More Revisionist Poppycock From Galaxy Of Adventures

Princess Leia as she was depicted in the original Star Wars trilogy, just isn’t obnoxious and over bearing enough for today’s bold, brave, and blue-haired feminists.  So some changes are in order.

Today we look at the “Fun Facts” about Princess Leia in the garbage show Galaxy of Adventures.

We all remember that it was Leia who gave the rebels on Yavin the battle plans for the attack on the Death Star, right?


The Feminist Special Edition.

Because this will be going into the memory hole:

And we all remember how Leia lifted up a brace in the trash compactor all by herself.


The Empire carelessly discards Styrofoam beams.

You’ll need to be re-educated if you remember it like this:

You can watch the entire “Fun Facts” episode here:

Thanks to el Jolero for the tip.

24 thoughts on “More Revisionist Poppycock From Galaxy Of Adventures

  1. You know what, if Disney has a good replacement for Bob Igor, this replacement should, 1)scrap the SJW feminist propaganda out of their company and fire those who refuse to follow. And 2)put Lucasfilm up for sale, it pretty obvious that Star Wars and Disney are not meant for each other.

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  2. There’s that scene where Leia and Leia go into the mos eisley cantina and hire Leia and Leia to fly them to Alderaan in the Falcon? I especially liked the special edition where they made it look like Leia shot at Leia before Leia shot Leia. But WE ALL KNOW LEIA SHOT FIRST!

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  3. This is horrible! I dig the animation style but after the way they treated Like & Chewie with Leia bossing them around & assaulting them for stupid reasons, I unsubscribed to the Star Wars kids channel & stop watching them to hurt them where it hurts! (-=-)b
    Awesome post as always and I’m glad your covering the way these idiots are handling Star Wars!

    Btw ItchyBacca, I got a newstip for you in a interview Kathleen Kennedy’s boss revealed he is monitoring her and JJ Abrams to prevent a failure like Solo & TALK from happening again. Here’s the Reddit post where there’s a link to the Article & the Interview: If you want to credit me, credit me as: Julian Leonardo Reyes Aka SkullReapingNinja1993

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    • To them we’re “like all old and stuff”. They think there’s this huge audience out there who tap on their iPhones incessantly, shop at Whole Foods, dress like lumberjacks even though they live a hundred miles from the nearest tree, and kale smoothies that will show up and drop huge amounts of cash on Star Wars. They won’t because they haven’t so far.


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