Kiri Hart Speaks In Galaxy’s Edge Video

GenX Strikes Back dishes the goods:

Here’s the money quote from Kiri Hart in the Galaxy’s Edge video:

“What we’re focusing on more than ever is creating so many female characters, that are becoming so beloved.

With characters who are ethnically diverse, we’ll be sending that message, that Star Wars is for everyone.  I couldn’t be more proud of it.”

Kathleen Kennedy speaks, as does Dave Filoni and so forth.  And they spend some time gushing over Rian Johnson.

But does this offer a clue as to why Kiri Hart is no longer with the Story Group?  Because they focused more than ever on creating so many female characters in a way that drove their pre-existing male fanbase away?

Chances are YouTube will take down GenX Strikes Back’s video long before Disney takes it down from Galaxy’s Edge, even though Kiri Hart is now merely a “consultant.”

8 thoughts on “Kiri Hart Speaks In Galaxy’s Edge Video

  1. Things are taking very interesting turns, after that tense period of silence. Did you see this recent Forbes article from a longtime shill declaring Episode 9 a ‘lame duck’?

    This guy was singing the praises of TLJ like his life depended on it, now his tune has suddenly changed:

    “That’s because no matter how it performs in December, Walt Disney will face the same challenge: How does it make general audiences care about Star Wars movies that aren’t explicitly connected to those first three Star Wars movies (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) and aren’t explicitly tied into the saga of the Skywalker family? Rogue One and the George Lucas prequels were, well, prequels to the first three Star Wars movies, and the last three Disney episodes were 30-years-later sequels to Return of the Jedi, complete with the return of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

    After this, presuming Disney really does give Rian Johnson his own disconnected trilogy and let the Game of Thrones guys make their own Star Wars movies, to say nothing of Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian episodic series on Disney+, Star Wars will face a unique challenge. What will general moviegoers think about Star Wars movies that are mostly disconnected from the world, story and characters of George Lucas’ original trilogy? To what extent did folks flock to The Force Awakens specifically because it promised the return of Hamill, Ford and Fisher?

    Since Episode IX will apparently close the book on the Skywalker/Solo story that began in 1977, Disney must go back to the proverbial drawing board no matter how well this ninth Star Wars episode performs. We know that in 2019 (and beyond), merely offering a relatively high-quality mega-budget sci-fi fantasy actioner isn’t enough to get people into the theater. So without the explicit ties to the Darth Vader saga, without explicit ties to the defining original trilogy characters, will folks still consider Star Wars movies to be worth trekking out to a theater to see? We don’t know.”

    Bearing in mind this guy declared TLJ a masterpiece, its haters to be trolls, and speculated that Solo failed because audiences were just tired of the ‘white male hero’ … it’s funny to see him now wondering aloud how Disney are going to manage without the OT characters.

    But surely the masterpiece of TLJ has created a bevy of beloved new characters Scott?

    Surely the masterpiece of TLJ warrants a whole extra trilogy of Rian.

    Like what does he mean, ‘presuming Disney really does give Rian his own disconnected trilogy’? Presuming? Why if Rian doesn’t get his trilogy I’m calling it now, it will be the worst social injustice since the assassination of MLK. It will be the shill apocalypse. The SJWs will Occupy Lucasfilm until Rian’s glorious Social Justice Wars trilogy is made into a reality.

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    • I thought this was interesting in relation to GenX’s video:

      Why Disney’s Star Wars land won’t be the big hit people expect

      Lack of original characters

      Generation X grew up on Star Wars. But fans won’t find Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Darth Vader when they visit Galaxy’s Edge. Disney has decided to exclude almost all of this franchise’s beloved characters from the land. If fans hated seeing their Han and Luke getting killed off in the new Star Wars movies, at least they got to spend a little time with them on screen in those productions. They will be absent in Galaxy’s Edge, which instead creates new storylines unconnected to the original trilogy that made Star Wars, well, Star Wars.

      Galaxy’s Edge might turn out to be the biggest bait and switch in theme park history, as thousands of fans spend huge amounts of money to visit the Star Wars of their youth, only to discover that Disney has created an unrelated land that is, in many ways, “Star Wars” in name only. Imagine the social media backlash when that word gets out.

      A bait n switch, you say…? A backlash? I couldn’t possibly imagine these things happening with Disney Star Wars…. I literally cannot imagine it! Hahaha

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  3. “With characters who are ethnically diverse, we’ll be sending that message, that Star Wars is for everyone. I couldn’t be more proud of it.”
    Perhaps better worded: “I couldn’t be more delusional about it.”

    If these characters were for everyone, as claimed, and memorable, so forth… why are their plastic toys rotting on toystore shelves?

    It’s sad to see anyone become so detached from the real world outside their corporations that they’d offer such drivel. I think Itchy has mentioned how SJW savages are so narcissistic that they only want to see themselves up on the screen. Well, if this has been so effective, to put diversity on screen of diversity’s own sake while mirroring the crowd that doesn’t really invest in such things as Star Wars, then why has this franchise been one of Disney’s weakest? When people like Hart try to make Star Wars more inclusive, they make it less attractive, less appealing. The numbers speak for themselves.

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