IDW To Go The Way Of The Marvel?

As SJWs scoff at the notion of the comic book industry collapsing, the comic book industry continues to show signs of collapse.

Recently I wrote about reports from Bleeding Cool and Cosmic Book News which said that Disney may be planning to shut down Marvel ComicsCosmic Book News stated:

The comic book industry is presently said to be in a state of collapse, and following the recent news of troubles within DC Comics, now it is being speculated Disney may actually be considering shutting down Marvel Comics.

Normal people who understand remedial economics, have seen this coming for some time.  The tell tale signs were the free falling comic book sales, as can be seen in this sales list of Star Wars comic books.



But since IDW is currently producing Star Wars comic books, many readers felt safe in the notion that Disney could easily close Marvel Comics, and license its characters to other independent companies such as IDW.  In fact, they’re already doing that right now.  Below is an IDW rendition of Rose Tico:


Can’t save what she loves.

In fact several Star Wars titles are currently being published by IDW including, Tales From Vader’s Castle, Forces of Destiny, Star Wars Adventures, graphic novel adaptations of some of the feature films, and reprints of the old classic newspaper strips.

However, a recent news report potentially throws that notion right out the window.

According to

IDW Investors Request To Sell The Company

ADW Capital Partners L.P., which holds 9% of IDW Media Holdings’ stock, has called to sell the company to a “strategic partner” in order to “maximize value of intellectual property.”

The request has been made in a form of an open letter.

“But what it does not mean is that our content is any less valuable. It simply means our Company does not have the resources / the right cost of capital to BEST monetize its large and growing IP/content portfolio.”


“…we believe the intrinsic value of the Company’s assets is far higher than the Company’s trading price would indicate. We believe the market is discounting the Company’s ability to financially monetize its IP portfolio given its lack of scale, operational resources, balance sheet, and/or willingness to monetize the Company through a sale.”


“I am asking management to do the right thing for all stakeholders today and publicly announce a strategic alternatives process and its engagement of a major investment bank. By seeking a strategic partner at this stage in the game, it should ensure that the Company can grow significantly without many of the competitive / cost of capital risks of staying a small and independent public company.”

It certainly is an interesting time for the company. Quite a lot of changes are already happening. What the future holds for our beloved brands in comic form, is yet to be determined.

You can read the full letter courtesy of Bleeding Cool, by clicking on the link above to

Comic book artists and Marvel writers such as Bryan Young who may have been hoping to continue their work at IDW in the event that Disney closed Marvel, may now have to make alternative plans.

Hat Tip: Ethan Van Sciver via The High Council.

3 thoughts on “IDW To Go The Way Of The Marvel?

  1. Ethan van Sciver proposes one comic book… and gets enough supporters rallied to bring in $600K + in support for a comic book that wasn’t even out at the time he made the offer.

    ONE comic book. Marvel, with all its “talk to me about my feminist agenda” comic books can’t seem to pull in that much.

    Get woke, go broke.


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