Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Showcases Misandrous Attack On Luke

Hopefully this will serve as a reminder to anyone who might be getting weak kneed over the prospect of boycotting Episode IX, or think that the dismissal of Kiri Hart somehow indicates a change in direction.

Fans may be familiar with the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures animated series now playing on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.  It’s advertised as a way to get kids introduced to the original trilogy.  What’s bizarre about this is that anyone who wants to introduce kids to the original trilogy, can just play…the original trilogy.

But putting that aside, what’s becoming clear is that Lucasfilm activists are using this as an opportunity to rewrite the original trilogy from the viewpoint of modern feminist misandry.

The following is a screencap from the episode Princess Leia – The Rescue.You can view the episode here.

It depicts a General Leia bravely pointing to where she wants her soldiers to run off to with a feminist scowl on her face.


First, Leia was never on the battlefield.  She stayed in Echo base and served in the central command.  Second, if she had gone onto the battlefield with no hat and a bare face, she wouldn’t last very long without frostbite.  Hoth was a dangerous place.  Third, the Rebel soldiers were not advancing in marches like Lobsterbacks from the American Revolution.  They fought in WWI style trenches.

Next is the more troublesome image, of Luke being bitch slapped by Leia.


Leia can’t just be heroic and provide cover for Luke while he withdraws his grappling hook from his belt, as they did in the original trilogy.  No, here Luke serves to highlight Leia’s feminist dominance by getting his rope all tangled up.  It infuriates Leia to the point that she bitch slaps him in the face so hard, that he gets knocked into the wall behind her.

Imagine the response from SJWs if a cartoon portrayed Luke bitch slapping Leia in this manner.  The cacophony would be deafening.


It appears that we don’t have to imagine.  The conversation has already taken place, and as usual, hypocrisy is the foundation of all SJW thought.


All the way to misandry.  How evolved.


Amusingly, the explanation that SJWs gave for this image was that it was all a ruse.  But they wouldn’t buy that explanation for the adaptation of Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, even when someone showed it to them.





GenX Strikes Back comments:

27 thoughts on “Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Showcases Misandrous Attack On Luke

  1. I am not surprised. I was already expecting this and worse.
    So… your kid watches this garbage and then the movies, how do you explain the stupid differences included by SJWs?
    You don’t. You simply never show this trash to children, period.

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    • I have 2 daughters, and they’re never going to see these. I showed the oldest the theatrical cuts of the OT, and that’s it. When my youngest gets to an appropriate age, I’ll do the same.

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  2. I have no words…

    Their agenda is vile as it is, but when they desecrate Lucas’ characters and movies like this…

    The only thing that eases my mind is that, for the most part, kids don’t care about Star Wars anymore.

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  3. I’m amazed that Disney has allowed Kathleen Kennedy to destroy a property they spent $4.5 billion for. She’s treated it like her fucking Tumblr fan fiction blog.


    • Bob Iger pulls down around 30 to 50 million/yr. His decision to buy Marvel and set up the MCU boosted Disney stock hugely. Under his regime, Disney stock went from 30 bucks to over 100 bucks a share with a market capitalization of 160 billion. So, like a lot of billionaire “masters of the universe” he can do wtf he wants now. That includes politicizing ESPN, producing animated features with incredible production values while using them to push leftist agitprop. Plus, the stock price is showing no indication (yet) that feminizing Star Wars is effecting the bottom line. Personally, I intend to do my tiny part by not seeing or buying any more Disney anything. Period.

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  4. Hm… But if Leia was giving orders and getting frostbite (unless the powers of feminism let her use the force so that she can resist the cold) then who was coordinating the rebel ships escaping Hot? (Was Leia doing it telepathically using the Force, too?)
    And, if she bitch-slaps Luke in the cartoon, then why in the movie she gave him a good luck kiss instead? Did the Force made her bipolar?
    The disrepsectful people behind this have no idea on how to do anything that’s SJW propaganda free.

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  5. My God

    I dig the animation and the original audio dealio – but they F’d it up.
    All they had to do was not change shit.

    Disney started oot with the original cast & a clean slate. Their failure is astounding.

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      • It was one of the few things about the special editions that I didn’t like, but it never outraged me. Given what we know about the media fueling the fire over Jake Lloyd and Ahmed best, I would be surprised if they exaggerated “hand shot first” made it out to be worse than it really was.


        • It was definitely exaggerated (and still is). This is only an issue to a small parcel of fandom. Most people couldn’t care less about the changes, fixes and revisions (and those that do care, wether they like or dislike them, don’t care enough to make a fuzz about it). It doesn’t stop them from buying the movies, and once the movie starts they are in that world.

          What they are doing here is not comparable at all to what Lucas did. For starters, Lucas was the author. Lucas changes were mostly cosmetic and didn’t change the actual performance of the actors or what they are doing in the scene. They were completing, building upon what was already there.


  6. I can’t wait till the “writers” of this proglodyte trash think of the brilliant idea of having the issue where Leia conducts a right up to birth abortion all on her own! While she punches Han in the head and round house kicks Luke in the chest.

    It will be their best selling issue…Guaranteed!

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  8. This sickens me, wow. I’m a fan of the oldschool, I was hoping this new toon series would redeem the trashfire that’s been the modern Star Wars, but nope, gotta beat up that “toxic masculinity” out of Luke by using toxic femininity.

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