Episode IX May Fund Pro-Abortion Politics In Georgia


If only Episode IX could be aborted.

Auswahlfeiheit.  That’s what JJ Abrams proudly declares he will be using Bad Robot to support in Georgia.  What is auswahlfeiheit?  Allow me to explain.

Abortion for any reason was originally prohibited in 1939 Poland.  But when the Nazis conquered half of Poland in that year, they abolished all Polish anti-abortion laws.  They then later instituted a pro-abortion campaign entitled Auswahlfeiheit, which means “Freedom of Choice.”  “Freedom of Choice” and “Pro-Choice” aren’t exactly antonyms.  Auswahlfeiheit was marketed specifically to non-Aryan women only.  

In 1939 after the conquest of Poland, the SS organization referred to as the Reich Commission for the Strengthening of Germandom decreed the following:

“All measures which have the tendency to limit the births are to be tolerated or to be supported.  Abortion in the remaining area of Poland must be declared free from punishment.   The means for abortion and contraceptive means may be offered publicly without police restriction.  Homosexuality [which was illegal under Polish law] is to be declared legal.  The institutions and persons involved professionally in abortion practices are not to be interfered with by police.”

In 1943, Nazi Racial Administrator for the Reich’s Eastern Territories Ministry Professor Erhard Wetzel wrote the following in regards to nations conquered by the Nazis:

“Every propaganda means, especially the press, radio, and movies, as well as pamphlets, booklets, and lectures, must be used to instill in the Russian population the idea that it is harmful to have several children. We must emphazise the expenses that children cause, the good things that people could have had with the money spent on them. We could also hint at the dangerous effect of child-bearing on a woman’s health. Paralleling such propaganda, a large-scale campaign would be launched in favor of contraceptive devices.  A contraceptive industry must be established.  Neither the circulation and sale of contraceptives nor abortions must be prosecuted.  It will even be necessary to open special institutions for abortion, and to train midwives and nurses for this purpose.  The population will practice abortion all the more willingly if these institutions are competently operated.”


In 2010 an anti-abortion campaign in Poland caused outrage, because it reminded the Polish people of how Hitler introduced abortion to Poland with the concept of “Pro Choice.”

Pro-choice is what JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot now fight for in Georgia.

The Hill reports:

Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams have vowed to donate proceeds from their new HBO series being filmed in Georgia, “Lovecraft County,” to efforts leading the charge against a recent law passed in the state that bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

“In a few weeks we start shooting our new show, Lovecraft County, and will do so standing shoulder to shoulder with the women of Georgia,” the two said in a joint statement seen by The Hollywood Reporter.

“Governor Kemp’s ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Abortion Law is an unconstitutional effort to further restrict women and their health providers from making private medical decisions on their terms. Make no mistake, this is an attack aimed squarely and purposely at women,” they continued.

“We stand with Stacey Abrams and the hardworking people of Georgia, and will donate 100 percent of our respective episodic fees for this season to two organizations leading the charge against this draconian law: the ACLU of Georgia and Fair Fight Georgia,” the pair added. “We encourage those who are able to funnel any and all resources to these organizations.”

The Hollywood Reporter noted that:

Abrams added that his production company Bad Robot and Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions will donate funds to fight the legislation.

As many readers of this blog may already know, JJ Abrams company Bad Robot will be producing Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker.  According to Wookieepedia:


It’s possible that only proceeds directly resulting from the production of Lovecraft County will be applied to pro-abortion causes in Georgia.  But no report currently makes any such distinction.  I will update this blog post should new information regarding any such distinction come to light.

Back in March of 2018, PJ Media reported on a tweet coming from Planned Parenthood, which made demands of the Disney corporation:

On Tuesday morning, a Planned Parenthood affiliate posted a tweet demanding a Disney princess for each of five identity politics groups.

“We need a disney princess who’s had an abortion,” the list began. “We need a disney princess who’s pro-choice.”

So Bad Robot has a terrible conundrum before them in Episode IX.  If they have Rey get an abortion, then they can effectively end the patriarchal Skywalker line and gain brownie points from feminists and Planned Parenthood.  But in order to get an abortion, Rey must first be impregnated.  For that to happen, some sort of heterosexual act needs to take place.  If either Finn or Poe volunteer for the duty, then that places Stormpilot at risk.  Or perhaps Rey will be artificially inseminated by Rose Tico.  Let’s just hope Rose puts the taser down before going to work.


Not “draconian” according to progressives.

The folks more inclined to get an abortion are SJWs and assorted progressives.  So perhaps for the first time in human history, we have an entire ideology devoted to wiping out its own progeny off the face of the Earth.

The word for killing another human being is homocide.  The word for killing oneself is suicide.  The word for killing large numbers of other people from a culture or ideology is genocide.  But there is no word for large numbers of people from a culture or ideology wanting to wipe out their own kind.  There is no large scale cultural or ideological parallel to suicide.  Perhaps it’s time for such a word to be coined.


Some incredibly stupid comments have been made about this blog post recently on Reddit.  Since the essentially represent the standard SJW/NPC programming, I figured I’d go ahead and respond to them here so I don’t have to respond to them repeatedly elsewhere.

The first comes to us from JourneymanGM.

Well, this article wasted no time invoking Godwin’s Law.

First, let’s note that Godwin’s Law is about a debate.  It states that the debate will always end up referencing the Nazis if it goes on long enough.  In fact I reference them immediately.  Furthermore, this isn’t a debate.  It’s a blog post.  So the term is being misapplied here.

Additionally, it’s important to understand that citation of Godwin’s Law has been appropriated by SJWs who seek to use it to shield the reputation of socialism.

The second comment comes from ForceWave-1139.

This has nothing to do with Episode IX.

Except for the fact that JJ Abrams is director of Episode IX.  And except for the fact that JJ Abrams’ production company Bad Robot (which also produces Lovecraft County) is working on Episode IX.  Aside from that it has nothing to do with Episode IX.

These donations were made because Lovecraft Country was planned to be filmed in Georgia, and it was too late to change filming locations in light of the heartbeat bill.

But the money is still coming from a California based production company.  How do Georgians feel about California money interfering in their politics?

As far as I know, none of the filming locations in The Rise of Skywalker took place in the United States, let alone Georgia, so the EPIX connection is incredibly weak, at best.

Bad Robot which JJ Abrams owns is producing both Lovecraft County and Episode IX.  JJ Abrams is director of Episode IX.  That’s not exactly a an “incredibly weak” connection.

The last paragraph is especially weird because it assumes that 1.) abortion will play a role in the story (there’s no basis for this.

It’s pure speculation on my part.  I was speculating on the role that this issue might play in Episode IX.

It’s a kids film, they’re not going to bring in wildly divisive political shit into these films.

Where have you been since Disney purchased Star Wars?  “Wildly divisive political shit” pretty much constitutes the entirety of the franchise now.

The most political preaching Star Wars ever got was super obvious shit like “military-industrial complex = bad” in TLJ),

Then you missed Rose Tico’s deeply moronic social justice lectures.

and 2.) if Rey gets an abortion, that’ll end the Skywalker bloodline (she’s not related to the Skywalker bloodline in any way, shape, or form.

Heh.  Wait till JJ retcons that.

The only way her abortion could end the Skywalker bloodline is if Ben Solo does the deed with her. If we presume that Lucasfilm isn’t going to make literal rape part of the story of a kids franchise, then Rey and Ben’s hypothetical sexual union would be part of his redemption arc, so terminating that pregnancy wouldn’t make sense as part of the story). Just because a blue checkmark told Disney to do something doesn’t mean they’re going to.

Why not?  Disney is complying with all manner of moronic SJW demands.

Sites like “Disney Star Wars Is Dumb” tend to lionize Mark Hamill for his criticisms of how the new movies handle his character,

Have I lionized Mark Hamill?

so it makes sense that this article leaves out how Mark is also planning on boycotting film/TV productions made in Georgia; it would complicate the narrative that “SJWs are ruining Star Wars”, if members of the old guard were themselves SJWs (or worse)!

Or perhaps I wasn’t aware of it until I read your comment about it.  So how about if I directly address it now?

Each individual is entitled to do as they wish with their own money.  So if Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman want to withhold their own earnings from Georgia, so be it.

But so too am I and everyone else entitled to do as we wish with our own money.  Therefore, if Bad Robot is sending money to Georgia to support a political action that I and others do not support, then we have every right to withhold our money from Bad Robot productions.

This isn’t rocket science.

This is a shit article from a shit source. Next time, link to less idiotic sources.

Says quite possibly one of the biggest idiots of all.  Remember:

“Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.”

― Spencer W. Kimball

Tristerfalm states:

In other words “Well they didn’t say they weren’t going to do it!” It’s incredibly poor logic. They’re asking for proof for a negative. They could just as easily say “there’s no report that Bad Robot isn’t themselves conducting the abortions”, because that is also true. Absence of evidence does not mean the reverse is proven true.

You do realize of course, that accountants keep track of just this sort of thing, right?  That financial records of just this sort of thing would be kept?

Regardless, no one is suggesting that Bad Robot is conducting abortions.  So that’s a straw man.  What I am asking instead, is if any portion from Bad Robot’s Episode IX profits will be funneled to support pro-abortion politics in Georgia.  It’s a question, not an assertion.  Pay particular note to the word “may” in the headline.

This is why you could have responded by simply offering the IndieWire link to answer my query, rather than have a toddler-esque temper tantrum.  I’ve linked to that website myself many times here, and I said above I would update this blog post if new information came in.  A practice that the legacy media rarely engages in.

So it appears that the donations will be coming from the “episodic fees” of Monkeypaw Productions and Bad Robot, according to IndieWire.

Monkeypaw Productions and Bad Robot are donating their episodic fees for “Lovecraft Country” to the ACLU and Fair Right Georgia.

After Alyssa Milano, Christine Vachon, David Simon, and others called for film productions to boycott the state, Jordan Peele and J. J. Abrams’ production companies have announced that they are donating “100% of [their] respective episodic fees” for the upcoming “Lovecraft Country” to charity. Monkeypaw Productions and Bad Robot will be giving the money to the ACLU of Georgia and Fair Right Georgia.

Like many other movies and television series, “Lovecraft Country” is being shot in Georgia. As it is too late for the production to move elsewhere, Peele and Abrams have opted for this route instead.

Georgia has an uncapped tax incentive for film productions, hence its popularity as a filming location.

So, wouldn’t that answer the question that you said is impossible to prove?

As an aside, it’s amusing that champions of high taxes would seek out tax incentives, isn’t it?


An interesting case of synchronicity  recently occured.  A Twitter account that purports to be a Reylo, which may mor may not be a satirical account, posted the following:


Thanks to for the tip.

67 thoughts on “Episode IX May Fund Pro-Abortion Politics In Georgia

  1. I know exactly what they would do: Have Rey be impregnated by Kylo Ren, and then she has an abortion to prevent an evil baby from being born. I imagine a scene similar to this:

    Liked by 2 people

  2. And the word for taking away a women’s right to choose is “slavery.”

    Any guy that wants to take a women’s right to choose should be required to cut their dick off. If these asholes were in favor of health care being offered to the mother and the child, food and housing being offered for the mother and child, and college education being offered to the child I would still think they were a bunch of assholes that should cut their dicks off. But I would at least respect them enough for trying to address the reasons a lot of abortions happen.

    But nope, these assholes (and if you agree with them, I mean “you” assholes) just see woman as baby incubators who need to be punished for having sex. Once the baby is out in the world it needs to pull itself up by its boot straps and fend for itself.

    So. If you are so concerned about the unborn babies just cut your dicks off so we have a few less men making the unwanted babies.

    I fucking hate Disney Star Wars, but I hate asshole men who think they have any business telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies even more.

    And trying to equate the right to choose with the Nazis? Seek mental help.


    • What a deeply moronic post in every way.

      I understand that progressive morons place more importance on clitoral orgasms than they do on the lives of unborn children, but let me ask you this, you imbecile:

      What choice did the unborn child get to make? Does the unborn child get any consideration? Or does the unborn child have to sacrifice their life so that the mother can have consequence free sex?

      Because you know what I hate?

      Infanticide enthusiasts.

      There may or may not be a need to cut dicks off here as you propose. Ultimately, progressives just have to be able to control their own animal urges, if such a thing is even possible. If it’s not, then perhaps castration might be a viable option for progressives.

      The rest of your tripe such as “the “boot straps” remark is just empty hyperbole that you’ve read others write, and think it might sound good if you took it for a test drive yourself. It doesn’t. In fact, your hyperbole just doesn’t apply to anything in factual reality, which of course is the inherent nature of progressivism in its entirety. Neverthless, here’s the reality in regards to your moronic “boot straps” statement:


      So go choke on your own words, you SJW maggot.

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    • From what little i know about this, the choice is still there. If true, no-one is taking the right to choose away. However, it is gonna force more responsibility on the “baby incubator” as you put it. (laugh)

      I really hope that Georgia keeps this solely to spite Alyssa Milano… the rest of it would be a useful byproduct.

      ‘[…] I hate asshole men who think they have any business telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies […]”

      And I hate asshole women who are perpetrators of paternity fraud and false rape/assault claims. GFY!

      There are zero reproductive rights for men.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Do you wonder what the baby might want to chose before you go driving a scalpel into its skull sweetheart? You aren’t “choosing” to have ketchup or mustard on a damn hot dog you infantile freak. YOU ARE CHOOSING TO END A HUMAN LIFE WILLINGLY…THAT IS CALLED MURDER. You coward, you evil vile piece of filth..

      Anyone who supports abortion is a class A scumbag worthy of burning in Hell for all of eternity.

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    • How about men AND women (yes, men, as well) stop being slaves themselves to their urges and putting their dicks or opening their legs at every opportunity?

      No unplanned pregnancies!! Who would’ve thought! So much for having fun responsibly.

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  3. I always sit back and think of how ungrateful these pro-choice morons are! I mean if THEIR parents were the raging, retarded, piles of dog shite pro abortion types like them, their asses wouldn’t probably be here to piss and moan!

    But then not only does planned parenthood do tons of abortions, they sell the parts for profit! These pro-choice clowns are all fine and dandy knowing, or not knowing but should know, how these late term abortions are performed. When I first found out about how they perform these, I was taken back! I couldn’t believe what I seen. The pain and torture that poor unborn child has to go through, just makes me wonder how ANYONE can be OK with that? And aside from wonder, it also makes me sick.

    Now these proglodyte savages are trying to push infanticide in some places? When they signed that bill in NY state recently, people were standing up and cheering! Just when I think these people couldn’t get any more disgusting, they manage to top it.

    Margaret Sanger was the low life scum that started the eugenics project known as Planned Parenthood. And her legacy lives on by the ignorant and uninformed of society. It’s really refreshing to know that Hollywood, home of pedophiles and perverts, are down with the feminazi “cause!”(/S) Are the douche bags in Hollywood getting kick backs from baby body part sales?

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    • Their pro-choice stance is 99% reactionary: tap their knee with a rubber mallet and they yell: “Pro-choice!” As you said, Hammer: they’ve each dodged the proverbial bullet and managed to make it into this world. Though they managed to escape the womb unscathed, now they bear the scars of adopting some of the world’s worst ideologies mingled with NPC-type reactions to any objections.

      I, for one, am glad my mom wasn’t coerced into a “pro-choice” decision … without MY choice being stated! What goes around, comes around. “Spit in the wind and it comes back on your face!”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry about that, I hit send on accident. But what I was saying was that in the NPC hierarchy, the pro choice ones are the most disgusting. As we can see in real time, unfolding before our eyes is that the pro choice chumps are playing a game of, “One-Up’s Manship.” Where they try to outdo each other as to who can be more repulsive, disgusting and inhumane. Now they are at the point of Infanticide in some cases.

        As if late term abortions and selling aborted baby parts wasn’t sick enough!

        But to a pro choicer, they will just tell you,

        “That isn;t a human inside the womb!”
        “That is just a clump of cells inside the womb!”

        So that is what they tell themselves so that they can sleep at night. By deluding themselves into thinking that the baby in the womb is just basically human waste and it is OK for it to be aborted. This is why I can’t stand these “people!”

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  4. Was the abortion photo really necessary? I already wake up screaming every two hours. I don’t need any more nightmares.


    • Absolutely was necessary. It should repulse you enough to know that if you are supporting the murder of children…you should see what it looks like.

      And don’t bother showing me cows or pigs getting slaughtered. Those are animals created to be OUR food. Nothing more.

      Liked by 2 people

    • That’s a photo of the thing they are so proud of and want us to celebrate. Why wouldn’t they be happy to see that. That hag Alyssa Milano should get that tattooed on her flat chest since she loves it so much.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oy vey that Alyssa Milano clown is something else. Now going so far as to hold a,


        I highly doubt she will have a problem with that strike…

        Is she married? If so, I feel pity for her husband. Having to deal with a rabid she-tard that has been soaking her kotex multiple times a day since 11/9/16!


        • I looked it up the other day, she’s been divorced once, but is currently married to a guy who is 8 years her junior. I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t impact his sex life in the least, if because he doesn’t get any to begin with, or more likely, she’s a hypocrite and continues with her sex life as normal. (rules for thee etc.)

          But publicly, yeah… that’ll have an impact on him. (grabbing popcorn)

          “but guys gotta have it….. it’s… BIOLOGICAL”
          alyssa: “Did you just say ‘BIOLOGICAL?'”

          Liked by 1 person

          • HAHA! I personally don’t think she is getting any. Ever since Brett Kavanaugh got on the supreme court and now all the states that are passing heart beat type bills, she is probably sitting at home with her head spinning like Linda Blair in the Exorcist over all this WINNING!


    • If you don’t actually wake up screaming every two hours then you are making light of abortion.

      If you support abortion but can’t stomach the picture…you are part of the problem.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I am honestly not trying to make light of abortion. I just think that appeals to logic are better than appeals to emotion. Maybe I’m wrong and the photo will do some good.


        • And that is okay. Please note my use of the word ‘if’ x2 and also was intended for the audience in general. But pronouns (like the pronoun ‘you’) have become useless for ‘some reason’.

          but logic seems to be yet another moral divide:
          conservative: facts don’t care about your feelings.
          liberal: feelings don’t care about your facts.

          unreasonable: will not entertain reason.

          ps: if you, Dr. CoffinNails, are not being hyperbolic in your original post, i suspect whatever country you are in is actually indebted to you.


          • My original comment was in fact overly hyperbolic. I did not serve my country, but I know many who did (including a good friend’s nephew who committed suicide after serving 2 tours as a Marine sniper). Again, I do not intend to make light of abortion. I am personally against it (excepting cases where the mothers life is in immenent risk).


        • One of the reasons that Nazi ideology has become so repugnant, even among the uneducated who have no idea what it is, is the extensive photographic record of their atrocities.

          A parallel photographic record does not exist for the Holodomor or the Killing Fields, and so forth. As such, academics get away with romanticizing socialism/communism to youth.

          The same holds true for 9/11. There is not a publicly available extensive photographic record of the carnage resulting from that attack. As a result, many young people today simply have no way of fully understanding the event.

          So if the image shocked, offended, and appalled you, then good. Because that was exactly my intent, and I was therefore successful.

          Appeals to logic are good. But sometimes a rude awakening is in order.


    • Have you ever ordered pizza for a group of people and asked what they wanted on it? Say 2 larges are good enough to feed 6 people. It always turns out that one asshat insists on chicken with BBQ sauce. You know, the “girl pizza.” I’m not saying that all women do this, but I have never seen a guy do this. I’ve never heard a guy say “OH! i LOOOOVE chicken BBQ pizza”

      When it arrives, the asshat will take 2 pieces of the chicken pizza (can’t eat very much; weighs 100lbs) and then 50% of the time will help themselves to the other one as well. “but i like hawaiian too!”

      Pizza is life, toppings are politics. Chicken BBQ pizza hasn’t been around very long and most people despise it.

      There are different aspects to politics. There are very specific (new) elements which are the entire reason for this blog. If they hadn’t fucked it up for ‘the other 5 people’ this wouldn’t be here.

      Yeah yeah… You can say that she can get a small specifically for her, but that doesn’t happen in the real world. For some reason it tastes better when it pisses off everyone else. “…but muh chicken BBQ pizza…”


    • Some people don’t want to deal with the harder topics, mmm?

      When I first arrived, I read Itchy’s articles rather regularly, often being the only one who clicked “Like” under the article (even though I often felt like vomiting over the subject matter), because I liked that Itchy dealt with the hard stuff.

      Noticing a pattern in SJWs, their reactions to both SW content and comic books, games, etc., and then hearing how those on The Right (Jordan B Peterson, Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Candace Owens, etc.) speak at Colleges and Universities, I pointed out that I believed U.S. “higher” institutions of learning (?) were probably the source of this mental pus. To my surprise and delight, Mr Bacca took on the task of researching these schools, dealing with the topic head-on, confirming where this garbage thinking sources from.

      And as SJW ideology has grown more difficult to stomach over time, Itchy has kept up with it as the subjects descend into deeper and deeper darkness. He doesn’t want to see this ANY MORE THAN YOU DO! He’s not pointing it out “cuz it gets clix!” A minority group of social big mouths who thrive off outrage culture want nothing more than North America completely destabilized. The lay blame squarely at the feet of conservative thinking as they double-think their way through life. These new Star Wars fans bring with them everything toxic.

      It’s a hard and difficult topic. Standing on what gets swept under the proverbial rug, however, only allows it to grow in shadow. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do NOTHING.

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  5. Pathological altruism comes to mind.

    And for the pro-choicers, all I want them to consider is that their actions relfect upon the general state of society, of which I am a member. When govt regulations and cowardly politicians refuse to stand up to the abortion lobby and abortion becomes fashionable and a method of revenge, then yes, I will be forced to step up and criticize. Rightly so. Same goes for the LGBT cabal.

    Liked by 2 people

    • For me, I’m pretty close to that stance I think with regard to abortion. There are some instances where an abortion might be warranted. But the problem today is that abortion is treated like a Disney park ride with free t shirts, when it should be a much more weighty decision between patient and doctor.

      I only wish the “right to choose” crowd would apply that mentality when considering universal health Care.

      Liked by 2 people

      • “the problem today is that abortion is treated like a Disney park ride with free t shirts, when it should be a much more weighty decision between patient and doctor.”

        ^This is very true. I am just waiting for the day Planned Parenthood starts their first drive-thru abortions! I say this in jest of course, but it is the mentality of the pro choice crowd that would actually be OK with something like this.

        When it come to the pro choice squad, the more sicker and inhumane the better!

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  6. Thank you for the heads up. I hate The Last Jedi, but abortion is a thousand times more evil, no matter what language wordplay they try to veil it with.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hey Itchy, I thought of you as I was taking this survey.

    There’s a whole section trying to determine how Woke and Feminist the survey taker is.
    Many women have a quality of purity that few men possess

    being my personal favorite question. (Tips fedora on way out.)

    Note that the author of the survey is none other than Claudia Grey, author of Disney era SW novels.

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  8. This is one of the few things that makes my blood boil and the comments on other sites calling human fetuses “blobs” and “tissues” that are “leasing my womb” are the worst. I hope these degenerates call their mothers on Mothers’ Day and thank them with all their hearts that they tolerated their existence for nine months when they were nothing more than a nutrient-sucking “blob”.

    These types promote degeneracy and carefree lifestyles without consequences. They are encouraged to have all the sex they want but they don’t want to be bothered with a pregnancy so either men cut off their penises or the state makes abortion easily accessible.

    And to top it off, they are now promoting women who had abortions. How is THAT something worthy of being celebrated!!!

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  9. Its funny because, except for one instance (…and I am not talking about the asinine Episode 1 story) I am not aware of a woman getting pregnant without sexual intercourse. Of course rape is the exception but every pregnancy requires a willful act to make it so. Whether someone later regrets that willful act (again not talking about rape) is irrelevant when it comes to murdering a living being. Women’s rights?…what about the father’s right not to have their unborn (or born now in many progressive states) child murdered by a selfish harpy that doesnt want to be inconvenienced.

    I would also like to add that based on looks, many pro abortion women I have seen are in no danger of ever getting in a situation where an abortion would be needed.

    Liked by 2 people

    • “I would also like to add that based on looks, many pro abortion women I have seen are in no danger of ever getting in a situation where an abortion would be needed.”

      Louder, please, so the people in the back can hear you.


  10. Thank you for this article, Itchy. It is timely and necessary. And thanks for your courage in posting the graphic image, though I am certain you realize it may cost you readers. People need to see these horrible realities and wake up to the atrocities that are being committed so flippantly. Thanks for showing your readers that there is much more at stake than fandom. Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. WOW. Just wow. Seeing this blog go all Trumpish on abortion just shows how low you’ve gone and how corrupt Star Wars fandom is becoming, and I now resent it and I have some choice words to call all you who make articles like this:

    – Snow Owl Mother Fuckers
    – Dyrophone Dick Sacks
    – Bird Turd Cock Suckers
    – Winter Olympians
    – Republicans
    – Twinkie Hoes
    – Puss-Filled Pillow Cases
    – Pasty Fuck Wads
    – And, finally, last but most certainly not least, Gap Toothed Backwards Cousin Fuckers


    • I actually had to laugh at being called Winter Olympians, that’s really a funny insult, I like it and will have to start using it.


    • All of them are defective insults imo. An insult is like a gun, it needs to fire clean and true on the target, it shouldn’t ‘backfire’ and make the insulter look bad. But all these ones are nonfunctional, backfiring insults that make the person who uses them look stupid and lame. Just like ‘Trumpish’, it doesn’t hurt the people you call Trumpish, it backfires and reveals you the insulter to be an ignoramus.

      Trying to malign a group of people as Trump voters doesn’t work on Trump voters, do you get what I’m saying? They know they voted for Trump, they aren’t ashamed of it, and they’re delighted he won. So angrily calling them Trumpish just looks very impotent and bitter. It backfires and makes the insulter look like a butthurt loser. And it certainly isn’t going to ‘shame’ them out of their Trumpish ways, lol.

      But this kind of thing works very well on Twitter, maybe you would like it better there? You will probably get a lot of followers! Be careful though, they have a tendency to eat their own when the ‘rage’ takes over.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Once again, lies because I am not a Trump voter/supporter like you are, @Alexrd and that’s why most at TFN care little for your opinion anymore and don’t like you (other than Jesta).


  12. Why Can’t Actors, Actresses and Producers keep there Political Views Out of the Public Arena?
    If J.J.Abrams is going to give my Money to Planned Parenthood (Murders),
    Then I will have to Pass on seeing Episode Nine.
    Even though I have seen every other Star Wars Movie


  13. My original comment was in fact overly hyperbolic. I did not serve my country, but I know many who did (including a good friend’s nephew who committed suicide after serving 2 tours as a Marine sniper). Again, I do not intend to make light of abortion. I am personally against it (excepting cases where the mothers life is in immenent risk).


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