“Evolved” Fans Who Doxxed Adam Driver And Harassed Daisy Ridley Are Growing The “Community”

If you thought Reylos were nuts, just wait till you get a load of Daivers.

The unthinking idiots within the legacy media have been breathlessly reciting the phrase “toxic fanbase” over and over again, as a way to mischaracterize critics of Disney Star Wars.  It’s almost become a kind of daily affirmation for those who have been assimilated into the SJW cult.  But they fail to comment or report on the genuinely toxic element of the fanbase, which appears to be the portion of the fanbase that Disney is now specifically appealing to.

“Ship and let ship, I always say.” ~Bryan Young

Readers of this blog may be familiar with shipping and the concept of Reylo after the Star Wars fandom sex abuse investigation.  But there’s a deeper and darker subterranean level of this shipping madness, and it’s called “Daiver.”  In essence it’s the combining of Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver into a ship, rather than the characters they play.  And while some engage in harmless fan fiction shipping, others take it way too far.


This image may or may not trigger Daivers.

Twitter user Dataracer has discovered some disturbing evidence that demonstrates how these “Daivers” have doxxed Adam Driver in an insane attempt to drive him away from his present girlfriend, and into the arms of Daisy Ridley.

Here are the attachments that Dataracer provides:




Here are the attachments that Dataracer provides:




I’d have to argue with this particular statement from Dataracer.  I was able to locate 7 pieces of “evidence” that were being passed around by SJWs on social media.  You can find links to examinations of that evidence at the bottom of this blog post.  I was able to dismiss most of them as fake, after running them through image analysis software.  The image that Dataracer presents was Exhibit C, and I found that the image had been altered by image editing software according to imagedited.com.  Additionally, FotoForensics confirmed that finding by showing extensive alteration in the image.

But Dataracer is right in that the legacy media tirelessly wrote article after article about the purported harassment of Kelly Marie Tran.  And none of them have reported on the fact that it now appears Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net or one of his close associates was responsible for both the Wookieepedia edit and the “Down With Disney” social media accounts.

Here are the attachments that Dataracer provides:



Apparently they’re even spending money to purchase Adam Driver’s home address:




Some of them have even taken to stalking Adam Driver’s car.


The Reylos themselves weren’t too happy about Dataracer posting this information, and putting Reylo and Daiver into the same sentence.


Men don’t have rights?  Men = trash? So much for the gender equality utopia that Lucasfilm was purportedly going deliver through Star Wars.  Was this what Charles Lippincott meant when he stupidly called the new form of the franchise “evolved?”  Are these the new fans that Cavan Scott was referring to when he said that the community was growing?

Twitter user Vee attempted to expose the nature of these Daivers, partly in an attempt to take blame away from Reylos.  In regards to Daivers, Vee stated:

One Twitter user attempted to get Daivers to stop this behavior, and was attacked for the attempt.

Here’s the exchange that she speaks of:


Others amusingly requested that Dataracer delete his Twitter thread altogether.

But Daisy Ridley is also getting harassed by these fans:


As I wrote about previously, there was evidence on Tumblr  that Daisy Ridley was being actively harrassed by these fans.

The legacy media pushed a narrative about Daisy Ridley leaving social media.  Actual reality told an entirely different story, and I’ve written about that here.  But it appears that there may be even more to the story, that no one in The Fandom Menace would have suspected.  A story, that once again, the legacy media failed to report on.

It turns out, back in August 2018, Reylos were screaming mad that Daisy Ridley brought her boyfriend on set.


Daisy’s boyfriend presents a problem for Reylos.

A Tumblr user by the name of Blue Chandrila posted the following:




One Reddit user made the following post in regards to this circumstance:


Two of the images that the Reddit user Pleasant_Biscotti posted were as follows:



So where were all of the media stories about the fans attacking the production crew when this occurred?

In Datraracer’s Twitter thread, I got the amusing marching orders from a Reylo, to be sure that I make the distinction between Reylo and Daiver in this blog post.

There were multiple pleas in Dataracer’s thread regarding this:

But then you have Reylos going on and saying things like this, not willing to extend the same courtesy other fan groups, particularly those who have been unfairly maligned repeatedly over the last year and a half:

Regardless, some have come forward and have stated that indeed, Daivos are sometimes Reylos.


And then you have this Reddit post, where a user openly states that Reylos are known bullies:

So, some fanfic writers decide they want to make a fanfic discord… Awesome! Everything’s all good… Except, wait, did this one author really just have Finn killed off in their fanfic? Better call them a racist and doxx and harass them!

The writer stands strong, however, but it’s clear that Reylos are getting more split up by this darkfic discourse. Another writer gets harassment for writing Finn as the villain in her Reylo ABO Fairy Tale retelling fic… If the harassment sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is! You’re normal, congrats!

That writer stood strong too.

But Reylos are too nice to harass anyone right? Oh and some of those harassers keep lurking in the same discords, ready to catch the smallest misstep by other Reylos, never mind that those other Reylos are more active in writing than they are.

Due to this environment, the Reylos split into more cliques. One would think a Reylo could find a drama free safe space. NOPE. Every week, there’s something new.

Someone made a remark someone found offensive, so it’s all over Twitter and tumblr.

Someone gets accused of kink shaming when they are just pointing out the truth. Gets banned and posts go around about the whole drama taking place.

Someone writes a Kylo too evil. More drama.

A group writes more darkfic. More drama.

And on top of all that, the competition between fanfic authors has gotten downright nasty. Some people bash others for being inspired to write similar tropes. Some get offended at the tiniest criticism. Some get angry at losing followers.

So this leads to backbiting, spreading rumors, and trying to divide and conquer.

So, the so-called nice Reylos turn out to be not so nice and trustworthy after all! It’s all insane and crazy making. I can’t keep track of how many talented authors have already left the fandom. And one of those harassed authors just tried to commit suicide due to all that.

Good job Reylo bullies! /s

This truly is the most toxic fandom subset I’ve ever been in. I still like Reylo as a pairing, but I’ll no longer be active in THAT fandom circle. Life’s too short for that. Fandom is supposed to be fun. Not a repeat of high school nor a Mean Girl’s sequel.

And I’m not even sorry for posting all this!

TL;DR: The Reylo subset of the Star Wars fandom is full of bullies, harassers, fake people, and nasty cliques. You need drama? Go on Reylo Twitter/tumblr. Enjoy the dumpster fire.


Additionally, I previously wrote about Reylos attacking Star Wars author E.K. Johnston.

Back in August 2018, EK Johnston, writer of Ashoka and Star Wars Queen’s Shadow, committed the cardinal sin of criticizing the object of Reylo desire, Kylo Ren.





I’m a bit confused by Johnston’s statement.

Am I to understand, that EK Johnston thinks the Darth Vader and Kylo Ren characters have led to a casual unconcerned view of burgeoning if imaginary fascism, because of the “fun” in Lucasfilm’s comic books and merchandising?

Is that the point she’s expressing here?  Why would she choose to write for Star Wars then?  Wouldn’t she be contributing to that burgeoning if imaginary fascism through her own writing then?


EK Johnston better hop this cosplayer isn’t a scorned Reylo.

But some Reylos were not concerned with such things.  Their focus was on the way Ms. Johnston maligned their unrequited love.

Well What Girl, human claxon Geek Girl Diva will tell you that you’re a bad customer.  Or that you’re not even a customer at all.

Yes, it appears that EK Johnston was wise enough to scrub her twitter feed.


The folks at Reddit had fun watching this happen.

But where were all the ultra-concerned writers in the legacy media?

Where was Bryan Young and the rest of the Wack Pack, to call these Reylos out for their toxic behavior?  For their harassment of creators?  Why weren’t they calling these particular Reylos sexist and/or misogynistic since the female author, EK Johnston, wrote about two prominent female characters?  Why didn’t Pablo Hidalgo make snide cryptic remarks about these particular Reylos?  Were they all just sleeping on the job?  Where are all of the endless articles?

I’ve also written previously about a Reylo being a bit too forward with an actor playing Kylo Ren at Disneyland.

A Disneyland actor playing Kylo Ren was harassed?  Yes.  It appears that 2 or 3 years ago, this did happen.



I’ve also previously written about Reylos writing rape shipping fan fiction.


So while there may be a distinction between Reylos and Daivers, I’m not sure that distinction amounts to more than a hill of beans.  What initially seemed to be harmless romance fan fiction to me, is increasingly looking like a genuinely toxic subset of fandom, since there seems to be consistent bad behavior in the Reylo “community” as well.

But where is the legacy media in all of this?  When can we expect Matt Miller from Esquire or Kate Gardner from The Mary Sue report on and comment on this?  Because frankly when we combine this behavior coming from Reylos and Daivos, and consider it along with the complete lack of evidence in the purported harassment of Kelly Marie Tran, it would appear that the word “toxic” is pure projection each and every time the legacy media stupidly repeats it.

Interestingly, someone left a brief tip that may be of interest to those who wish to pursue this investigation further.  Since the legacy media won’t be doing that, it’s really just up to us.


And how are these bad actors to be rewarded?  With a stage at Celebration 2019 of course!

Direct from the official Star Wars Celebration website:

Sun, Apr 14, 2019

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM

Star Wars University Stage

“Shipping” in Star Wars transcends age and gender and is as old as the question of whether Leia would end up with Han or Luke. Join Denise and Lee from Lords of the Sith Podcast and special guest Monte formerly of Star Wars Connection as we delve into the perception of romance by the Star Wars fanbase and describe some of our experiences in the larger Star Wars fandom, in podcasting, and in the Reylo community.

I wonder if the collective, collaborative, cooperative Reylo community will be touching base on Bryan Young’s online underage sex chat during the presentation.  If not, someone certainly should bring it up.

The most amusing part in all of this is that Reylos may be in for quite a shock when Episode IX stains theaters.

The Express reported that Rey would have Kylo’s love child, but Express got that rumor  from Mike Zeroh.

The novelization for The Last Jedi suggested that Rey may not be a nobody after all.

Luke tells the Ach-To fish nuns that Rey is his niece.

And they hate her just as much as we thought they did.

Others found indications in The Last Jedi film that Rey is Luke’s niece.

Prepare to be yanked again in Episode IX, as this familial relationship gives new meaning to all of that Reylo fan fiction.


Just a little retcon gives Reylo a whole new meaning.

Thinking how Reylos will react to that familial reveal somehow makes all of this worth it.


Twitter terms of service.

The DJ D show has some fun with these absurdities:

Stephanie Janiczek comments:

49 thoughts on ““Evolved” Fans Who Doxxed Adam Driver And Harassed Daisy Ridley Are Growing The “Community”

  1. It begins with a Reylo, but once the cancer spreads, they turn into Daivers.

    This is the result of turning Star Wars into Young Adult trash. Of course it brings in the shippers, and among those are many who are nuts enough to push further.

    Liked by 1 person

      • The unfortunate thing is this would have happened with reylos or not, just look at any fandom and there are the exact same people. Sure one side of the equation is a lil toxic but so is the other. I whole heartedly am NOT a Daiver and I’m not a supporter of it as it includes real people and their personal lives, and the people attacking Joanne are just gross, and the toxic side of reylo are just people who seriously take it to far, but they don’t make up every single reylo shipped. We do get attacked with toxicity and the unfortunate thing is that many come back with toxicity and keep up this sour and dramatic front that literally no one likes. Some people also have weird fetishes and now that the internet is here their easier to…explore. Moral of the story is, daiver would still be a thing reylo or not, and most reylos are nice and just want a happy ending. Others are toxic this is true, but they don’t make up the whole flippin fandom.


        • I think you’re failing to see our perspective in this. It’s not that Reylos for example exist, it’s that this is the audience Disney wants for star wars, and they are making it happen. Furthermore, for all the bullshit Reylos have generated, they get a free pass. We, on the other hand, get blamed for everything.

          We get blamed over and over and over and over […] for Kelly Marie Tran abandoning social media which is a lie, and she refuses to call out the media on it, whereas LFL has had bomb threats, Adam Driver/Daisy Ridley being stalked in real life and what does the media do? Crickets.

          I think the fact that Reylos are so insufferable, lacking in self-awareness and crazy is secondary.


    • I’ve already seen people on YT suggesting that the only way to reverse course is to have authoritarian action against universities endorsing Communist gender studies and regulating tech giants as utilities. I believe Sweden and Brazil have taken action with the first case, outright banning books/classes endorsed by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not comfortable with the idea of authoritarianism, since big government is what got us into this mess in the first place (i.e. colleges and big tech getting into bed with the government).


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  3. Wow, feel bad for Driver and especially his wife. The fake news media won’t have her back in this, they will sweep it right under their mental rug. Pretty sick if you think about it, the so-called media is just a giant lying machine that ignores the real harassment/abuse of a real woman in real life, simply because it doesn’t play to their prejudiced agenda. Instead they fabricate a fake crime and pin it on their targeted enemies, framing an innocent victim, like corrupt cops.

    Then they repeat the false accusation over and over again, Goebbels style, until it becomes ‘true’. Just like after Trump won, the Russian collusion narrative was ‘true’ because the media said it was true, over and over and over.

    Honestly it’s such a horrific machine to get sucked into, I feel bad for Driver’s wife, and for KMT being blatantly misrepresented by that media. She has never cited any harassment herself, it was always the media machine using her as an instrument to slander the fans after they boycotted Solo.

    A lot of these actors, not least Mark Hamill, must be feeling like they signed a deal with the devil himself when they got on board with Disney Star Wars.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. And WE’RE the toxic ones for not liking TLJ? These people are creepy on a whole new level. At least Kirk/Spock shippers didn’t harass Shatner and Nimoy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I so agree. People who are into other fictional pairings in Star Wars never go as far as doxx or harass the actors and production crew. Why does it have to be the reylo fandom?


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  6. This is a good example when “shipping” (a short way to say relationshipping) goes too far. In the case of Reylo, it really need to stop. It’s either by having Lucasfilm to tell the reylo fandom to knock it off and behave themselves or have Ep IX come in upon it’s release in December to retcon Reylo. So, that way, reylo ends. Had reylo been presented in a stand alone film(s) without the Luke, Han, and Leia, then that would be okay as long there is no sexual innuendo thrown in there along making Kylo Ren an abusive, emo, villain. I would rather have Revan and Bastila (Knights of the Old Republic) or Luke and Mara over reylo.

    Also, here is a fun fact, the shippers who are into stormpilot (Finn x Poe) and Kylux (Kylo and Hux) never harass the actors or crew members. Why does it have to be reylo fandom? Not only that, the various YT channels that are Pro Reylo have never done anything to condemn or address their toxic members’ behavior.


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