Who Knows The Least About Star Wars?

SJWs getting paid by Disney to write about Star Wars of course.

Recently, Sabrina The Movie Girl asked the following question, in regards to the “training” sequence with Rey in The Last Jedi.

Star Wars writer Jody Houser was quick to provide an explanation:

For those who may not know, the green rabbit Jody refers to is Jaxxon which was introduced by Marvel Comics in 1977.


Maligned and marginalized.


The only thing here that appears to be “baked” is Jody Houser.

For those of us who were around in the 1970s, the Jaxxon character felt weirdly out of place.  At the time, I thought Jaxxon was created just to give Marvel artists somethng easy to draw.  It was like a superhero Easter bunny, here to tell you the real story about Easter in one of those 5 page comics that they handed out in Sunday school.


So the notion that Jaxxon was somehow “baked in” from the very beginning is as silly as the character is.  Even more so, when we conduct a 10 second Google search and discover that George Lucas didn’t like the character, and ordered its end.  CBR.com tells us:

How Marvel Wrote Out Their Star Wars Character That George Lucas Hated

Jaxxon appeared in the first new storyline in the Marvel Star Wars series after Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin finished adapting the first Star Wars film. Since writer Roy Thomas was told that he should not really use Luke and Leia too much, he decided to focus the next storyline on Han Solo and Chewbacca. Thomas decided to do a Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven riff using Han and Chewy.

Thomas was clearly having some fun with these new characters, including a wacky old Jedi Knight with a punderful name…

And, of course, a riff on Bugs Bunny with Jaxxon, a tall green rabbit-looking alien. Here’s his introduction…

Thomas’ run on Star Wars ended with issue #10, and while there were a number of different reasons why Thomas left the title (including slight irritation over the fact that the comic creators were not making very much from the massive financial success of the Marvel adaptation of Star Wars), one reason was that Lucas had some issues with the story (although it had been pre-approved before Thomas started on it) and that he particularly disliked Jaxxon. So Thomas left the book and returned to Conan (as Thomas amusingly noted, Robert Howard was not around to complain about the stories). Archie Goodwin took over the book.

So not only was the character eliminated, but the artist who created him was removed from the project.

Jody continued.

As a side note, when I was working on Age of Republic, I rewatched Clone Wars MINUS all of the funny droid and Jar Jar episodes (they were the least relevant to what I was writing.)

Without the comedy moments, it was one of the bleakest damn shows I’d ever seen.

— Jody Houser ✒️🗯️🎲 (@Jody_Houser) February 10, 2019

To each their own.  But it would be wise to not act like Jaxxon is some inherently Star Wars character that is unfairly maligned and marginalized.  Especially for those who have no living memory of the 1970s.


The ammonia in Jody’s hair dye induces false memories.

10 thoughts on “Who Knows The Least About Star Wars?

  1. I was George’s target market back in the late 70’s and early 80’s and I thought Jaxxon was a mistake that someone dropped into the old Marvel series.

    Jesus, these people.

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  2. Whataboutism makes it’s way into the Star Wars debate. It’s a logical fallacy but a step above the default SJW debate tactic of just yelling “NAZI!!”.


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  4. “It actually IS Star Wars. https://t.co/FYQ5biaIiM

    — Jody Houser ✒️🗯️🎲 (@Jody_Houser) February 10, 2019

    I’ve written over 500 pages of Very Serious Drama Star Wars Comics that are set in the same universe where there’s an anthropomorphic green rabbit running around.

    The great thing about Star Wars as a franchise is that the huge tonal variety was baked in from the start.”


    Can someone tell me in what universe that counts as explaining anything?
    Because to me that’s pure nonesense.

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