Wahman’s Edge


A lack of lines is typically an indication of a closed theme park.

As I wrote about yesterday, Galaxy’s Edge doesn’t seem to be bringing in the crowds.  The desertion of the theme park seems to be continuing apace according to Disneyland News Today




Now, if the theme park were a rip-roaring success, then Disney and Lucasfilm would no doubt brag about the genitalia percentages of their Imagineers.  But now that the park is emptier than Wallyworld closed on a day for cleaning and repair, will anyone be touting the wahman in charge of this fiasco?  Unlikely.

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge park was written, designed, built and managed by women. Guess whose fault it’ll be when it fails? #womenbehindthemagic pic.twitter.com/ujcqhISe2R

— Jar Jar (Not) ̶A̶b̶r̶a̶m̶s̶ (@JarJarAbramss) June 30, 2019


Gender equality is closed for cleaning and repair.

Suddenly it makes sense as to why Star Wars Land would celebrate “International Wahman’s Day.”  Who would have thought that pestering people with annoying political indoctrination would drive away customers?

It’ll be interesting to see if they re-package any of these pre-fabricated excuses for low attendance in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Jar Jar Abrams for the tip.


Galaxy’s Edge As Empty As A Showing Of Solo On Opening Day


Coming to a theme park near you!

Remember a few days back, the legacy media was pestering us with breathless headlines like this?

Disneyland’s ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ Crowds Reach Capacity Within an Hour on Opening Day

Well as to be expected, reality is setting in down at SJW Land.  SC Reviews has the story via SlashFilm:

SlashFilm writes:

You can walk right into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge right now at Disneyland without a problem, on the first week the land has been open to the public without reservations. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure both seem to be empty. The standby lines for some of the most popular rides in the parks are the lowest I’ve ever seen. This is the middle of the Summer, when Disneyland Resort is usually packed to capacity. What is going on here?

But how can this be?  Where are the droves of evolved Reylos and the beta male SJWs who love them?

That video comes from our new theme park-focused YouTube channel Ordinary Adventures, so please subscribe if you haven’t done so already! Watch as I visit Galaxy’s Edge this week, explore all the sold-out shops, and appreciate how peaceful it is without massive crowds.

But this does bring up a very interesting question: why is Galaxy’s Edge not busy?

Disney was fearing the worst when it came to crowd expectations for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There were rumors of internal projections that saw the park reaching capacity for the first couple months of the opening. Naturally, this had fans wondering how Disney Parks logistics would handle the opening of the company’s first Star Wars Land. As you may know, they handed it with a five-prong approach:

Extensive blackout days for cast members and annual passholders.

Creating new and limited time attractions in Disney California Adventure to lure away crowds. These include bringing back Soarin’ Over California, adding Mickey’s Philharmagic to Hollywood Land, and the addition of shows like The Tale of the Lion King.

A three week preview period, which required reservations to enter the land for 4-hour timed periods.

A boarding pass process, which would allow Disneyland guests to enter a virtual queue via the Disneyland app to enter the land as crowds dissipate.

A new huge parking garage and tram loading area to help accommodate the expected masses (the tram loading area is now open and can be seen in my video above, while the new parking lot is expected to be open any day now).

On the day that the land opened without reservations, it hit capacity and the boarding process went as promoted. But then something strange happened. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has not required boarding groups since the launch day and Disneyland has been strangely empty. We traveled to the park earlier this week, and not only was Disneyland empty, but Galaxy’s Edge was the most uncrowded I’ve seen it yet.

So what is happening here? Did Disney scare potential tourists away from visiting the park with all these precautionary logistical procedures? This could be a real possibility, and the news stories of Galaxy’s Edge hitting capacity within minutes of opening were seen by far more people than the social buzz of the parks being empty since.

Or it could be that almost all the annual passes are currently blocked out, aside from the Signature and Signature Plus, the two top-of-the-line passes. It’s worth noting that Disney has since changed their course and told cast members they are no longer blocked out from Disneyland this Summer (aside from July 4). In addition to that, Disneyland sent an email to Annual Passholders announcing a new summertime deal that would allow passholders to bring a friend to the Disneyland Resort with the purchase of a 1-Day Park Hopper ticket for $99. It seems clear that Disney’s plan backfired and the Mouse House is now trying whatever they can to get people into the parks.

But the real question is this: why are people staying away? Disneyland is notoriously more of a local park. Unlike Walt Disney World in Florida, Anaheim is filled with local annual passholders. So maybe blocking all the lower and mid-tier passes, alongside cast member access, is to blame? It seems very likely to me that this is the best answer, as rides from Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have had some of the shortest standby lines I’ve ever seen. For example, the massively popular Radiator Springs Racers had a 10-15 minute wait the other day.

Perhaps tourists are staying away because the second Star Wars ride, Rise of the Resistance, has not yet opened. Why plan a trip to Anaheim when the land is only half-open? I could totally see that affecting vacation travel plans.

But the other interesting aspect is that it’s clear Disneyland underestimated fan demand for the exclusive products being offered in Batuu. When I visited on Wednesday, a lot of stuff was sold out. The list includes:

Half of the Legacy Lightsabers, including favorite characters like Rey, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader. Disney had initially planned to not sell any merchandise in the land with the Star Wars logo on it, but when I visited Dok-Ondar’s they were selling some of the old Disney-branded lightsabers that used to be sold at Star Traders and Disney Stores.

All of the kyber crystals. These crystals allow fans who build their own lightsaber to change the color of their blades, as well as inserting them in Jedi and Sith holocrons to access different soundbites from famous characters. Right now if you buy a holocron, they will sell you one blue or red crystal from Savi’s without the packaging.

At Droid Depot, where you can build your own droid, they are completely sold out of personality chips, droid-carry backpacks, and the popular coin-like Batuu Spira gift card.

At Oga’s Cantina, the $75 beer flight collectible with four rancor tooth glasses is sold out.

And this is just touching the surface. So many other things throughout the land are sold out and it’s shocking that Disney didn’t anticipate fan demand for some of these items. Some items have been sold out for days or weeks and haven’t been restocked. That includes the Loth Cats and Salacious Crumbs from the Creature Stall and the Yubnub tiki style collectible mug from Oga’s.

To make up for that, Disney has begun selling extra lightsaber pieces from Savi’s for $20, something that wasn’t offered until this week. Also, the droid depot also is now selling extra droid pieces for the same price. I guess if they have stock of something in the backroom, why not sell it?

During the reservation period, Oga’s Cantina and Savi’s Workshop (the build-your-own-lightsaber experience) would both hit capacity within minutes of a new reservation period beginning. There were a lot of complaints from fans who weren’t able to do either of those premium experiences. Those who got into the Cantina were often found complaining about the long lines in the sun, the unfriendly cast members serving the drinks, and the packed and uncomfortable quarters. Now you can easily get a reservation for Oga’s Cantina in the app, and the bar seems a lot less full. That might be bad for Disney, but it’s a much more comfortable and user-friendly experience. Savi’s Workshop is also a lot easier to reserve.

Why is Galaxy’s Edge and Disneyland not as busy as expected? No one can seem to nail down the answer to the question. I’m guessing it’s a combination of all the explanations outlined above, which is sad. Disney Parks logistics spent a lot of time, money, and effort to make sure that attending Galaxy’s Edge would not be a horrible experience for fans and that might have partially bit them in the foot. After all, on the other side of the country, there’s a new Harry Potter ride with a 10-hour wait in a completely packed theme park. No virtual queuing, no reservation periods – just old fashioned long lines. From what I’ve heard, that attraction and park seem busier than ever.

Scaring tourists away with logistical procedures.  Backout days.  New and limited time attractions.  A three week preview period.  A boarding pass process.  A huge parking garage.  Lower and mid-tier passes.  Only half open.  And a partridge in a pear tree.

Anything but the fact that The Last Jedi was so awful that it turned away the bulk of the fanbase and killed the franchise.

Tell me again how Episode IX is going to hit $1 Billion.  Hilarious!

Pablo Hidalgo Might Frown Upon Princeton SJWs

I give some grief to cosplaying and cosplayers from time to time on this blog.  This is due largely to the fact that cosplaying, in general, allows people who otherwise wouldn’t have the intellectual capacity to engage in any given geek subculture an entry point which they otherwise wouldn’t have.  This is a big reason why so many SJWs have been able to gain entrance to hobbies that they simply don’t have I.Q. to really understand.

But I want to be clear, this isn’t an indictment of all cosplayers.  There are good cosplayers too, and we can demonstrate the difference between the two.  Take for instance That Star Wars Girl.  She’s a cosplayer,  but she also discusses the deeper layers of various IPs with clarity and competency.

In contrast, consider FeministNerd.  She’s a cosplayer too.  But her main claim to fame is putting on the most revealing outfit she can find, and then slapping a Rebel logo onto it.  It’s doubtful that she has any awareness of who Joseph Campbell is for instance.


Unfortunately, the cosplayers like FeministNerd seem to outnumber the cosplayers like That Star Wars Girl at this point in time.  Because of that, I tend to see the emergence of cosplayers as the death knell of any hobby or subculture, for the foreseeable future.

But some SJWs don’t take too kindly to my critique of modern cosplayers.


Pablo’s idea of an outdoorsman.

But guess who else doesn’t like cosplayers?  The SJWs from Princeton University.

I recently ran across an interesting article from March 2017 on Daily Caller entitled, Princeton Alums Shun Star Wars Stormtrooper Costumes At Reunion To Avoid Taint Of Nazism.

In it, Eric Owns writes:

The five-year reunion of Princeton University’s class of 2012 will be Star Wars-themed — “Revenge of the Fifth” — but it will in no way feature stormtroopers because someone complained that dressing up like a stormtrooper might be construed as supportive of Nazi Germany.

Now just like seals, SJWs are trained to honk and clap at the mention of Daily Caller.  But unfortunately for them, the Daily Caller provides a scan of the letters that Princeton’s Class of 2012 sent out.  Here’s the original letter they sent out.


Here’s a second letter they sent out with an apology, approved by the consensus of the collective, cooperative, collaborative, community.


That’s right.  As Princeton graduates, they were blissfully unaware of the historical origin of the word “Stormtrooper.”

Now a rational normal person might want to call into question the “education” they received from Princeton and elsewhere.  If they weren’t taught about stormtroopers, what else weren’t they taught about?  Well, pretty much everything, given the fact that these “alumni” don’t have enough smarts to even ask that question.

And SJWs wonder why I call them “uneducated savages.”  Ha!


Or it means that I just recently ran across an article that was relevant to comments made five days previously.

You’re not very bright Pablo, are you?

Disney Saved Star Wars For The Disinterested


Billy just received the news that Disney saved Star Wars!

This has been going on for some time now.  Back in April 2018, as part of my research to develop The Phases of the Geeker Gate, I read multiple SJW “think” pieces on the topic of Star Wars and the supposed “toxic fanbase.”  In a blog post entitled, 20 Points That Slumming Through SJW “Think” Pieces Teaches Us, I wrote the following:


Many of them seem to feel that the Star Wars franchise was going nowhere until Disney purchased it.  They feel this despite a highly successful Clone War stelevision series on the air, and the Sequel Trilogy already being developed by Lucasfilm prior to the Disney purchase.

Not to mention a wildly successful Expanded Universe that was publishing material regularly.  But if you’ve stupidly let the past die, then you wouldn’t be aware of any of that.

Well, SJWs have a strange and unique quality about them, where they do not disappoint while simultaneously disappointing us all at once.  Behold an article by Julia Dzurillay at showbizcheatsheet.com entitled, Why Some Fans Think Disney Saved ‘Star Wars’.  Surprise!

In it she writes:

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is just around the corner. Still, fans have mixed opinions about the sequel trilogy. Some fans think that Disney added life back into the Star Wars Universe. Thanks to Disney’s touch, Star Wars has become its own immersive experience, with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. An original Star Wars television series premieres on Disney Plus. Here is why some Star Wars fans think Disney saved the franchise.

Disney acquired Lucasfilm before the sequel trilogy premiered

On October 30, 2012, Star Wars changed forever, when Disney acquired the franchise for $4.05 billion. As one of the biggest companies in the film industry, Disney created their own extension of this universe, complete with multiple television shows.

Since it acquired Lucasfilm, Disney created their own Star Wars-based television series, Star Wars Rebels, which aired on Disney XD. Disney also created a sequel trilogy to the original Star Wars movies. The first movie in the trilogy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, premiered in 2015. It quickly became one of the highest grossing Star Wars films of all time.

Thanks to Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Plus, some of Star Wars’ television shows and movies will be available for streaming. That includes an original television series about bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe, entitled The Mandalorian. Disney Plus premieres in November 2019.

One wonders why Disney would pay a hefty $4.05 Billion for a franchise in need of saving.  The Condorman franchise needs saving.  Anyone want to pay $4 Billion for it?

Disney can create all it likes.  The real question is, how many will consume what they create?

As with all sequels, the box office for The Force Awakens was representative of the interest in the franchise that the previous installments generated.  If you liked Episode I through VI, you were more likely to want to see more in Episode VII.  This makes the box office for Episode IX terribly interesting because for the first time for a Star Wars feature, people weren’t returning for repeat viewings after the opening weekend of Episode VIII.  And in fact, The Last Jedi now holds the largest sequel to sequel box office drop in cinematic history.  If folks didn’t like what they saw in Episode VII, will they return for Episode IX?  Only time will tell.

Fans have mixed opinions about movies like ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Not everyone loves the sequel trilogy. With Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Star Wars movies welcomed their first female Asian lead character, portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran. After the movie premiered, the actress was bullied by Star Wars fans to a point where she deleted her social media platforms.

So the Narrative is shifting from “toxic fanbase” to “mixed opinions?”  Is the media attempting to soften the blow for the box office failure of Episode IX that is sure to come?

Do we really need to discredit the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident yet again?  For goodness sake, her social media isn’t even deleted.  As of this writing, her Instagram account is still up and only closed to the public.

Still, some fans love what Disney created with the extension of the Star Wars Universe. Some say that this movie added to the story of Luke Skywalker, who is now a Jedi master.

“Whether it’s just for fun, by accident, or for research (especially research because I’m supposed to be goal oriented) I always get distracted by The Last Jedi and can’t stop watching it wherever I may land in it,” said one Twitter user. “And I never fail to utter at some point ‘god, I love this movie.’”

“Man, I used to hate The Last Jedi. I really disliked it, but over the past year and a half hearing people talk about its themes and admiring its visuals, cinematography, music, etc., I’ve come to really love it. It’s probably my 2nd favorite behind ROTS now. It IS Star Wars,” said another Twitter user.

You gotta love that last statement, it’s classic SJW stuff.  It’s clearly a fabricated statement that’s meant to encourage those who hated TLJ to re-evaluate their position and/or prove that TLJ is an unfairly maligned masterpiece.  It’s idiot activism.

Disney created Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Walt Disney World

With Disney and Lucasfilm’s partnership, fans can experience Star Wars in real life. In Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Star Wars plays a significant role. Kids could enroll in the Jedi Training Academy; fans could catch a flight with C-3PO on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. That’s all about to change.

Starting August 29, 2019, Star Wars fans can step into the world of Star Wars at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This is an interactive, immersive experience, complete with dining options and a new ride, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is currently open in Disneyland Park in California.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres in the United States on December 20, 2019.

The theme park that doesn’t feature any original trilogy characters or environments, despite the fact that those are the biggest sellers in the area of merchandise.

But here’s the most important question of all:

If Star Wars is in fact saved, then who exactly is it saved for?

Well, turns out that it’s saved for the disinterested.  Thomas at Jedi Temple Archives reports:

Is Interest In Star Wars Waning?

Every now and then I check the number of views for The Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer on YouTube. And something interesting can be observed. As of now (nearing end of June 2019) the teaser has almost 29 million views on the official YouTube Star Wars Channel. However, the official first teaser for The Last Jedi is at 44 million views. Now, the TLJ teaser has been online for much longer, so it’s to be expected to have more views. But 15 million more views? Who watches teasers once first trailers are available? So how many of these 44 million views for the The Last Jedi teaser are from the time it was first released? Is it possible that interest for The Rise of Skywalker is so much smaller than for The Last Jedi? So I went to Google Trends and looked at how various Star Wars related searches have been trending worldwide on Google for the past five years, and then I compared that with other franchises. The results may spell trouble for The Rise of Skywalker. Click through for some charts and an analysis!

Google Trends is this nifty tool that allows you to see what is trending on Google, how popularity of things like “Star Wars” change over time, at least when it comes to Google Search.

Movie studios use these trends, not just on Google, but social media etc. to predict box office.

So how does Star Wars fare? And especially, how does The Rise of Skywalker fare? If Google Trends is to be believed then there may not be a Rise, but rather a Fall come December. But let’s look at the various graphs I prepared and then we’ll discuss what it could mean, if anything at all. For this I examined worldwide trends, so not just the USA, since Star Wars is a global movie franchise. I looked back 5 years, this includes all of the Disney era movies.


These Google Trends graphs are easy to understand. The maximum is 100, whenever a line reaches “100” it means this was the period where the search term reached its maximum popularity/interest on Google, i.e. people searched for it more than before or after.

It may be no surprise that interest in TLJ peaked around its release date. But what is of much more importance here is the comparison of the popularity when the first teaser was revealed. Please click the graphic to see it better, but TROS only reaches about 50% of the popularity TLJ had on Google when its first teaser/title were revealed. This more or less aligns with the much lower number of views for the teaser on YouTube, 29 million for TROS vs. 44 million for TLJ. Or 34% fewer views.

Next up is a comparison between Solo and The Rise of Skywalker:


TROS is only slightly more popular on Google than Solo when its first teaser was revealed. That cannot be good.

Now let’s compare Rogue One and The Rise of Skywalker:


TROS has maybe 1/2 of the popularity on Google that Rogue One had when its first teaser was released.

And now The Force Awakens vs The Rise of Skywalker:


TROS has maybe 1/4th of the popularity on Google than TFA had when the teaser was first released.

Next up is the chart for The Force Awakens (red line), The Last Jedi (yellow line) and The Rise of Skywalker (blue line), to show you how popularity evolved on Google.


It’s interesting that both TFA (red line) and TLJ (yellow line) were trending about as much on Google Search when the first proper trailer was released, but overall TLJ only ever reached 75% of TFAs popularity on Google. TROS (blue line) is barely visible here, but we only have the teaser so far.

The rest of the article is certainly worth reading.

Most people scoff when I predict that Episode IX will do Solo box office numbers.  But it’s increasingly looking like that’s where it’s heading.

So if Star Wars was saved by Disney, then it was saved for people who are no longer interested because of what Disney has done with it.  It’s like that age-old question; if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If Episode IX is released to the public, and no one is interested in seeing it, does it matter?  No, it most certainly will not.

Even Daisy Ridley doesn’t seem all that interested, judging by her recent Good Morning America interview.  If she can barely be bothered to talk about it prior to release, then where would that leave the general audience?


Daisy Ridley Revises Her Social Media History – Plus A Gift For Reylos!


“Like, …like?” ~Daisy Ridley

David Mack from Buzzfeed stupidly writes:

Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley is vowing never to return to social media, saying her use of Instagram and Facebook is forever “cut off like a Skywalker limb.”

After she was first cast as Rey in the Star Wars films in 2014, Ridley said she found social media amplified critical voices who were mad that the sci-fi series was now focusing on a central woman character.

Except for the fact that no one was mad that the sci-fi series was now focusing on a central woman character, for two reasons.  First, because it was nothing new.  Leia Organa provided the template for the central woman character in modern film, Which Ridley is now attempting to emulate.  So the great civil rights strides that SJWs fool themselves into thinking that they’re making are purely imaginary.  Second, the critics were complaining that Rey is a poorly written female character, which of course she is.  The fact that Sarah Conner and Ellen Ripley were so well written 40 years ago, means that the Rey character represents a regression for women in film.  A fact that SJWs are incapable of comprehending because they’ve stupidly let the past die.

And if you watch Daisy’s recent interview on Good Morning America, she apparently didn’t feel like the lead in Star Wars anyway.

Back to the Buzzfeed interview, Daisy stated:

“I honestly think now with social media and stuff…it’s great to have freedom of expression, but I do feel like people think opinions have so much weight,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“I don’t really think bad vibes should have the sun shone on them,” she added. “Like, I don’t want to read your thing!”

Ridley left Instagram in 2016 where she had amassed more than 2 million followers, saying at the time that she felt pressured to post on the app. (Soon after, she also left Facebook.)

Those who read this blog, are already familiar with the reasons that Daisy Ridley has stated in the past for leaving social media.   So this new telling of the tale appears to be a revision.

When Ridley made the decision in 2016, the star didn’t rule out returning to social media, but she told BuzzFeed News on Wednesday she’s never coming back.

“Cut off like a Skywalker limb,” she said of her relationship with social media, using a turn of phrase borrowed from interviewer Hayes Brown.

Interestingly, Disney is now prohibiting dismemberment in its video games, so Daisy might want to choose her words more wisely or face the wrath of the Mouse.

“Also, when I want to see what my pals are up to, you can just Google it and go to Instagram,” she joked.

Now here’s where the SJW media sycophant is required to laundry list their assigned talking points that we’ve repeatedly discredited here.

Ridley is not the only Star Wars actor to abandon social media. Kelly Marie Tran (Rose Tico) left Instagram last year after being subjected to an onslaught of racist harassment.

An onslaught of racist harassment that was demonstrated to be SJW hate hoaxes, including the Wookieepedia edit which was most likely edited by Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net or one of his close cohorts.

Ridley, who has said social media is bad for people’s mental health, praised Selena Gomez for making headlines last month when she said social media had been “terrible” for her generation because it’s making people too self-involved.

“It’s a useful platform, but it does scare me when you see young boys and girls not really aware of the news going on,’ Gomez said at a press conference. “It’s selfish — I don’t wanna say selfish, that’s rude — but it’s dangerous for sure.”

“Selena Gomez, she put it better than I did,” said Ridley. “It’s dangerous.”

SJWs commonly label the expression of viewpoints other than their own as “dangerous.”

Ridley said she believed social media could be useful, “especially in places where terrible things are happening and they’re cutting off information.”

“It’s great in that respect for people who are in serious and dire situations to be able to be communicating,” Ridley said, “but for the most part I think — no, no, no.”

Watch the full interview with Daisy Ridley if you have to:

But the question we must now ask is, who is in serious and dire situations that they need to be communicating?  Well, how about the cast of the Sequel Trilogy?

Though no academic study or loaded poll has yet tacked the problem, we’ve seen the current crop of “evolved fans” otherwise known as Reylos attack Mark Hamill, we’ve seen them falsify receipts in an effort to attack Ethan Van Sciver, we’ve seen them manufacture a genuine gun threat out of a joke, we’ve seen them harass Star Wars authors, we’ve seen them engage in rape shipping, we’ve seen them dox Adam Driver and harass Daisy Ridley, we’ve seen them upset that Ridley has a boyfriend, we’ve seen them attack Frank Oz, we’ve seen them sexually pester the actors playing Kylo at Disneyland, we’ve seen Lucasfilm representatives chase underage Reylos in online sex chats, and we’ve seen the caliber of their intellectual conversations.

And now there’s something new.

Twitter user Dataracer has uncovered the following:

Here are the images Dataracer posts:









This may or may not be far worse than criticizing a poorly written female character.

So when can we expect the cast of Episode IX and the crew of Lucasfilm to directly address this misbehavior?  When can we expect the sycophantic media to report on this toxicity?  Ever?  Probably not.

But, let’s try a little scientific experiment of our own, and leave a gift here for any Reylos that may be reading this blog post, and then examine the results.

Dear Reylos: Daisy Ridley may have been recently engaged to her boyfriend.  Enjoy!

That Star Wars Girl’s Sister Is Missing


Today That Star Wars Girl discovered that her sister is missing.  Please forward this via email and share it on social media.

Please note that registration to comment on this blog is not necessary.  So tips can be left in the comments section here without registering.






William Shatner has retweeted Anna’s tweet, and encouraged Mark Hamill to do the same.










Feel free to use these Twitter addresses and hashtags to Tweet this blog post or other information to the authorities:



Updates will be maintained on this blog post if and when they come.


You can also Tweet the local media:


Someone has opened up a Reddit thread:








Emotional Support For The Emotional Basket Cases At Lucasfilm

Are you an SJW that falls to pieces at the slightest inconvenience or annoyance?  Well then Lucasfilm recruiting wants you!


These are the people who are now accusing critics of being angry over a “kid’s movie about space wizards and laser swords.”


This porg could use the Kernel’s secret herbs and spices.

Don’t Let Those Space Wizards Give Laser Swords To Your Kids


An SJW interpretation of “Laser Swords”

Recently I wrote about Mirjam Heine, the naive SJW student who is pushing the idea that “Pedophilia is an Unchangeable Orientation” And that society should accept it.  If you missed that spectacle, check it out here:

Many normal readers thought this was nuts.  And some readers thought that my prediction that Star Wars would one day “represent” pedophiles was insane poppycock.


SJW Frida thinks about sex on the edge of puberty.

Behold an article published by Frida Garza of Jezebel entitled, Jezebel Investigates: How Horny Are the Star Wars Movies?  In it, this hard-hitting investigator writes about her experience with watching Attack of the Clones:

The plot didn’t matter much to me at that point. I did not know that Anakin would one day become Darth Vader, or that when Padmé first meets Anakin, he is a child—and in retrospect, I was probably able to enjoy the movie more because I didn’t know these things. What really entranced me was the idea that forbidden love is the sexiest love, especially if you are on the edge of puberty.

It’s starting to make more sense as to why the SJWs at USA Today called for more sex scenes in a kid’s movie about “space wizards with laser swords.”

Why adult SJW writers at Lucasfilm are chasing underage teenagers in online sex chats.

And why the Disney Vice President was recently sentenced to prison for 7 years for child sex abuse.

Are Lucasfilm reps and their adoring SJWs in the media concerned with telling stories?  Or with grooming adolescents?

That’s a serious fucking question.

Oddly enough, this Jezebel writer rated the two Sequel Trilogy films as not horny at all.

Episode VII

How horny?: Staunchly asexual.

Episode VIII

How horny?: Super not horny.

Perhaps Frida is just racist, sexist, and/or misogynist.

Thanks to Alex Wilbury for the tip.

Rian Johnson: “It’s A Bot Thing”


Russian Bots may be responsible for Rian’s political award.

We’ve all read about Rian Johnson’s paranoid obsession with Russian Bots.  SJW’s like Rian blame Russian Bots for everything from their crushing defeat during the 2016 election cycle, to The Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident.  Russian Bots have become the gremlins or leprechauns of SJW folklore.  No doubt Russian Bots are currently busy filling Rian Johnson’s pillowcases with raspberry preserves as we speak.

But now Rian has identified a new duty of the Russian Bot.  The “Christian, father, husband” trifecta.  Rian hilariously explains:

It never occurs to Rian’s SJW pea-brain, that the reason it’s so ubiquitous from his point of view is that he and his fellow SJW vermin are the tiny vocal minority that they accuse normal people of being.  Since reality cannot penetrate Rian’s thick granitine skull, he’s forced to conclude that the ubiquitous nature of “Christian, father, husband” must be the result of dastardly Russian Bots, rather than their simple prevalence in society.

One wonders why Rian doesn’t think that Ethan Van Sciver is a Russian Bot as well.

I believe Ethan was talking about a Russian Bot named Ivan mopping up Rian’s mess.

Lucasfilm Associate Fires Photographer For His PewDiePie Videos

SJWs are known primarily for their sick obsession with race and genitalia.  As such, the narrative that PewDiePie is racist has been ping-ponging around the SJW Collective for a good time now.

To give an example, recently The Seattle Times reported on a viral video of a Seattle teacher ranting and raving about PewDiePie to his students.  You can listen to the unhinged SJW lunacy here, courtesy of The Daily Mail.

When one drone in the Collective thinks a thing, then all drones in the Collective are required to think that thing.  And so, this nonsense regarding PewDiePie has spread like wildfire.

YouTuber Isaiah Photo demonstrates just how far this unthinking hysteria has gone.


In the video below, Isaiah relates an experience he had with a client as a full time freelance photographer.  That client, had an association with Lucasfilm.

Because of that association, and because Isaiah had produced some PewDiePie videos on his own YouTube channel at some point in the past, the client was severing ties with the photographer.  Here is the message that Isaiah received and talks about in his video:


Here is Isaiah’s video on the matter:

Just another day for the politically obsessed Lucasfilm.

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