The Caliber Of Discussion To Be Found During The Shipping Panel At Celebration

So you decide that you’re going to bring your underage daughter to Celebration 2019 in Chicago.  She decides to cosplay as Rey, and is excited to meet other fans and see some of the stars.  After being hit on by Bryan Young, you take her to a panel being conducted by a Star Wars podcaster.  The panel is on “shipping.”  If you’re older than 20, chances are you have no idea what “shipping” means to younglings.  Perhaps you think a “shipping” panel is about spaceships and/or starships.  Or maybe you think they’ll be talking about how the smugglers in the galaxy compete and conflict with the legitimate shipping industry.  Or perchance you’re interested to know more about the Trade Federation’s shipping lanes between systems, and think that this “shipping” panel might fill you in.  Well, not so much.


Here’s the kind of discussion that you might expect your underage daughter to hear during the Shipping Panel at Star Wars Celebration 2019.  This comes to us from a tweet from Twitter user @kylofucker

The link that @kylofucker provides takes us to a thread at where even more examples can be found.





























Now, this is the kind of immature prattle that one would expect to hear among unsupervised teenagers with raging hormones.

But this sort of discussion is now being officially sanctioned by Lucasfilm, in their Shipping Panel at Celebration 2019.  In cast you missed it, direct from the official Star Wars Celebration website:

SUN, APR 14, 2019

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM


“Shipping” in Star Wars transcends age and gender and is as old as the question of whether Leia would end up with Han or Luke. Join Denise and Lee from Lords of the Sith Podcast and special guest Monte formerly of Star Wars Connection as we delve into the perception of romance by the Star Wars fanbase and describe some of our experiences in the larger Star Wars fandom, in podcasting, and in the Reylo community.

This isn’t about romance and asking whether Leia will end up with Han or Luke.  This is about base sexual depravity and asking who is putting what into where.  But hey, at least the youngling you bring to Celebration will be spared the horror of having to look upon Leia’s gold bikini since Lucasfilm is distancing itself from that image.  Or maybe she’ll see it anyway thanks to cosplayers.


Something we don’t want explained.

Congratulations Lucasfilm.  You’ve successfully transformed Celebration into a fetish show.  Don’t forget to bring your sparkly gimp to the convention too.  But do us all a favor and please keep Geek Girl Diva’s golden dildo under lock and key.  Thanks a bunch.

Thanks to Stephanie Janiczek for the tip.


Reylo Claims Gun Threat Against Shipping Panel

I’ve written previously about the amusing Shipping Panel at Star Wars Celebration, and the Reylos who have doxxed Adam Driver and harassed Daisy Ridley.  I’ve also written about how this shipping panel now has its own internal SJW controversy, with Star Wars author Tricia Barr criticizing it for not being inclusive enough and focusing on white males.  Now a new development has arisen.

Twitter user Kia is now claiming that the Shipping Panel has received a gun threat.

Indeed.  As such, I have archived this thread here…

…for Star Wars Celebration management, local Chicago law enforcement, and the FBI who I have taken the liberty of tagging in this particular Twitter thread.  I call upon those who received the threats to publicly publish the threat and reveal the identity of the person who made the threat.  I also call upon all relevant law enforcement agencies to investigate this threat with due diligence.

A cursory check through the Twitter account of the podcast that will be giving the Shipping Pane, Lords of the Sith, finds no claims from them of any gun threat.

So, given that SJWs are prone to hyper-emotional over reaction and absurd rhetoric, we must also consider that no threat has been made, and that this is yet another in a long list of hate hoaxes that SJWs are so notorious for perpetrating in an effort to prove political points that don’t exist.  For instance the Jussie Smollett hate hoaxing case, or the Kelly Marie Tran wookieepedia edit.

There would certainly be a motivation to depict Reylos as social justice heroes and/or martyrs particularly after the recent criticism they’ve received over doxxing Adam Driver.  And now its revealed that they stalked Adam Driver’s car so much, that he had to prohibit any kind of photography of his vehicle.



Not a problem indeed.

Thanks to Stephanie Janiczek for the tip.


Kia responds to this blog post:

Well, what you appreciate or not is completely irrelevant, particularly when people’s safety is involved.

— Itchy Bacca (@ItchyBacca) March 30, 2019




The tweet from the first image comes from the Twitter user delanie:

The tweet from the second image is from the sameTwitter user, delainie:

And then you have this Twitter post that delanie comments on:


But then we find this:

Right Aneela.  But even more unhealthy is making things up to change or fabricate a narrative.  Because the only tweet that the sentence “I HOPE so many anti Reylos go and roast the sh*t out of that crack ship” shows up in, is Aunt MaraJade’s twitter post.  So where did Aneela’s original image come from?


Kia complains to her friends:

Indeed I am, and will continue to do so.  Listen to your friend, she speaks sense:


Thanks to Kia, the “Gillian” Twitter account has been found.  @thestarsacross

Here’s what we can find under that account:

These are the only Twitter posts I was able to find from Gillian that are in reference to Reylos.


More leads have been provided by Kia:

Which points us to Summer:

This in turn leads us back to Gillian, as Summer posted the following image in one of her tweets:


hey everyone, it’s gillian, my twitter account (@ahsokareys) got suspended permanently this time, if we’re mutuals, please follow me on here, my new account

— gillian (@thestarsacross) March 24, 2019


Twitter user kidsen provides some screenshots of @ahsokareys posts.  However, an advanced Twitter search does not find any of these tweets, so it cannot be confirmed if these images are genuine.



So there are three possibilities  in regards to Gillian’s Kardashian gun post here.

  1.  Gillian’s post is an immature joke made in poor taste
  2.  Gillian’s post is a genuine threat
  3.  Gillian’s post is a hate hoax meant to malign anti-Reylos and First Fans by association just like the discredited “Down With Disney” account

Frankly if kidsen’s images that she posted are genuine, then I’m leaning towards number 3.  Who genuinely says “we need to bully X?”


Ethan Van Sciver comments on this story:

Bryan Young Is Upset That Fans Are Upset Over His Bogus Celebration Rules


Boldly going where every SJW has gone before.

What’s even more stunning is Bryan Young attempting to claim that’s all he said, when all of the rest of it is documented.

Bryan, you didn’t just wish for people to celebrate Star Wars.  You went on to dictate what opinions can or cannot be expressed at Celebration, which of course is completely absurd.  That it’s not a place to complain about what you didn’t like, even though Star Wars fans have been criticizing various elements of Star Wars since its inception.  Only now that it overtly preaches social justice idiocy do SJWs have a problem with that.  Don’t show up with Jar Jar’s head on a platter?  Why not?  I can remember people modding stormtrooper miniatures to include an ewok’s head skewered on a blaster bayonet long befor Jar Jar was invented.  You then went on to amusingly prohibit criticism of Reylo.  I mean, Bryan, everyone and anyone can read what you actually wrote verbatim right here.

Here’s the actual rules for Celebration; the only rules that anyone need comply with.

Nearly any and/or every opinion should be welcome at Celebration, even opinions that you yourself do not like.  So when those opinions are expressed, such as “The Last Jedi is cinematic excrement,” or “Admiral Gender Studies represents Feminazis,” or, “Reylo chat rooms gives middle aged men like Bryan Young access to underage girls in a sexually charged online environment,” SJW savages need to keep their fists to themselves.  Do you think you might be capable of doing that, Bryan?

Responding to your tweets and criticizing you is not harassment.

Bad takes from bad actors acting in bad faith?

Given that SJWs misinterpret nearly everything as racist and/or misogynist, it’s no wonder that their block lists run for miles.

Expressing opinions you don’t like isn’t harassment, Bryan.

Thanks to Sheev for the tip.

Planets Named After Brown Nosing Shills

Readers of this blog may remember Star Wars author Claudia Gray as the intellectual giant who believes that the Force is about kindness, like Christmas spirit or Karma.

Recently Star Wars Holocron tweeted out:

And who is Kristian Harloff?


Collider no longer had any credibility whatsoever.

Thanks to Grahtz for the tip.


Several sources are indicating that although Kristian works for Collider, he is no shill.


Delilah Dawson Writes About Melanin Content And Body Type


Delilah needs consensus approval for her imagination.

Delilah Dawson is a Star Wars author who has written The Skywalker Saga, Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire, Phasma: Journey to the Stars, The Perfect Weapon, and is features in Star Wars Adventures among other things.

Recently, Delilah took to Twitter to ask her fans what kinds of melanin content and states of out-of-shape bodies they might want to see as soldiers in a war fought among the stars.

And to think that fans used to wonder if a character was a bounty hunter, or a Jedi, or a Clone Trooper, or what kind of alien species they might be.  Body type?  Seriously?  Is Delilah writing a Star Wars book, or an article for Cosmopolitan?  But we’ll be told that this goes back to the issue of “representation,” which as I’ve previously pointed out is a form of adolescent narcissism.  So it’s fortunate for SJWs that Celebration will be hosting a panel on the topic adolescent narcissism.

And here we find the crux of the problem; appealing to the cosplay community is the death knell for any geek subculture.  There are good and intelligent people who cosplay for sure.  I don’t doubt that.  But the fact of the matter is, cosplay opens up a geek subculture to people who don’t need to know anything about it.  They don’t need to read the books or know the lore.  They don’t need to play the video games or role playing games.  They don’t even need to see the movies or TV shows.  All they need to do is put on a Halloween costume, and they’re in.  As a result, those who produce the particular geek subculture dumb it down to appeal to those who do nothing more than put on that costume.  It’s a downward spiral from there on out.

Star Wars is no longer about wars being fought in the stars.  It’s now about placating different cosplay body types.

The people in your Twitter feed may take it seriously.  But it’s doubtful that those who are capable of reading more than 280 characters, and who actually purchase books will.

Thanks to Mr. Roboto for the tip.

Ethan Van Sciver comments on this story:

Delilah also likes to write about polyamorous menstruators for Star Wars.


All Is Not Sweetness And Light On The Shipping Panel

As mentioned before, there’s going to be a shipping panel at Celebration.

Direct from the official Star Wars Celebration website:

SUN, APR 14, 2019

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM


“Shipping” in Star Wars transcends age and gender and is as old as the question of whether Leia would end up with Han or Luke. Join Denise and Lee from Lords of the Sith Podcast and special guest Monte formerly of Star Wars Connection as we delve into the perception of romance by the Star Wars fanbase and describe some of our experiences in the larger Star Wars fandom, in podcasting, and in the Reylo community.

Readers of this blog may remember co-author of Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia Tricia Barr who was upset over the firing of Chuck Wendig, as one of the feminists who proudly sported the “Fanboy Tears” mug, who conflates superiority with equality, who blamed “white males” for the false Ahmed Best narrative and Princess Leia’s gold bikini for her anorexia, and who co-hosts the Girls Going Rogue podcast.  Well she’s got some concerns about this shipping panel, and as always with SJWs, it’s about race and gender.  Surprise!


Not even a droid could make sense of her ramblings.

Celebration hasn’t even begun and already we’re seeing hilarious SJW hand wringing.

Bailey made the following Twitter post:

To which Tricia Barr replied:

But what about Throke?


Patriarchal pals.

But the podcasters putting on this panel didn’t take too kindly to Tricia Barr’s amusing concerns.

Remember the good old days when we discussed AT-AT armor and tibanna gas mines, and never had to deal with this kind of silly nonsense?  Those days are  no more, under the brave and bold new era of melanin and genitalia obsessed Disney.  Honestly, the more these feminists try to be equal the more they act like the stereotype of women that they’re trying to avoid.  In any case, looks like the drama on the stage during the shipping panel may prove to be more dramatic than anything in the Sequel Trilogy.  Litigate away!

Ain’t that the truth!

Thanks to SethVLF for the tip.

Drunk 3PO comments on the shipping panel:

Lethal Lightning Comments:

Unqualified Bryan Young Tweets Behavioral Lectures To Those He Has Blocked Anyway



Bryan sports a concern furrow.

Fans should get a good snicker out of this idiotic twitter thread.  So let’s go ahead and mock Bryan’s blatant idiocy before we rightly ignore his nonsense altogether.

Certainly.  So let’s hope SJW savages don’t behave like notorious SJW Matt Loter, and engage in physical violence when confronted with opinions that they don’t like.

Actually, Celebration is and ought to be a place to express any and/or all opinions without regard to whether or not uneducated imbeciles such as Bryan Young like those opinions or not.  What actually needs to happen instead, is SJW savages need to control their physical behavior when they hear those opinions that they don’t like.  It’s a tall order yes, but anything is possible.

And it’s equally important to remember that things that other may like about the saga are not, in any way, universally liked.  Remember, this is a two way street.

A costume with Jar Jar’s head on a platter is in poor taste to be sure, but as long as it doesn’t violate Celebration’s rules its perfectly fine.  Remember, Bryan Young is not in charge of Celebration.  So unless he’s responsible for writing Celebration rules, he should be wholly ignored since he has no business whatsoever in telling people what they can and cannot express at Celebration.  Nor does he have any authority to.

Since any and/or all opinions ought to be welcome, it most certainly should be the place to litigate that, even if Bryan Young doesn’t like it.   This is certainly the place to discuss and debate (or litigate as Bryan puts it) any aspect of Star Wars that you like.  And again, SJWs need to control their own commonplace savage physical misbehavior when they hear opinions that they don’t like, even if they don’t want to.  Expressing nearly any opinion is perfectly acceptable.  Punching someone in the face for expressing an opinion is not.

Be sure to publicly publish all of those purported threats Bryan, and be doubly sure to get the FBI and local law enforcement involved to investigate those threats.  Because frankly I suspect you’re making them up, in the same way that you stupidly make many things up.

It’s also a place for all to criticize various aspects of Star Wars, since criticism is always perfectly acceptable.

Be sure to direct that comment specifically to Reylos and Daivers who doxxed Adam Driver and harassed Daisy Ridley.

The only real intimidation tactics have come from you and your idiot comrades.  And you’re right, they haven’t worked and they won’t.

And make certain all SJW antics are recorded on video, now that everyone’s phone routinely record it.

What are you talking about Bryan?  The Star Wars Fan Club existed long before the internet.  And discussion forums have been around for a couple of decades now.

And now here you are attempting to bully those who disagree with your viewpoint into silence and submission.  Are you attempting to get revenge on those grade school bullies as an adult?

Bryan, it’s just a freakin’ convention.

Win what exactly?

Well, judging by the Reylos and Daivos it appears to be more than just a few.

But that brings me to a serious question.  At Celebration there’s going to be a shipping panel:

Direct from the official Star Wars Celebration website:

SUN, APR 14, 2019

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM


“Shipping” in Star Wars transcends age and gender and is as old as the question of whether Leia would end up with Han or Luke. Join Denise and Lee from Lords of the Sith Podcast and special guest Monte formerly of Star Wars Connection as we delve into the perception of romance by the Star Wars fanbase and describe some of our experiences in the larger Star Wars fandom, in podcasting, and in the Reylo community.

Would it be considered good behavior, or bad behavior, for someone to bring up Bryan Young’s online underage sex chat at the panel?  It is about Reylos after all, so it’s definitely on topic.  Perhaps Captain Morality can enlighten us on this quandary.

By the way Bryan, I predicted your post-Celebration article. Is that what you’re gearing up for here?

Thanks to Sheev for the tip.

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