, now Disney Star Wars hires this gentleman who thinks they should be in hell. This really needs to be passed around within the GOP, particularly as the copyright laws, which Disney was prominent in diddling with, are just about to put Mickey Mouse into the public domain. Extending copyright SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AGAIN. In fact copyright should go back to it’s original term of 30(?) years. The GOP should be on the forefront of making that happen. Oh, and F Disney and F Iger.

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    • Ironic how these toxic individuals vomit their abusive opinions on SW fans as if the right to do so floated down gently from heaven into their laps.

      To me, this is the perfect embodiment of the word “empowerment,” a term tossed around without most folks in conversation taking a moment to call the user of this word to task. Empowering is the idea of giving someone power beyond their current ability to use it wisely, in my opinion.

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  3. Ironic…a guy who bashes the NRA and says things like “f*** your guns” is playing a character who uses guns and other tools meant to kill/incapacitate. Gotta love Hollywood hypocrisy.


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