Pablo Hidalgo Publicly Promotes His Own Pea-Brain

So, it seems Pablo has come across the dissatisfaction some fans feel towards the depiction of Leia bitch slapping Luke in Lucasfilm’s latest offering for children.  Here’s one of his latest tweets:

And here’s the accompanying media:


It’s highly unlikely that Pablo is savvy enough to play deliberately obtuse in an effort to demonstrate a political point.  It’s far more likely that he’s simply obtuse.

The recent Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures animated short depicts Luke tangling himself up in his own grappling hook rope.  Perhaps that footage is somewhere on the cutting room floor and awaits reinsertion in some future Special Edition.  Or perhaps today’s feminist Lucasfilm will manufacture the footage with a digital Luke.  In any case, the footage has not yet been seen.

Regardless, with the mighty powers of an administrative wizard, Pablo conjured up the following quote from George Lucas which also appeared in his tweet:


Maybe for his next act of secretarial sorcery, Pablo can show us the part where George said Leia should be bitch slapping men so hard that she knocks them into a wall?


Also, when can we expect to get a sequence of men bitch slapping Rey around in this manner?  Equal equality equally equalized equitably for all demands it.

We now await Pablo’s programming to tweet a retort containing the acronym “MRA.”


Pablo outputs his “thoughts.”

Stephanie Janizcek comments:

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