More Examination Of Comic Book Sales

I’ve addressed the plummeting Star Wars comic book sales on this blog several times.  Recently I had a gentleman email a spreadsheet to me, that expands on that information.  Here’s what Tyler had to say about the spreadsheet he sent me:

Your piece today on comics sales intrigued me as I’ve been meaning to reach out to you the last several weeks to share the spreadsheet I recently finished compiling. I’ve been working on it in my spare time, but I’ve been charting SW comics sales from ‘96 to today. My opinion? It doesn’t paint a good picture. And I can’t for the life of me figure out how Dr Aphrodite is still in print.

Also, when I tweeted some of the conclusions I reached analyzing the data, I was met with the response, “Yeah, but that doesn’t count digital sales!” There seems to be this Great White Hope that comics in general are not in bad shape because digital sales are so great. Truth is, I emceed a panel at a con featuring four working pros. The consensus of the panel was that digital sales are about 1/6 of the sales of paper copies. 1/6.

Anyway, I’m teaching my spreadsheet. Hope you find something interesting in it.

Feel free to share it.

I got all the figures in the spreadsheet from Comichron, but the main gig was putting them all together.

Basically, each tab is a year, each column is a month in that year. On the far left are the series titles. Each column to the right of the title is an issue number-slash-sales of that issue that month.

For example, if the sheet says:

Knights of the Old Republic and the first column next to it says 4/18276, that means in January issue 4 sold 18276 copies.

At the end of each row I total up the number of copies sold over the year of that particular title.

I made some notes in the margins, as it were.

Things like:


Doctor Aphra

2016 80242 per issue

2017 39692 per issue

2018 27545 per issue


Devilworlds outsold the TLJ adaptation…

TFA adaptation average 46,915 per issue

Rogue One adaptation average 32,161 per issue

TLJ adaptation average 20022 per issue

Solo adaptation average 18647 so far. This will go lower.


Average Marvel Star Wars first issue 2015: 301656

Average Marvel Star Wars first issue 2016: 122866

Average Marvel Star Wars first issue 2017: 60034

Average Marvel Star Wars first issue 2018: 37026

Average Marvel and IDW Star Wars first issue 2018: 30436


In 2016 the average new issue of Marvel SW sold 96,184 copies

In 2017 the average new issue of Marvel SW sold 68,401 copies

In 2018 the average new issue of Marvel SW sold 47,931 copies


In 2016 Marvel released ten titles, selling 4,331,483

In 2017 Marvel released fifteen titles, selling 3,877,101

In 2018 Marvel and IDW released THIRTY ONE titles selling 3,395,152


Just some of the observations I gathered from the spreadsheet.

You can download the SW_Comics_2.xlsx Excel file here.

5 thoughts on “More Examination Of Comic Book Sales

  1. Informative and interesting, but in the end futile. Marvel’s owner Disney is engaged in a culture war against the “deplorables” in society and aren’t paying any significant price in their vulnerable spot, the company stock price. IMO, the most effective way to address this at this point is through the political process. Either demonstrating in front of Disney parks and/or cultivating a particular flyover state representative or senator who would find it useful politically to go after Hollywood in general and Disney in particular.

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