Pablo Hidalgo Indicts Fans Who Consume Star Wars


Pablo seeks anonymity in front of a camera.

Today, Pablo posted one of the dumbest tweets that he’s tweeted in a long time.

Another way that people become familiar with Pablo aside from watching him in videos, is by consuming Star Wars merchandise such as books and games.   Many of which are littered with Pablo Hidalgo’s name, going back to the old West End Games days.

So Pablo is essentially indicting Lucasfilm customers for knowing his name by running across it in the products they buy and use.  Buying and using those Star Wars products is how they spend some of their time.

People also know Pablo from the abject stupidity that he routinely advertises publicly on his own Twitter feed.

If Pablo doesn’t want to be known, a first step might be to not stand in front of a camera.  The second step might be to not stand on stage.


Pablo patiently explains to a captive audience why they shouldn’t know him.

6 thoughts on “Pablo Hidalgo Indicts Fans Who Consume Star Wars

  1. Is it just me, or are his ‘writings’ unparsable? Is english not his native language? Are these the speech patterns of a narcissist? Word salad? Gaslighting?

    I thought I was educated, but I’ve never been able to say “I clearly understand what he said” to any of the tweets you’ve brought to us, Itchy.

    This time it isn’t so bad.

    What a smug douchebag.

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  2. Maybe he should be doing something constructive instead of sending out embarrassingly dumb tweets each day.
    He’s one of the buffoons responsible for sending Star Wars down the toilet and he keeps taking pot-shots at the fans.

    Best thing we can hope for now, would be for IX to do the same numbers as “Solo” and for Disney to put Star Wars on the shelf, indefinitely. I’d rather have no Star Wars at all, instead of a piss-poor attempt, filled with some idiotic “agenda of the moment” type bullshit movie.

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