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Embrace this change in the new Woke Edition, available on Blu-Ray at Celebration 2019.

Author and comic writer for Star Wars, Cavan Scott, recently had some things to say about what it means when your “community” is growing.

Dennis from responded to Adam’s silly statement.

It’s important for everyone to understand that, like all things, stories change and adapt and evolve. Tribalism within fandom in all its forms is damaging and largely unnecessary. Not everyone is the same and yet they come together because of their love for the same thing.

— Cavan Scott (@cavanscott) February 24, 2019

That’s the magic of it.

— Cavan Scott (@cavanscott) February 24, 2019


Magic is fake.

New fans are rarely a problem in fandom, unless older fans seek to make them so. The entry bar for fandom is/should be, as low as watching/reading/hearing one film/episode/part and liking it. The acorns of fandom. In recent years it’s been the newer fans that have given me hope.

— Duncan (@dunc_p) February 24, 2019

In fact as we’ll see below, and throughout thsi entire blog really, the new SJW fans have been a massive problem.

What these new SJW freaks were interested in wasn’t Star Wars.  It literally could have been anything.  What they were interested in was taking over and controlling the world’s largest cinema based IP to use as a carrier wave for their political activism and virtue signaling

They didn’t see Star Wars as something to enjoy and learn more about as fan. Rather, they saw themselves as cultural stewards who would take over the once beloved hobby, and disseminate cultural mandates from on high like some kind of Ministry of Truth.

Cosplay did far more damage to the franchise than nearly anything else.  While there are certainly good people who enjoy building and wearing costumes as an interesting hobby in and of itself, the cosplay aspect of Star Wars would ultimately plant the seed of destruction for the very franchise that it was meant to celebrate.

All of a sudden, all one had to do to become a “fan” was put on a costume.  One didn’t have to read books, play games, build models, paint pictures, or indeed, even watch the feature films.  They entry point for becoming a fan became so low, that the franchise itself had to be dumbed down in order to better appeal to these cosplaying masses.


This fan has given Duncan hope.

Once the franchise was dumbed down, it attracted dumb people who brought with them dumb discourse.  Below are some prime examples of the kind of general stupidity that now dominates Star Wars discourse.

Think of a chess club.  The club organizers come up with the bright idea to bring new things into the club, so they expand the club to include checkers.  Eventually the checkers players get angry and frustrated over the complexity of chess, and demand that it be removed from the club altogether because the simplicity of checkers makes it more inclusive.  How is a chess player supposed to embrace that exactly?

If there is one thing that SJWs know least about, it’s empathy.

A community growing isn’t necessarily a good thing by default. No one is arguing that change isn’t a part of life.  But they are arguing that some changes are good while other changes are bad.  Change also isn’t necessarily a good thing by default.

So let’s take the time here to review some of the viewpoints from the new friends that Cavan wants First Fans to embrace.

The legacy media pushed a narrative about Daisy Ridley leaving social media.  Actual reality told an entirely different story, and I’ve written about that here.  But it appears that there may be even more to the story, that no one in The Fandom Menace would have suspected.  A story, that once again, the legacy media failed to report on.

It turns out, back in August 2018, Reylos were screaming mad that Daisy Ridley brought her boyfriend on set.


Daisy’s boyfriend presents a problem for Reylos.

A Tumblr user by the name of Blue Chandrila posted the following:

One Reddit user made the following post in regards to this circumstance:


Two of the images that the user posted are as follows:



So where were all of the media stories about the fans attacking the production crew when this occurred?


Back in January I wrote a blog post about toxic Reylos harassing Star Wars author E.K. Johnston.

In August 2018, EK Johnston, writer of Ashoka and Star Wars Queen’s Shadow, committed the cardinal sin of criticizing the object of Reylo desire, Kylo Ren.



I’m a bit confused by Johnston’s statement.

Am I to understand, that E.K. Johnston thinks the Darth Vader and Kylo Ren characters have led to a casual unconcerned view of burgeoning if imaginary fascism, because of the “fun” in Lucasfilm’s comic books and merchandising?

Is that the point she’s expressing here?  Why would she choose to write for Star Wars then?  Wouldn’t she be contributing to that burgeoning if imaginary fascism through her own writing then?


EK Johnston better hop this cosplayer isn’t a scorned Reylo.

But some Reylos were not concerned with such questions.  Their focus was on the way Ms. Johnston maligned their unrequited love.

Human claxon Geek Girl Diva would tell What Girl that she’s a bad customer.  Or that she’s not even a customer at all.

Yes, it appears that E.K. Johnston was wise enough to scrub her twitter feed.

The folks at Reddit had fun watching this happen.

But where were all the ultra-concerned writers in the legacy media?

Where was Bryan Young and the rest of the Wack Pack, to call these Reylos out for their toxic behavior?  For their harassment of creators?  Why weren’t they calling these particular Reylos sexist and/or misogynistic since the female author, E.K. Johnston, wrote about two prominent female characters?  Why didn’t Pablo Hidalgo make snide cryptic remarks about these particular Reylos?  Were they all just sleeping on the job?  Where are all the endless articles?

Oh, the humanity.

Now, I want to be clear, I am not criticizing all Reylos.  I am only criticizing the toxic Reylos who are actually sexist and/or misogynist.  Sound familiar?


Recently, the voice actress Catherine Taber took to Twitter to post a message about the character she plays; Padme.


In response, she got a flurry of petulant barking from the new contingent of the fan base.

Nevermind respecting the opinions of the voice actress who portrayed the Padme character for a decade.  No, respect those who were born yesterday because they’re “pretty sure” about a whole lot of things such as racism, sexism, misogyny, communism, and toxic masculinity, none of which Padme directly addresses in the show.

But again, why didn’t the legacy media report on this display of toxic fandom harassing a creator?


This brings us back to the notorious Rachel Butera matter.

Bounding Into Comics is reporting that Rachel Butera has deleted her Twitter accountdue to harassment from SJW savages.  Yesterday Bounding Into Comics reported that SJW imbeciles were screeching for the firing of Rachel Butera who voices General Leia on the poorly received Star Wars: Resistance animated series, for doing an impression of purported sexual assault victim Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  The very same SJW imbeciles who are currently screeching for the rehiring of James Gunn, who made multiple jokes about pedophilia publicly on Twitter.


Without a vagina, the Collective is no longer required to respect this wamon.

Did Rachel Butera or her agent or a Lucasfilm representative release any statement saying that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford deleted her account due to harassment?  No.  Like the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram incident, there is no evidence whatsoever that this is what happened as of this writing.  There’s also no concrete evidence that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford even remembers her high school years at all.  But I’m going to pretend that it’s all a fact anyway because I have a political agenda to advance.

Rachel Butera’s vagina may be repossessed by the Collective, as SJW drones have declared Ms. Butera officially stripped of her female sex.

As such, Ms. Butera will no longer enjoy the Collective’s special victim immunity that it bestows upon all of its perceived marginalized classes.

As a result of this harassment from a genuinely toxic side of fandom, Rachel Butera was forced to quietly leave her show.

Where was all the legacy media hubbub over that fiasco?


Why is the legacy media not reporting on the new faction of the fan base harassing Lucasfilm author Adam Bray?



Pay particular note to the guy who says “big yikes.”  That’s Heath D Williams, co-host of Rogue Podron.  The guy who was recently spotted publicly auditioning for a job at Lucasfilm on Twitter.  Charlie Ashby, is co-host of the Imperial Senate Podcast.  Is the collective act of podcasters organizing to harass an author part of that new change we should be embracing?

Adam Bray may also have been harassed by timeless troll Boxerless Bossk, also known as Wesley:


It also appears that Adam Bray may be caught up in Bryan Young’s Twitter block chain, blocking him off from potential fans.


There was the alleged sexual assaults on fans from Bryan Young’s Full of Sith co-host Bobby Roberts which now turns out may have been a hate hoax perpetrated by those same fans.  There was the endless harassment of Rebel Force Radio over a common sense remark that was made on their show.   There was the deliberate hate hoaxing that was designed to purposely malign the older portion of the fanbase.  And lest we forget, there was Lucasfilm Representative Bryan Young who preyed on underage teenagers in an online sex chat.

The legacy media was utterly absent for all of this.


Taking a look at the information above, and the experiences so far cataloged throughout this blog, I’m not sure that the things which the new SJW fans bring into the “community” are in any way good.  Should First Fans allow themselves to have their houses squatted in, and then be barked at for not understanding things that took place 10 years before the barking squatter was even born?  The correct answer is no.

We didn’t’ have these problems in any great measure before the blue-haired SJW fans showed up to sully things so horribly.  These aren’t the experiences and viewpoints that we, or anyone, should want to have any part of.

So telling us that Yoda should have been more respectful towards the impatient and impetuous Luke Skywalker when they first met on Dagobah, has to be about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read anyone write.

Because you know what else grows?  Fungus.  And fungus is rarely a very good thing.

Besides, these new fans will likely be jumping ship about a year after Episode IX is released in order to chase whatever shipping madness is fashionable at that time.  They’re not sticking around.

18 thoughts on “The Collective Collaborative Cooperative Community

  1. It makes me sick that these socialist savages would attack Catherine Taber just because she has an opinion on padme Amidala which she played since Star Wars: The Clone Wars! Would you see any defense for Catherine Taber by these Lucasfilm representatives? No, because she not like Rian Johnson, who is toxic!

    Liked by 3 people

    • The arrogance, pretentiousness and obliviousness of these people is disgusting. Same for Lucasfilm who remains silent against such attacks. Disgusting but not surprising, since they have been feeding them for years now.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Catherine Taber has expressed her individualism. The toxic regressive “The Left,” who use “Social Justice Warriors” as their vocal vanguard, despise any notion of someone who a) does not virtue signal every single position they hold, and b) think for themselves outside the box.

      The bright side: each day a number of these zombies get red-pilled. They snap out of their obsessive frenzies, choke down the pill and come to their senses.

      Liked by 2 people

      • The great irony is that their behavior is pushing regular liberals and centrists to the right. Yours truly used to identify as a liberal, but the rise of SJWs made me re-evaluate many of my positions, and turned me into a stuanch libertarian.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Y’no, I have two friends who were each were working for a company. Both companies (unrelated and at different times) decided to restructure and relocate the branch offices to other cities. In one case, the friend and his colleagues tried the new location and were integrated with their opposite coast operations. Morale was already now, but this killed it completely. The were even shunned by the people they had to move in with. They quit, moved back and formed their own company which now competes with the one they left.

    In the other case, my friend and his branch were quicker and refused to leave the city they were in because they liked it. They were given an ultimatum and they all quit, formed a new company and now are also now competing with their former employer and are their own bosses.

    Both of these were high-tech companies, and the product was brain-trust in nature.

    Why I bring this up: well, LFL holds the Star Wars IP and if the unhappy people at LFL tried this, it might not help SW in any way. We wouldn’t get star wars back out of it unless it became devalued so much that the true creatives still there could leverage buying it and running it themselves.

    But, ILM could do it (and Pixar too). From my naive perspective, ILM is strictly about talent and not intellectual property. Although disruptive, the talent there could leave and setup shop by themselves.. Bronwen could backfill those spots and have 100% female talent and no-one would care. Then the people who left ILM could rebuild using a meritocracy model which was gender blind and colour blind.

    Disney would still have ILM but it wouldn’t be the value it was, but they’d have their quotas set to any percentages they wanted.

    The new company would be free to do what they want, new people mentored by the god-like brain-trust.

    Then when it turns out that SW proves that NPCs don’t buy anything anyways and the old fans have gone their own way, what is left could easily be bought back by george as one possibility, and scrubbed of any infection and restarted. Maybe Carrie’s half-sister (for example) could stand in for her and the old fans would appreciate that especially after all that has happened.

    This article here was a little difficult to stomach. It is a staunch reminder of the locust mentality instinct of the “new fans” and the support cast of shill media and insider turncoats. It was difficult because although SW is just a corner of the entertainment community, you just have to look almost any other pillar of society and see the exact same thing going on there. (captain obvious) and if not now, it will eventually be. All the torches and pitchforks.

    I wanna make reference to this episode of Star Trek Voyager. The title could easily have been ‘indoctrination’ it aired September 1997.

    But I’m really angry about the apparent treatment Butera and Taber received. Taber especially because she has every right to say she is an EXPERT on Amadala’s values. Chances are she was explicitly told who Amadala is which trumps this projecting BS which erupted from her thesis up above. Her words also make it crystal clear she knows what is going on and knows it is unconscionable. Catherine, you will be welcome in the fandom menace of course.

    The people who have hijacked the real fandom are unreasonable, irrational, and addicted to mob rage and the rush from being the individual who incited a mob on a topic by topic basis. They do not know any humility and their only reaction is to double down again and again. The only thing we can do is burn the crop by letting SW be financially supported exclusively by these locusts which will equate to financial failure. If it doesn’t and the “get woke, go broke” meme is discredited, then i guess i’ll have to learn to live in this world as ruled by savages.

    I’ve said this before, to all the true creatives, out of respect, I think we need to choke Star Wars dead.

    Then we can hopefully take it back and rebuild the value it formerly had. We old faithfuls aren’t THAT old and we have lots of money and interest. There are tonnes of young people who ‘GET IT’ too and are passionate in the right way. Disney could pay to license the IP (when it comes back to life) for their park but the old guard would own and run the show.

    There was an episode of Crusade (july 1999) which eerily walked this problem up to the same solution.
    Partial synopsis:
    There is at least one video stream available if you look up the title but I don’t want to say where. You can find it though.

    Disney, you are betting that social justice will be profitable. You will learn your gamble is dead wrong. And shame on you for co-opting the media. Evil Evil EVIL!

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    • [like]

      Yeah.. George has proven time and time again that he totally doesn’t understand Star Wars. He’ll remain ignorant as these helpful people (i bet) can’t reach him on twitter to provide ‘constructive criticism’ through “civil discourse”.


  3. “Think of a chess club. The club organizers come up with the bright idea to bring new things into the club, so they expand the club to include checkers. Eventually the checkers players get angry and frustrated over the complexity of chess, and demand that it be removed from the club altogether because the simplicity of checkers makes it more inclusive. How is a chess player supposed to embrace that exactly?”

    Holy shit! That’s a great analogy!

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