Claudia Gray Promotes “Loaded” Star Wars Survey

Yesterday, Star Wars author Claudia Gray promoted a survey regarding Star Wars and feminism, along with a smattering of other topics.

It’s uncertain who “Mark” is as of this writing.  However, comments from a Reddit thread posted below suggests that this “Mark” published another survey around the time of TFA’s release which put forth the notion of “toxic fanbase.”

Unfortunately, as of this writing the survey has been closed.


Whether the survey was closed after one day because a “response limit has been reached”, or whether the survey was closed because word of it got out beyond the desired Reylosphere, is unknown as of this writing.  It’s possible this could be a Chuck Wendig style survey where those who would give undesirable answers are simply blocked off.  Presumably the desirable participants might be the “FEMALE FANS” that Claudia typed out in all caps.

However, thanks to Facebook user “Reylo is endgame”, we have a screen capture of a description of the survey.


Thanks to another source, we have screencaps of some of the questions, courtesy of Elwood P. Dowd, which seem to relate to feminism and “change.”



That is the only portion of the survey that has been captured as of this writing.  However, others who have taken the survey have remarked about it in a Reddit thread.  Here are some of their comments:











The link that the last comment posts leads to the following image:


When SJWs put out any kind of survey, it’s usually an attempt to use “science” to prove that they are virtuous, and that their opposition is evil incarnate.  So I would expect that at some point, we’ll see some article published that makes just such an assertion.


There are some interesting remarks in the Twitter thread where Claudia Gray promoted the survey:








Turns out, Bryan Young wants to see the data from this poll.  Probably to write the kind of article I spoke about earlier.

Here’s a comment from Bryan Young’s Twitter thread:



An anonymous user, Reyblewme, posted the following comment below:

it is believed that Mark is Mark White who did the survey and article after TFA entitled “The Force is Too Strong with This One? Sexism, Star Wars, and Female Heroes”

According to Mark White’s profile at The Inquisitive Mind:

Mark White is a data scientist and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kansas. He studies the psychology of prejudice and politics as well as quantitative methodology.

24 thoughts on “Claudia Gray Promotes “Loaded” Star Wars Survey

  1. Most of the fake media and DNC political messaging is intended, IMO, to capture the crucial lower- and middle-class woman’s vote. That is the hidden intent behind their schemes. I think the PussyHat march was them showing their hand, with Kavanaugh debacle showing their insanity.

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  2. it is believed that Mark is Mark White who did the survey and article after TFA entitled ” The Force is Too Strong with This One? Sexism, Star Wars, and Female Heroes”

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    • ‘If you have taken this survey already, please do not take it again!’ LMFAO, the commenter Axolotl is right, it’s worthless. Anyone could fill it out however many times they like. And why was the Fandom Menace not informed of this survey, hmm? And why is it being touted by wankmoron. The reddit ppl are right, it stinks something rotten.

      Data scientist, quantitative methodology? I see no science here and I strongly question the methodology. Seems like Mark White is an SJW quack brewing up another hit-piece against the genuine Star Wars fans.

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  3. Andrew Bell: “Probably going to use the results to show that white males are ruining Star Wars or something. The feminism questions seem pointed.”

    Abby: “You don’t need a quiz to know that.”

    Andrew Bell: “Oof”

    ^Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, two proglodyte savages in their native habitat. The Twitterspehere. This perfectly encapsulates the mindset of the modern Di$ney War$ fan girls. And these tweets prove that Star Wars being “ruined” in their eyes, is due to the evil Straight White Male!!!!

    And we can also see how Mark Hamill was treated by the nu school fans when he dared post something that was meaningful to him. These new super entitled fan girls don’t want anymore Straight White Males in “:their” Star Wars.

    Well some folks asked back in the 90’s where the Soviet Union went after its collapse. Well now we do know where it went. It landed at Di$ney and LFL.

    And how much does anyone want to bet that the two dingus’ who wrote the tweets I quoted follow AOC?

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    • I can just see the meeting of college professors as they asked themselves just how far a social experiment could go.
      1. Teach the students nonsense
      2. Hammer it home with misinformation
      3. Get them indebted with a burden of debt to have this happen to them
      4. Tighten the screws with double-think and double-speak (“for me not thee”)
      5. Send them out with a mockery of an education and wait.

      Oh, a few of them will be red-pilled along the way. Realizing how far they’ve been duped, these new members of society will swallow the Red Pill with the water of their own tears.

      I think if I were caught in such an education system having only seen the Democratic viewpoint, I think I too would need quite some time to re-evaluate life having seen there are OTHER points of view outside what my professors spoon-fed me.

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      • Unfortunately the brainwashing/propaganda being spewed by leftist Marxist college professors goes back a lot further. It has also infested the grade-high school system. Which for lots of kids growing up in democrat majority shite holes, that is a long times worth of brainwashing to brush off.

        I always stress to people I know that home schooling is the way to go. In most instances anyway. The progtards posing as teachers are more then willing to rot these kids brains before they even contemplating going to a university!

        This is where all of this “White guilt” crap came from. Proglodyte savage teachers pounding them over the head with,

        “White Man bad!”
        “White Man caused all of history’s ills and problems!”
        “White Man destroys all indigenous peoples and lands!”

        And blah, blah, blah. No wonder when these kids get to college, they are already indoctrinated with the program. There are multiple videos on YT of college antics that have White students yelling at other speakers, students etc. for being White! They usually bring up the race of the ones they are arguing with only when they are White. You will never see these same idiots call out someone for being Black, Asian etc. Because they feel “empowered” when they virtue signal in front of other students of other races so they can a pat on the head and a cookie for being so, “virtuous!”

        More and more these little Marxist shite bags want to chip away all that their “professors” deem offensive and tell their “students” they need to deem it offensive.


    • Wow, that ‘research’ paper is a complete joke, this guy Mark White is a pseudoscientist. And not just a pseudoscientist, a crooked one, who tendentiously seeks out the conclusion that he wants. I wonder if he is funded directly by Kluelessfilm, the way many crooked corporations commission bullshit ‘scientific’ studies for their marketing claims.

      According to his brilliant scientific calculations, if a survey filler thinks that “many women are actually seeking special favors, such as hiring policies that favor them over men, under the guise of asking for ‘equality'”, then that survey filler is guilty of ‘hostile sexism’, and the more ‘hostile sexist’ you are, the more unrealistic you are likely to find Rey.

      So essentially he’s taken the concept of meritocracy and branded it ‘hostile sexism’ to prove his amazingly scientific discovery, that anybody who criticizes Rey is a hostile sexist.

      Essentially this whole thing seems to be built around justifying Rey’s position and Kennedy’s position. Both of which are undeserved unless you are so simple-minded that you just think ‘The position is filled by a woman – problem solved!’

      Society’s problem’s are all completely solved because we put a woman in! And woman as we know, are perfect. And anybody complaining about a woman is a hostile sexist.

      That’s the level of ‘science’ we’re dealing with here. Cuck science!

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      • “Wooden cutting boards are bad!” my mom once told me as she brought home her new, plastic cutting board.
        “Oh? Where did you hear this, Mom?” I asked.
        “Report on the TV. They said that a research company found out bacteria doesn’t live long in plastic, but thrives in the wood cutting boards.”

        Years later, I’m at work where the radio played constantly in the background. Long gone from home, I hear the announcer read an announcement about this research.

        He quietly explained that the report on plastic cutting boards of the past was completely FICTITIOUS. The fact that a so-called independent research company had shown the world plastic was better turned out to be not-so-independent, having been funded by oil companies. Worst of all, plastic cutting boards actually harbor more bacteria because they hide in grooves caused by the knives. 😦

        The problem with “Science” is that so MUCH propaganda is given as research, then repeated ad nauseam. “Well, it HAS to be true! I’ve heard it so OFTEN!” 😉

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  4. We’ve seen something similar to this before. During the “Russian bots” phase of Disney’s backlash to SW fan dissatisfaction.

    “Morten Bay, PhD, presumably from UCLA, has written a formal paper “on the politicization of #StarWars fandom and #TheLastJedi.”’

    Bay was employed at a media think tank supported by Disney bucks. This may also be a factor in this “survey” as well. In particular, the tip off for me was the use of loaded words in the survey itself – the author was more interested in fishing for sexism than doing product research.

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    • So apparently C/net thinks it is worthwhile to report the results…

      We live in hell. Mark H. White wasn’t it? Garbage in=>garbage out=>garbage reported


  5. “I recruited fans by “snowball” sampling, which is a type of convenience sample. And while most academic research uses this sampling technique, it is less than ideal for obtaining a representative sample. But a representative sample wasn’t my intention here; instead, I wanted to get a cross-section of the Star Wars fandom, to understand how different types of fans responded to the films.”

    Fail. Just sayin.

    “I worried about not getting enough women to take the survey (the count was under fifty at this point). […] I used to only recruit women. This is why Claudia Gray’s tweet sharing my survey said I was looking for women in particular. This led to 5,330 responses over the course of four days.”

    so, not an x-section.

    “I flagged responses that felt troll-ish to me, and any case with one flag was removed.”


    well, enjoy your “data”; excellent job with your sciencing, Mr. Sciencer. /s

    you can bet these results are going to show up in garbage tier media. the sample is overwhelming liberal according to one of the graphs. i didn’t look at the results.. don’t care.

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    • The funny thing is that he’s probably – not intentionally but unconsciously – set on sexism against women. But how about sexism against men? You will not find questions for women who discriminate against men.

      And that’s why this whole poll is a joke. He knew what he wanted, but he doesn’t quite get his results.

      Side effect. The whole minority / strong women thing, that those Lucasfilm radical leftist propagate is in opposite direction of their target group. 60% middle aged white males with mostly at least college education! But hey, Kennedy doesn’t need to cater to us. LOOOOOOL!!!

      This is why you fail Kennedy.

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      • What I notice is how much effort is apparent. Its long, its got a lot of graphs.. and a fair amount of “sciency writing”… so.. lipstick on a pig… this is trying to dazzle people with bullshit, and I’m sure lots of ‘his people’ will go ‘wow, i didn’t know that but it completely aligns with my feelings about this’ … you can do what you want with results, but if your dataset is corrupt, it is GiGo… Garbage In, Garbage Out.

        No idea why he felt the need to bring this up to publishing quality… Academia is poisoned. There is a thing called “advocacy journalism”… I guess now we have “advocacy science”…

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