Lando To Appear In IX Just Long Enough To Drop His Daughter Off


Lando before Disney’s genitalia obsession.

ScreenRant is reporting:

According to Making Star Wars, Lando “doesn’t have a really large role in the story.” From the sound of things, his part in Episode IX is similar to that of Maz Kanata in the previous two films in the sense that he provides the main characters with some help during a quest for a mysterious MacGuffin. If this information holds true, it’s entirely possible Lando will only be in a single scene or brief sequence.

ScreenRant also reported:

Over on Reddit, a user named Temiriblagg1 has claimed that Naomi Ackie will be playing Lando’s daughter, Veranada (Vera) Calrissian. They claim to have been an extra on Star Wars: Episode IX during filming at Pinewood Studios, and they say they played a “guerrilla militia in a secret type of bunker on the planet of Batuu.”

The Reddit comment says this about Lando’s daughter:

Naomi Ackie is here as Veranada (Vera) Calrissian.

Naomi’s character says they found something valuable at the cost of losing several soldiers. Enters an accompanied horse with several children masks on. A body is seated with a bag over their head. He gets dropped down. Revealed to be a cowering Domnhall (general Hux). He admits surrender and is searched by Domenic who prods him with an instrument and taunts him. To Naomi’s characters displeasure. This is near the end of act 1.

Will Lando’s daughter be a Mary Sue just like Rey?  Will Episode IX be little more than a collection of Mary Sues twirling lightsabers around?  How many fans that are left actually care?

11 thoughts on “Lando To Appear In IX Just Long Enough To Drop His Daughter Off

  1. That he repeatedly puts beastie boys music in his GD films for his own amusement shows he’s a narcissist. The only thing i really remember from ST:beyond was that stupid music during the climax.

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