Galaxy’s Edge Prepares An Early Excuse For Low Attendance


Would you sweat in line for 5 hours to see Rey?

Remember when Solo failed disastrously at the box office, and the excuse for poor marketing started to make the rounds on the internet?  According to ScreenRant:

Poor Marketing Blamed For Solo’s Box Office Failure

Per Deadline, Doug Cruetz, a media analyst at Cowen, recently issued a report that rated Disney shares. In it, he offered his two cents on Solo not meeting expectations, pointing to a lackluster promotional campaign. As some may recall, Lucasfilm didn’t unveil the first look at the film until the Super Bowl in February (roughly three months before release) and made the curious decision to hide star Alden Ehrenreich in early materials. This contrasted from the other films of Star Wars’ Disney era, which had eight-month long marketing campaigns that built up hype over a long period of time and shined a spotlight on their main characters.

Readers of this blog know better.

It now appears that Disney may be laying the groundwork to apply this excuse in response to potentially dismal numbers at their theme park.  According to

Disney So Confident In Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge That They Won’t Market It

Disney’s been busy showing off their work-in-progress recently, putting out some neat videos teasing what’s come, and it’s now been revealed that they’re so confident in Galaxy’s Edge that they don’t see any point in marketing it. Speaking about their plans for the opening, CEO Bob Iger said the following:

“And I would say, by the way, on the marketing expense side, don’t expect much. I’m thinking that maybe I should just tweet, ‘It’s opening,’ and that will be enough. I think we’re going to end up with incredibly popular and in-demand product with these two new lands.”

Honestly, he’s probably right. The mere opening of these two parks is guaranteed to generate a ton of good press, with every outlet falling over themselves in order to get the first peek at what’s inside the park. Why bother spending money on ads when you can get journalists to do the job for you, right? I also fully believe that these parks are going to be filled to capacity for a very long time after they’re opened.

And according to CinemaBlend:

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Is Going To Be So Big Disney Isn’t Even Bothering To Market It

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be opening very soon at two different Disney Parks, but don’t actually expect to hear much about it from Disney. The fact of the matter is that everybody already knows that Galaxy’s Edge is coming and the company knows that the minute an official opening date is announced, everybody will know that too, so Disney won’t need to spend a lot of money promoting the fact. When asked during a recent earnings call what sort of expenditures were expected in advance of the new land’s opening, Disney CEO Bob Iger said not to expect much, because spending a lot of money won’t be necessary.

When ever Disney Parks opens something new there is usually a pretty big marketing push. You see commercials for a new attraction or land on TV or online and, as I live in California, I frequently drive by billboards advertising the newest thing that Disneyland has going on. While there will almost certainly be some of that still happening when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World later this year, it might not happen as much as it has in the past.

To be fair, Bob Iger isn’t wrong. This is very much a “if you build it, they will come” sort of situation. Most everybody who cares already knows that Galaxy’s Edge is coming. Many are probably already waiting to make their hotel reservations, all they need are the specific dates the new land will be opening in order to know when to book the room.

Why would Disney expect potentially dismal numbers?

Beyond the expectations that Episode IX is a “lame duck” as Scott Mendelson put it, There are other considerations.  According to Robert Niles from Theme Park Insider:

Why Disney’s Star Wars land won’t be the big hit people expect

Lack of original characters

Generation X grew up on Star Wars. But fans won’t find Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Darth Vader when they visit Galaxy’s Edge. Disney has decided to exclude almost all of this franchise’s beloved characters from the land. If fans hated seeing their Han and Luke getting killed off in the new Star Wars movies, at least they got to spend a little time with them on screen in those productions. They will be absent in Galaxy’s Edge, which instead creates new storylines unconnected to the original trilogy that made Star Wars, well, Star Wars.

Galaxy’s Edge might turn out to be the biggest bait and switch in theme park history, as thousands of fans spend huge amounts of money to visit the Star Wars of their youth, only to discover that Disney has created an unrelated land that is, in many ways, “Star Wars” in name only. Imagine the social media backlash when that word gets out.

Unfamiliar world building

Just as Galaxy’s Edge will not feature the most popular Star Wars characters, it will not feature any iconic Star Wars locations, either. No Death Star. No Tatooine. No Coruscant. Instead, Galaxy’s Edge will be set in the Black Spire Outpost on the up-until-now never-heard-of planet of Batuu.

At least the bait and switch won’t involve recreations of Leia slapping Luke in the face or kicking Chewie in the balls if they don’t even appear.

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18 thoughts on “Galaxy’s Edge Prepares An Early Excuse For Low Attendance

  1. Blaming poor marketing for Solo is such an asinine excuse. Anyone even remotely interested in Star Wars makes it their business to know when and what movie is up next in the series. You can’t tell me that millions of people didn’t see Solo in advertisements on social media or YouTube.

    The major contributing factors to Solo underperforming are widely known but ignored by the bum-lickers and idiotic shills. People were turned off by The Last Jedi. People were attacked, criticized and called names by Lucasfilm, their periphery contributors and the shill media. Why would anyone want to go and see a movie if the company producing it want to shit on it’s consumers?

    No one wanted a Han Solo film – particularly one without Harrison Ford in it. Alden was a bad choice and if we HAD to have this film, then Anthony Ingruber was the right one; but we all know Uncle Steven got involved and screwed it all up.

    Kasdan Jnr’s “Pansexual” nonsense in the media turned many away too. That guy should not be working on such a high profile IP. He’s an inexperienced writer and only there because his old man is basically Star Wars royalty, but I would question his “status” after how poorly The Force Awakens turned out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Poor marketing?” What a lame excuse.

    DIsney and Lucasfilm knew Solo and Episode IX will bomb, they just don’t want to admit they screwed up in these last few years. Sensible people don’t want to be associated with a brand that attacks its own customers.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Meh… It’ll do okay. Read somewhere that the theme parks don’t lose money, ever. Though it could be interesting to see if it is so expensive that people will have to choose between StarWars or “It’s a Small World”.. etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These shill headlines are going to be the highlight of 2019 as the media works overtime to cover up Disney’s impending failures. “So confident they don’t even have to market it!” Riiiiiight. If only they had thought of that brilliant strategy earlier, they could have massively boosted their margins on TFA by simply not spending any money on marketing.

    After all that was a sequel to ROTJ after 30 years, which really does sell itself.

    But selling tickets to Planet Bumfuck in the rotting carcass of the Star Wars universe in 2019, somewhat of a tougher sell I would say.

    No marketing! That’s the answer.
    I mean when you’ve invested a billion dollars into a branded theme park, and also destroyed the brand, the next step towards success is NO marketing spend.

    That’s a growth strategy! It’s most definitely NOT desperate damage limitation by a company that is about to swing itself into a giant brick wall.


    • Exactly. They don’t want to throw good money after bad, but Iger doesn’t have the balls to actually say it, so he lies about the need for promoting the sure-to-be-popular park. What he said is half-true, at least: there’s no need to promote it because at this point, after all of his and KK’s incompetent mismanagement of the brand, NO amount of promotional spending is going to help mitigate this onrushing horrific catastrophe (for Disney – it will be a magnificent catastrophe for us Fandom Manace onlookers).


  5. This confirms Disney no longer cares about Star Wars and they don’t see it as an asset anymore. The bean counters at Disney know this, but the company is so married to Social Justice they can’t go back without facing a full on SJW Twitter apocalypse, so the only thing they can obviously do, and I think are doing, is to just let it die quietly for now and shelve it for a long, long time until this debacle is forgotten, I mean, it’s not as if Disney is hurting for money at the moment.
    I expect production of all things Star Wars to trickle down to almost nothing after IX, let’s see if I’m right or not.


    • Disney is caught in a Catch-22, and I’m loving it! By the time this dabacle is forgotten, Star Wars itself will pretty much be forgotten and reviving it will be next to impossible. It will be easier to create a new IP at that point than it will be to re-ignite interest in the cold, dead IP known as Star Wars. And they did it all to themselves – priceless!!!


  6. “I also fully believe that these parks are going to be filled to capacity for a very long time after they’re opened.” Who is this person, and how can I contact them? I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell them.

    Liked by 1 person

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