Charles Lippincott Is Not A Fan Of This Blog

Recently I wrote about Charles Lippincott allowing SJWs to spread lies on his page, and blocking RFR’s Jimmy Mac for defending himself on that same page where the lies were being posted.  As a result, Charles poisted a barely intelligible rant about the “alt-right.”


The problem that Charles and other SJWs have, is that there really isn’t any such thing as the “alt-right.”  It’s a made-up term used by uneducated SJW savages who have difficulty articulating their thoughts without over-the-top hyperbole and accompanying spittle flying out of their idiot mouths.  But this particular aspect of the SJW psychopathology has manifested in different form for decades.

First hippies called normal people the Far-Right.  Then the Extreme-Right.  Then the Ultra-Right. Then the Uber-Right.  Then the NeoCon.  And now modern SJWs refer to normal people as the Alt-Right.  When the term alt-right looses its oomf, they’ll make up some new term.

But SJWs far and wide had some comments to make in response to Charles’s Facebook post.


So let’s take a look at some of these comments individually.


Well tell that to the idiot SJWs who were screeching for gender equality and equal representation in “a movie,” and made this a battlefield in the larger culture war.  In fact these days, one rarely finds an SJW “think” piece about Star Wars that is actually about Star Wars.  Instead the vast majority of them focus on the small minded issues of melanin content and genitalia.


What’s actually infecting fandom, and all fandoms throughout Geekdom, is the empty headed savagery of SJWs.  It’s what led me to compile the Phases of a Geeker Gate, after observing SJW behavior in the their natural habitats, much in the same way that one can obsserve and understand the behaviors of other uncivilized beasts in Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.


Anyone who stupidly uses the nonsense term “alt-right” is anything but unbiased.  What documents, data, and historical evidence did Charles Lippincott post to support the lies that he allows to be posted on his page?


Heh, that’s because most people today don’t have the focus and patience to read anything longer than a Twitter or Facebook post.  But you will find folks who came over to this blog from Charles’s post on Facebook, and commented in the comments section.  So someone is obviously paying attention to me.  Again, this goes back to the SJW inability to understand the basic definitions of words, such as “literally.”  They are literally ineducable.


The Nazis were defeated in Germany, 74 years ago, in the year 1945.  They were defeated by men far braver and bolder than any SJW savage could ever hope to be.  Mike, you’re not Indiana Jones.  You’re not Hellboy.  You’re not Captain America.  Wake up to reality.


Phase 15 of the Geeker Gate.

15. THE FINAL PUSH – Shill media entities, and rank and file SJWs tell long time customers to go find something else if they don’t like it anymore, in a last ditch effort to push critics out of the “community” once and for all. “Don’t like it, don’t buy it.” This can also come in the form of the more friendly phrase, “Why don’t you focus on the things you love, instead of on the things you hate?”


No one is complaining about women in Star Wars.  Rather, what we are complaining about instead, is crappy Mary Sue characters in Star Wars.  Understand the distinction.  Ellen Ripley and Sarah Conner are well written female characters.  Rey is a shallow Mary Sue.  In fact, I even took the time to write a blog post about how the female protagonist could have been improved.

Also, the hilarious De-Deminized Fan Edit was created by an SJW seeking to lampoon what he thought critics wanted.


Tell that to SJW savages, as we constantly have to endure the pure idiocy of their never-ending idiot “activism.”


The only ones seeking to control fandom are the SJWs who prattle on and on about a purported collective, collaborative, cooperative, community.  And then they deliberately mischaracterize their lunatic control-freakism as “community management.”


What on Earth are you talking about?  I routinely hyperlink to source material and demonstrate arguments with actual evidence.  It’s what uneducated SJW savages such as yourself refer to as “conspiracy theories.”  Normal people aren’t in the racist/sexist camp.  That’s an accusation  based purely on wishful thinking because they want to be a hero.  In order to be a hero, a hero needs a villain.  So the SJW fabricates a villain when none are actually present.  Also, usage of the word “hate” is grossly over used and misapplied in today’s’ world.  But make no mistake, I do indeed hate idiot SJWs.  I mean, what’s not to hate, right?

16 thoughts on “Charles Lippincott Is Not A Fan Of This Blog

  1. Well, apparently the Borg have been alerted and see us as a threat now. I’m sure a few of them are now reading all the articles here.

    If anyone wants to try and change my mind, they are welcome to try. I would like to have a discussion, assuming you think you can make an intelligent argument which holds water, and you don’t cut and run as soon as the heat goes up a bit. You might blue-pill me, i might red-pill you. who knows?

    This is far from a disgusting blog as many have put it, and I am not alt-right. I am a manbaby though. Fighting to purge Kathleen Kennedy’s fingerprints from a beloved $4B property seems worthwhile.

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    • Hywel Evans ALMOST has it. “People suck. What’s the world coming to? Now there are fans with an agenda other than loving something?”

      Well yeah NOW there are. 40 years ago when i saw it in the theatre, there weren’t. I guess I’m part of the cancer which kept the story alive all that time. So glad the Disney Oncologists have come along.

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    • from wikipedia:

      Psychological projection
      Psychological projection is a defence mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting.

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      • That is a refreshing, accurate and very condemning definition. I don’t think too many of the FaceBook crowd are going to get past the first 15 words of that definition before they A) Lose interest, B) Sigh and say, “Too long, didn’t read,” C) Forget what the first half of the definition is as they’re reading the second half.

        These posted responses from these brainwashed individuals return my thinking to the notorious NPC meme. Just whip up the same response in order to virtue signal and the problem, like the adventurer that attempts dialogue with these NPCs, will go away.

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  2. Alt-right?! Because his original diatribe that you’ve reported wasn’t ludicrous enough, now he decides to double down on it. It’s all so predictable. t’s like they follow a playbook or something…

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    • It’s tactical slander. You can see it right in action above. First they put out that their critic is the ‘alt-right’ of Star Wars. Then as it percolates among them the chatter becomes ‘fuck Nazis’ and then that builds up a head of steam that allows them to go and attack people who they (incorrectly) deem to be Nazis. Like the assault of TheQuartering.

      Their name-calling shouldn’t be thought of as stupidity, it’s very tactical, very insidious. It opens the way for them to engage in political suppression, intimidation and even violent attacks.

      Similarly I thought the ‘incel’ attack was just a schoolyard type of insult, like ‘virgin’, but actually what they are doing there, is trying to link you to those nutcases who go on shooting sprees, they’re trying to make you out as a danger to society who needs to be suppressed.

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      • hehe, it’s right there in the definition of “Projection” above. Hive-minded calling normal individuals “Nazis.” They project the very thing within them which they despise onto thinking individuals—something I believe they long to become.

        You’ve done some great studies on education, Itchy, and how it has landed these individuals into this mental predicament. I mentioned the idea that the US educational system lurked in the background as a progenitor—and you came through with the research, nailing why these neo-Marxists respond in the automated fashion as displayed in this post.

        My hope is that some will come, talk, have a reasonable back-and-forth, treat strangers with civility, so that arguments contrary to what they’ve been told is “normal” can be considered. After all: we can’t spell “civilization” without “civil.”

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