Charles Lippincott Blocks Those He Spreads Lies About


Dumb and crusty; just like every other smelly hippie on Earth.

Star Wars fans may be familiar with Charles Lippincott.  Scoop describes his involvement with the franchise:

The way that Star Wars was marketed and merchandized before, after, and during the film’s release had a profound impact on how future films would be promoted. Charles Lippincott, who served as advertising publicity supervisor on Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, was the man behind the marketing.

Lippincott read the script after bumping into George Lucas and producer Gary Kurtz on the Universal lot. Being a science fiction fan, he enjoyed the script, which led to a meeting with Lucas to discuss the project and possibilities for promotional tie-ins. After joining the film, one of the first things he did was to seek a higher budget for the production and to get it green lit.

He then worked on copyrighting Star Wars intellectual property to protect their rights over the film, its title, and characters. Lippincott approached marketing the movie based on what he’d want as a fan of science fiction. That led to publicizing the film at science fiction conventions in 1976, which helped build interest for the upcoming film.

Before the movie was released, he pitched a comic book tie-in to Marvel Comics in the hopes of getting comics in the hands of potential viewers before the film was out. Stan Lee, Marvel’s publisher at the time, wasn’t initially sold on the idea, but agreed following another meeting. After a six-issue adaptation of the film, the comic continued with original stories and adaptations of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, for a total of 107 issues and 3 annuals during the original run.

Perhaps the biggest success in marketing was the toy line from Kenner. They shopped the toy line before the film as a way to continue building anticipation, but were turned down because movie tie-ins were not proven successes since films were considered to be fleeting in the public consciousness. Lippincott and the marketing department were able to secure a deal with Kenner, and after the movie was released, the toy company was hit with a wave of demand. Because of the shortened timetable and overwhelming interest, they issued an “Early Bird Certificate Package” during the 1977 holiday season as a fill-in until toys could be shipped. The toys continued enticing Star Wars fans of all ages through the mid-1980s.

After the film was in theaters, Lippincott and the Star Wars crew marketed posters, costumes, clothing, books, albums, and fast food giveaways, as well as licensing to TV shows, including the Star Wars Holiday Special to keep it in the public eye. The merchandise kept audiences connected to the film well after it was out of theaters.

His work before and after Star Wars was released made Charles Lippincott an integral part of Star Wars.

Well old Charles Lippincott has some things to say on Facebook about Rebel Force Radio.


“Evolved” is a curious choice of words, given that the word “devolved” would be far more accurate.  The phrase “dumbed down” would also be appropriate.

After a good amount of feedback on that initial post, Charles had some more to say after his desperate last attempt.


There is another reason that the second post received more hits.  The antics coming from Lucasfilm representatives and the “evolved” portion of the fanbase are far more entertaining than anything that Disney’s Lucasfilm is officially producing today.

That may be disappointing.  But that’s the way it is anyway.

In any case, Arnie C of Star Wars Action News decided to engage in this conversation.  Readers of this blog pay remember Arnie C, from their creation of the #ForceOutHate hashtag in 2018 which was used as a tool to harass Rebel Force Radio, their squatting on the abandoned Rebel Force Radio Twitter handle as a method to further harass Rebel Force Radio, and the lovely voicemail that Arnie C left at a critic’s workplace which readers can listen to here.  These are some of the reasons that JimmyMac has called for SWAN to be removed from Celebration, since these behavioral aberrations clearly violate Celebration’s harassment policies.



As amusing as it is that Arnie would present an article from The Mary Sue as “good source,” one can find far better information by reading my blog posts on the matter here and here.

What was the big sin that Rebel Force Radio was guilty of?  By stating the obvious.  That the Star Wars fanbase has a male majority.  SJW imbeciles like to stupidly pretend that everything in life is always perfectly equal in everything, so that was an unforgivable infraction to them. RFR also suggested that perhaps it wasn’t the brightest idea for Andi Guiterrez to antagonize an already dissatisfied fanbase with her dumb “Fanboy Tears” mug, which of course it wasn’t.  Later, Andi was caught publicly lying about that mug.  RFR also suggested that unhinged crank Chuck Wendig tone down his Twitter rhetoric, and perhaps refrain from telling people to throw themselves into a woodchipper and other such crankery.

Jimmy Mac then posted the following in response:






Some of this conversation spilled over onto Twitter.

Well, that was quite enough for the elderly hippie Charles Lippincott.  Sure Charles allows users to lie about Jimmy on his page, but he’s certainly not about to allow Jimmy to defend himself on his page.  As settled science correctly predicts, Charles blocked Jimmy for standing up for himself.


Idiot SJWs will always believe that there is truth to the Andi Gutierrez and Chuck Wendig narratives no matter what because it’s what they want to believe in.  Also because they’re all universally stupid.  Equally as stupid, is using the action of Jimmy Mac posting on “your page” in the same places that others are posting and responding as a pretense to block him is as transparent as the air we breathe.  Charles doesn’t like Jimmy defending himself.  That’s why he’s got blocked, and it’s not any more nuanced than that.

Then Charles decided to mindlessly recite the adolescent pejorative “incel.”


What on Earth fans wanting their fandom to be “democratic” has to do with whining about not getting laid is anyone’s guess.  But it’s important to understand that SJWs and their idiot hippie predecessors are never the brightest bulbs on the porch.

The elderly hippie then began an amusing attempt at moralizing.


As an elderly hippie, the predecessor to the modern SJW savage, Charles has no way of knowing what proper up bringing is or consists of.

Social media is not your private dinner table, Charles.  It is a public space, more akin to a restaurant.  If a person hears someone else disparaging them, then they’ll be inclined to lean over and defend themselves, and certainly ought to.  That’s what’s going on here, Charles.  Social media is not your private space.  It is a public space instead from which you broadcast.

19 thoughts on “Charles Lippincott Blocks Those He Spreads Lies About

  1. What sickens me the most about this is that Charles Lippincott is not a well man. He’s been battling illness for some time and has documented those battles on his FB page. I know Charles has a reputation for being opinionated but, at his stage of life, I’m willing to cut him some slack. For Arnie and Marjorie to manipulate Charles in such a heinous fashion actually makes me angry.

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  2. These SJW antics and idiocy, has been far more entertaining than the movies Lucasfilm have been excreting under Disney. What’s even more amusing (or perhaps baffling) are the long time fans who actually believe that these new films are better, than what Lucas himself produced.

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  3. Leave Charles alone, he’s a good man who is a friend of fans
    He doesn’t put up with abuse and nonsense or tolerate fighting and fighting in his posts

    Anyone who is against Charlie is no friend of Star Wars, Lucasfilm or the fan community


  4. Charlie invited it. He’d been stirring the pot at least two days prior to the spat with Jimmy Mac. Funny how he’s oblivious to the cretins masquerading as RFR on Twitter but friends with the said perpetrators on social media.

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