Marvel Comics Pulls A Stunt


More Jaxxon, coming right up. recently published a story about Marvel Comics possibly releasing an issue #108 set in the legends universe.  Long time fans will remember that the original Marvel run of Star Wars comics ended on issue #107.

There’s an intriguing rumor circulating on Reddit that Marvel might release issue 108 of the classic era of Marvel Star Wars comics, which stopped its run in 1986 at issue 107. Thanks to Continue The Star Wars Legends Universe for alerting us via their excellent Facebook page, which we hope you’re all following!

It’s unclear if any of this is true, and whether – if true – this means that we’d get a whole new run of Legends era Star Wars comics or just a one-off issue 108. 

Moreover, one can only speculate at this stage whether such continued stories would remain consistent with EU lore or attempt to connect with current Disney canon story elements.

Here’s the rumor directly from Reddit:

Let me start by providing some history on this particular source. About a month ago, we had somebody contact us to give us the heads up that Marvel would be announcing 2 new comics series soon. I was pretty skeptical so I sat on the information to see if any of it came to fruition. Lo and behold, about a week later Marvel announced the Star Wars: TIE Fighter limited series. Soon after that the Galaxy’s Edge comics series that our source told us about was also announced, proving his information to be 100% accurate.

Well…our comics source has struck again!

We’ve been told that Marvel Comics will be selling something known as “Classic Star Wars #108” soon. All we have is the name, but the natural conclusion to jump to is that Marvel has made the decision to continue the original comics line that started in 1977 and ended in 1986 with issue #107. It’s still unknown if this will be a one off thing or a true continuation of that series, but it will be interesting to see how this all pans out regardless.

If this is true, (and I’m inclined to believe that it is considering that our source’s track record so far) I believe this may be the first time a story in the Legends timeline has made since The Great Canon Purge of ’14.

Now all we need to do is wait and see what Marvel announces in the coming weeks…

The EU was firebombed so that it would be rewritten through the lens of SJW lunacy.  So why would Disney allow Marvel Comics to engage in such a stunt?  Here’s why:



The sales of Star Wars comics are dropping like a bomb in The Last Jedi, according to comichron.  They have to do something to get those numbers up.  And what better way than to try to appeal to those long lost EU fans, the ones who actually purchased comic books.

But EU fans shouldn’t get too excited.  Chances are if this Issue #108 ever does materialize, it’ll focus solely on Jaxxon anyway.


6 thoughts on “Marvel Comics Pulls A Stunt

  1. They’ve already used Jaxxon on an alternate cover when Marvel regained the license (but I don’t think he appeared in the comic itself). I didn’t know at the time that Lucas hated the character, so looking back that may have been intended as the first of many slaps in the face to Mr. Lucas by the new regime.


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