Unqualified Bryan Young Tweets Behavioral Lectures To Those He Has Blocked Anyway



Bryan sports a concern furrow.

Fans should get a good snicker out of this idiotic twitter thread.  So let’s go ahead and mock Bryan’s blatant idiocy before we rightly ignore his nonsense altogether.

Certainly.  So let’s hope SJW savages don’t behave like notorious SJW Matt Loter, and engage in physical violence when confronted with opinions that they don’t like.

Actually, Celebration is and ought to be a place to express any and/or all opinions without regard to whether or not uneducated imbeciles such as Bryan Young like those opinions or not.  What actually needs to happen instead, is SJW savages need to control their physical behavior when they hear those opinions that they don’t like.  It’s a tall order yes, but anything is possible.

And it’s equally important to remember that things that other may like about the saga are not, in any way, universally liked.  Remember, this is a two way street.

A costume with Jar Jar’s head on a platter is in poor taste to be sure, but as long as it doesn’t violate Celebration’s rules its perfectly fine.  Remember, Bryan Young is not in charge of Celebration.  So unless he’s responsible for writing Celebration rules, he should be wholly ignored since he has no business whatsoever in telling people what they can and cannot express at Celebration.  Nor does he have any authority to.

Since any and/or all opinions ought to be welcome, it most certainly should be the place to litigate that, even if Bryan Young doesn’t like it.   This is certainly the place to discuss and debate (or litigate as Bryan puts it) any aspect of Star Wars that you like.  And again, SJWs need to control their own commonplace savage physical misbehavior when they hear opinions that they don’t like, even if they don’t want to.  Expressing nearly any opinion is perfectly acceptable.  Punching someone in the face for expressing an opinion is not.

Be sure to publicly publish all of those purported threats Bryan, and be doubly sure to get the FBI and local law enforcement involved to investigate those threats.  Because frankly I suspect you’re making them up, in the same way that you stupidly make many things up.

It’s also a place for all to criticize various aspects of Star Wars, since criticism is always perfectly acceptable.

Be sure to direct that comment specifically to Reylos and Daivers who doxxed Adam Driver and harassed Daisy Ridley.

The only real intimidation tactics have come from you and your idiot comrades.  And you’re right, they haven’t worked and they won’t.

And make certain all SJW antics are recorded on video, now that everyone’s phone routinely record it.

What are you talking about Bryan?  The Star Wars Fan Club existed long before the internet.  And discussion forums have been around for a couple of decades now.

And now here you are attempting to bully those who disagree with your viewpoint into silence and submission.  Are you attempting to get revenge on those grade school bullies as an adult?

Bryan, it’s just a freakin’ convention.

Win what exactly?

Well, judging by the Reylos and Daivos it appears to be more than just a few.

But that brings me to a serious question.  At Celebration there’s going to be a shipping panel:

Direct from the official Star Wars Celebration website:

SUN, APR 14, 2019

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM


“Shipping” in Star Wars transcends age and gender and is as old as the question of whether Leia would end up with Han or Luke. Join Denise and Lee from Lords of the Sith Podcast and special guest Monte formerly of Star Wars Connection as we delve into the perception of romance by the Star Wars fanbase and describe some of our experiences in the larger Star Wars fandom, in podcasting, and in the Reylo community.

Would it be considered good behavior, or bad behavior, for someone to bring up Bryan Young’s online underage sex chat at the panel?  It is about Reylos after all, so it’s definitely on topic.  Perhaps Captain Morality can enlighten us on this quandary.

By the way Bryan, I predicted your post-Celebration article. Is that what you’re gearing up for here?

Thanks to Sheev for the tip.

Drunk 3PO comments on this story:

7 thoughts on “Unqualified Bryan Young Tweets Behavioral Lectures To Those He Has Blocked Anyway

  1. Haha. I stumbled across this Bryan Young screed earlier this afternoon and considered passing it on to you Itchy. And then I thought to myself, don’t be silly, Itchy’s already all over this! Glad you proved me correct, Bryan is such a douche.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting that a grown adult man who engages in online teen sex chats should even attempt to try and play “morality police” at an upcoming Star Wars convention. I wonder what the parents of those kids would have to say to you, Bryan and how you’d respond to them.

    Liked by 1 person

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