Bryan Young Claims “Values Have Never Been A Problem For Me”


Keep your clothes on, Bryan.

You read that headline right.  Bryan recently had the following conversation on Twitter:

Values have never been a problem for Bryan Young.  He’s such a jocular fellow.


That was just a joke.  But let’s review the kinds of values that Bryan Young doesn’t have a problem with.

ok if i haven’t already said br*an y*ung is disgusting i’ll say it again now

— sami (@grcyjedi) November 9, 2018

We know, Sami, we know.

For those of you who have followed the the investigation into these matters and Ethan Van Sciver’s Sex Scandal Videos, this will be a trip down memory lane.  For those who haven’t, this may be an eye opener.  In either case, this is the first time this information is being compiled in a cohesive narrative, whereas the previous blog posts merely tracked the investigation which spanned months.

After my initial blog post on the matter, more details were revealed about an underage sex chat room, that Bryan Young participated in.



For those who don’t understand the terms top, bottom, and switch, you can reference this article here.  I’m not going to get into it.

The involvement of Bryan Young in this sex chat sparked outrage in some of its participants.

If you’re an adult, you need to fucking watch how you behave around and talk to girls that are half your age. If you’re put in an uncomfortable position, it’s YOUR job to leave.

— 🎄tis the gleason🎄 (@abbygleason) June 22, 2018

Like, don’t respond or leave the chat. Or say it’s inappropriate like an actual adult.

— beks 🏳️‍🌈 (@sukiisacat) June 22, 2018

Like,,,,, bryan young has been a condescending ass towards our corner of a fandom more than once, why the hell would he want to be a part of a reylo group chat in the first place

— Lue (@i_amthe_senate) June 22, 2018


Some claimed that Bryan was invited into this sex chat, but by whom?

Some of those involved in the chat, some were worried that Bryan himself would use screencaps of that chat for nefarious purposes.

Others told the younger participants of this sex chat, that the older members would be happy to contact the authorities if this happened again.

It makes me sick that an older, adult man would come into such a lovely community to prey on young women and teens. I hope this never happens again, but if it does, please reach out to us older fans, so we can help take proper steps to contact authorities, etc. Be safe y’all.❤️

— j-mee (@strawberryxtalk) June 21, 2018

Why would they be worried about Bryan Young using screencaps for nefarious purposes should any of them “step out of line?”  And why would older participants talk about contacting the authorities?

Because at least some of the participants in this sex chat were underage.

I was able to have conversations with participants of this sex chat to get more information about it on two occasions.  This was the first:

Urban Dictionary has some definitions of “stan twitter” for those who may not know what it is.

This was part of the second conversation:

Bryan himself was feeling pretty chipper about the whole experience the next morning.

But later, Bryan was crestfallen when it appeared that the participation of an old fogey in the underage sex chat was not welcome.

The ugliness on Twitter that Bryan referred to, was the public reaction over the article he wrote in which he was publicly caught lying about Geeks + Gamers and Ethan Van Sciver.

One person attempted to work it out with Bryan when she said the following to him:

Bryan would end up blocking those who expressed disapproval of his involvement in the underage sex chat.

hah I was blocked during the r*ylo chat thing when I said as a damned adult he should’ve just removed himself from the situation immediately instead of chatting kink with teens

— Maia the 🐝99: spooky diced carrots (@semirose) November 1, 2018

tbf we’ve been in a mutual block for awhile because I was mad at how flippant he was about being in that group DM with a bunch of teenage girls talking about kylux sex, but yeah he didn’t reach out to any one else that I’ve heard

— sarah 🚀 (@SarahDemp) November 2, 2018


And then there was this other matter…

Some participants were upset that I published these events, placing more importance on their politics than on their personal safety.

some jackass antifeminist Disney-Ruined-Star-Wars loser is up in one of my threads from June talking about the br*an y*ung incident, demanding screenshots, and I’m absolutely fucking floored by how entitled some of these assholes can be

— earl grey jedi (@bodhicha) November 12, 2018

these assholes are literally fishing for ammunition to try and tear down anyone they label a leftist and while I have a LOT of issues with how that situation went down, I’m not adding fuel to the whole antifeminist/antileftist fire

— earl grey jedi (@bodhicha) November 12, 2018

like, yeah, I blocked a solid dozen notable rlos over this, but I am not going to help out these losers on their fucking crusade of evil

— earl grey jedi (@bodhicha) November 12, 2018

It makes me super fucking uncomfortable that there’s a section of the alt-right SW crowd who are now using my words out of context to say that Br*an Y*ung is a pedophile

— naboo dsa 🌹 (@bodhicha) January 3, 2019

This is just a reminder that I don’t support any of the shit @ItchyBacca is insinuating in his disgusting little blog, that I explicitly told him that he had no permission to use my words to support his garbage, and that he’s a hideous little weasel for whom I have no respect.

— naboo dsa 🌹 (@bodhicha) January 3, 2019

So there you have it.  Captain Values aka Bryan Young, engaged in at least one underage sex chat.

So no kidding Bryan doesn’t have a problem with values.  They don’t appear to get in his way.  He’s been caught lying about so many things so many times that it’s likely he lives in a complete fantasy world of his own making.  And he probably figures that he’s weathered this particular storm.

Let’s just hope that the young ladies who attend Celebration are aware of this creep, and steer clear of his presence.


Twitter terms of service.

36 thoughts on “Bryan Young Claims “Values Have Never Been A Problem For Me”

  1. Why must these lunatics infect Star Wars? They need to go and see a mental health professional. Bryan Young wrote a short story about parents who could kill their children up until age 18. Sick!


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