Disney Saved Star Wars For The Disinterested


Billy just received the news that Disney saved Star Wars!

This has been going on for some time now.  Back in April 2018, as part of my research to develop The Phases of the Geeker Gate, I read multiple SJW “think” pieces on the topic of Star Wars and the supposed “toxic fanbase.”  In a blog post entitled, 20 Points That Slumming Through SJW “Think” Pieces Teaches Us, I wrote the following:


Many of them seem to feel that the Star Wars franchise was going nowhere until Disney purchased it.  They feel this despite a highly successful Clone War stelevision series on the air, and the Sequel Trilogy already being developed by Lucasfilm prior to the Disney purchase.

Not to mention a wildly successful Expanded Universe that was publishing material regularly.  But if you’ve stupidly let the past die, then you wouldn’t be aware of any of that.

Well, SJWs have a strange and unique quality about them, where they do not disappoint while simultaneously disappointing us all at once.  Behold an article by Julia Dzurillay at showbizcheatsheet.com entitled, Why Some Fans Think Disney Saved ‘Star Wars’.  Surprise!

In it she writes:

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is just around the corner. Still, fans have mixed opinions about the sequel trilogy. Some fans think that Disney added life back into the Star Wars Universe. Thanks to Disney’s touch, Star Wars has become its own immersive experience, with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. An original Star Wars television series premieres on Disney Plus. Here is why some Star Wars fans think Disney saved the franchise.

Disney acquired Lucasfilm before the sequel trilogy premiered

On October 30, 2012, Star Wars changed forever, when Disney acquired the franchise for $4.05 billion. As one of the biggest companies in the film industry, Disney created their own extension of this universe, complete with multiple television shows.

Since it acquired Lucasfilm, Disney created their own Star Wars-based television series, Star Wars Rebels, which aired on Disney XD. Disney also created a sequel trilogy to the original Star Wars movies. The first movie in the trilogy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, premiered in 2015. It quickly became one of the highest grossing Star Wars films of all time.

Thanks to Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Plus, some of Star Wars’ television shows and movies will be available for streaming. That includes an original television series about bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe, entitled The Mandalorian. Disney Plus premieres in November 2019.

One wonders why Disney would pay a hefty $4.05 Billion for a franchise in need of saving.  The Condorman franchise needs saving.  Anyone want to pay $4 Billion for it?

Disney can create all it likes.  The real question is, how many will consume what they create?

As with all sequels, the box office for The Force Awakens was representative of the interest in the franchise that the previous installments generated.  If you liked Episode I through VI, you were more likely to want to see more in Episode VII.  This makes the box office for Episode IX terribly interesting because for the first time for a Star Wars feature, people weren’t returning for repeat viewings after the opening weekend of Episode VIII.  And in fact, The Last Jedi now holds the largest sequel to sequel box office drop in cinematic history.  If folks didn’t like what they saw in Episode VII, will they return for Episode IX?  Only time will tell.

Fans have mixed opinions about movies like ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Not everyone loves the sequel trilogy. With Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Star Wars movies welcomed their first female Asian lead character, portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran. After the movie premiered, the actress was bullied by Star Wars fans to a point where she deleted her social media platforms.

So the Narrative is shifting from “toxic fanbase” to “mixed opinions?”  Is the media attempting to soften the blow for the box office failure of Episode IX that is sure to come?

Do we really need to discredit the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident yet again?  For goodness sake, her social media isn’t even deleted.  As of this writing, her Instagram account is still up and only closed to the public.

Still, some fans love what Disney created with the extension of the Star Wars Universe. Some say that this movie added to the story of Luke Skywalker, who is now a Jedi master.

“Whether it’s just for fun, by accident, or for research (especially research because I’m supposed to be goal oriented) I always get distracted by The Last Jedi and can’t stop watching it wherever I may land in it,” said one Twitter user. “And I never fail to utter at some point ‘god, I love this movie.’”

“Man, I used to hate The Last Jedi. I really disliked it, but over the past year and a half hearing people talk about its themes and admiring its visuals, cinematography, music, etc., I’ve come to really love it. It’s probably my 2nd favorite behind ROTS now. It IS Star Wars,” said another Twitter user.

You gotta love that last statement, it’s classic SJW stuff.  It’s clearly a fabricated statement that’s meant to encourage those who hated TLJ to re-evaluate their position and/or prove that TLJ is an unfairly maligned masterpiece.  It’s idiot activism.

Disney created Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Walt Disney World

With Disney and Lucasfilm’s partnership, fans can experience Star Wars in real life. In Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Star Wars plays a significant role. Kids could enroll in the Jedi Training Academy; fans could catch a flight with C-3PO on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. That’s all about to change.

Starting August 29, 2019, Star Wars fans can step into the world of Star Wars at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This is an interactive, immersive experience, complete with dining options and a new ride, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is currently open in Disneyland Park in California.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres in the United States on December 20, 2019.

The theme park that doesn’t feature any original trilogy characters or environments, despite the fact that those are the biggest sellers in the area of merchandise.

But here’s the most important question of all:

If Star Wars is in fact saved, then who exactly is it saved for?

Well, turns out that it’s saved for the disinterested.  Thomas at Jedi Temple Archives reports:

Is Interest In Star Wars Waning?

Every now and then I check the number of views for The Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer on YouTube. And something interesting can be observed. As of now (nearing end of June 2019) the teaser has almost 29 million views on the official YouTube Star Wars Channel. However, the official first teaser for The Last Jedi is at 44 million views. Now, the TLJ teaser has been online for much longer, so it’s to be expected to have more views. But 15 million more views? Who watches teasers once first trailers are available? So how many of these 44 million views for the The Last Jedi teaser are from the time it was first released? Is it possible that interest for The Rise of Skywalker is so much smaller than for The Last Jedi? So I went to Google Trends and looked at how various Star Wars related searches have been trending worldwide on Google for the past five years, and then I compared that with other franchises. The results may spell trouble for The Rise of Skywalker. Click through for some charts and an analysis!

Google Trends is this nifty tool that allows you to see what is trending on Google, how popularity of things like “Star Wars” change over time, at least when it comes to Google Search.

Movie studios use these trends, not just on Google, but social media etc. to predict box office.

So how does Star Wars fare? And especially, how does The Rise of Skywalker fare? If Google Trends is to be believed then there may not be a Rise, but rather a Fall come December. But let’s look at the various graphs I prepared and then we’ll discuss what it could mean, if anything at all. For this I examined worldwide trends, so not just the USA, since Star Wars is a global movie franchise. I looked back 5 years, this includes all of the Disney era movies.


These Google Trends graphs are easy to understand. The maximum is 100, whenever a line reaches “100” it means this was the period where the search term reached its maximum popularity/interest on Google, i.e. people searched for it more than before or after.

It may be no surprise that interest in TLJ peaked around its release date. But what is of much more importance here is the comparison of the popularity when the first teaser was revealed. Please click the graphic to see it better, but TROS only reaches about 50% of the popularity TLJ had on Google when its first teaser/title were revealed. This more or less aligns with the much lower number of views for the teaser on YouTube, 29 million for TROS vs. 44 million for TLJ. Or 34% fewer views.

Next up is a comparison between Solo and The Rise of Skywalker:


TROS is only slightly more popular on Google than Solo when its first teaser was revealed. That cannot be good.

Now let’s compare Rogue One and The Rise of Skywalker:


TROS has maybe 1/2 of the popularity on Google that Rogue One had when its first teaser was released.

And now The Force Awakens vs The Rise of Skywalker:


TROS has maybe 1/4th of the popularity on Google than TFA had when the teaser was first released.

Next up is the chart for The Force Awakens (red line), The Last Jedi (yellow line) and The Rise of Skywalker (blue line), to show you how popularity evolved on Google.


It’s interesting that both TFA (red line) and TLJ (yellow line) were trending about as much on Google Search when the first proper trailer was released, but overall TLJ only ever reached 75% of TFAs popularity on Google. TROS (blue line) is barely visible here, but we only have the teaser so far.

The rest of the article is certainly worth reading.

Most people scoff when I predict that Episode IX will do Solo box office numbers.  But it’s increasingly looking like that’s where it’s heading.

So if Star Wars was saved by Disney, then it was saved for people who are no longer interested because of what Disney has done with it.  It’s like that age-old question; if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If Episode IX is released to the public, and no one is interested in seeing it, does it matter?  No, it most certainly will not.

Even Daisy Ridley doesn’t seem all that interested, judging by her recent Good Morning America interview.  If she can barely be bothered to talk about it prior to release, then where would that leave the general audience?


17 thoughts on “Disney Saved Star Wars For The Disinterested

  1. “I always get distracted by The Last Jedi and can’t stop watching it wherever I may land in it,” said one Twitter user. “And I never fail to utter at some point ‘god, I love this movie.’”

    Thank you Itchy for making me throw up my lunch after reading this. You might need to post warnings on some of these articles. Seriously though when I read asinine statements like this its either mental illness or the most evil charade at work.

    Interesting to note the lower case “g” in the word God.

    As we have all been saying, the decisive battle is Episode IX, how this film performs will decide everything. We will find out in a few short months.

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  2. Judging by those ratios, it looks like you’re right: TROS will make around $500 million total box office. I can’t wait to watch this whole tragedy play out in December.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I completely agree with you on TROS doing Solo’s amount. TLJ killed this franchise but tbh TFA wasn’t great either. After December Disney is gonna have to admit the huge mistake this trilogy was.

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  4. I love the stock messages written by shills regarding TLJ!

    I have been reading shill comments on TLJ. One thing that constantly gets brought up, is how they will say that over time TLJ will be viewed as one of the best of the series! The level of delusion with these folks is incredible. It was TLJ that PUSHED people out the door!

    I realize there are lots of movies that are so bad they’re good, but TLJ doesn’t even qualify for that. It is completely bad from start to finish. And they were being serious when they made it. Unlike those other so bad they’re good movies, which aren’t being serious when they make them and they acknowledge that.

    But when TFA came out, I couldn’t stand it. So I thought TLJ would be somewhat decent. Though after the first trailer hit, I saw images that were leading me to believe that another rehash was on the horizon. And it was not as much of a rehash as TFA was, but it rehashed a lot of stuff from Empire and a little bit of ROTJ. Like the throne room scene which was like 40-45% word for word.

    And Oy Vey with the KMT BS! It was thanks to Itchy’s great analysis that got me to see how much of a false narrative all that was. Itchy did all the hard work and sifted through all those disgusting articles so someone like me didn’t need to. I am thankful for that.

    Because I was seeing people in the comments, blogs etc. that were bringing this up about her being bullied off of SM and stuff. So I didn’t really know what was going on with that. I would just write that it was her problem anyway and I never posted anything to her, I didn’t even know who she was for crying out loud! Because all of TLJ apologists were throwing every person who disliked TLJ into one basket. That basket was also meant for KMT getting off SM. If anyone “dared” criticize TLJ, that means you were also involved for getting her off SM according to these dummies. Once I found the info provided by Itchy and seen one of these clowns pull the “KMT off of SM” cards out, I would throw all of this info right back at them!

    Even today there are people still using this as an excuse because they can’t counter the criticisms over TLJ. They must feel that when backed into a corner and using the old, “well just wait till IX comes out! It’s a trilogy you know…”

    They have to bring out the big guns and pull the KMT “incident: to squash all debate! Well I would tell them, not so fast. And then I would write how the entire incident stemmed from a single tweet from Satr Wars Facts(ironic isn’t it? Since they don’t use facts to begin with) and all of the worthless Proglodyte Savage media just ran with the story and even stated in their articles that they couldn’t confirm if true or not. That was after seven paragraphs of them bitching about how bad we were and we were such monsters to do this to this poor, innocent, no name nobody!

    Well all those publications are either owned by the same idiots that own CNN and MSDNC. And we know that CNN and MSDNC don’t care about facts, so why would the rest of them?

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  5. Interesting data to look at, that last chart shows interest for TLJ peaked at about 75% of TFA, while the home videos sales were about half. So this data thoroughly rebuts that sketchy ‘data scientist’ who claimed that right-wingers were predisposed to hate TLJ, because if that were the case the interest level would have been about 50%, in line with the home video sales.

    And this data plus the home video sales also shows that the ‘repeat viewings’ touted by one of Rian’s pet trolls recently is also a total pile of bullshit. The interest was there, people WANTED to repeat watch it, but it was so terrible that they couldn’t stomach it more than once, and certainly didn’t want to own it to watch again. In fact most people came out wanting it erased from their memory banks.

    That’s why jerky trolls like that Zoller fellow take out their personal frustrations by going online to troll cinema fans, as they strut through the smoking ruins of the industry, crowing about the ‘repeat viewings’ of the ‘masterpiece’ TLJ, knowing FULL WELL that they are lying through their teeth, not even hiding it, and actually having the charlatan pseudo-filmmaker come out to publicly praise them for their disgusting behavior. What a world! It’s a world where they KNOW the emperor has no clothes, but they still go around telling the peasants how stupid they are for not seeing the clothes. They do it for kicks. And the disgusting naked emperor praises them for it!

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  6. It’s articles like this that we’re dealing with assholes like Rian Johnson, Bryan Young, Chuck Wendig, John Campea, Geek Girl Diva, the Wards, Joseph Solano, Brian Larsan, that girl who created the “fanboy tears” mug, Matt Zoller, the Reylos, the people from Screenrant etc. It’s why the Fandom Menace exists in the first place.

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  7. Sad to say I was one of those who initially had high hopes for Disney Star Wars, mostly because I remembered how Lucas messed up the Prequel Trilogy and figured they couldn’t have done any worse. Of course, once TFA came out, it was a total letdown, being a blatant rehash of A New Hope much like Return to the Sea was a rehash to The Little Mermaid (heck, forget that, even Return to the Sea is Oscar award material compared to The Force Awakens, at least Return to the Sea was actually clever with its writing despite being a massive rehash, with the wall element actually being rather ingenious of Ariel and Eric to come up with to protect Melody from Morgana). Of course, Chris Taylor’s “How Star Wars Conquered the Universe” ended up souring my view of the Original Trilogy permanently thanks to it revealing quite blatantly that Lucas wrote Star Wars as Vietcong propaganda with the Rebels themselves being VC expies (while I had some familiarity about how the Empire was America thanks to Bill Whittle’s Afterburner episode Han Shot First, it only indicated that the Ewoks were VC expies [though it did create the implication in my mind that the Rebels were either VC or even their Soviet handlers], which shook my loyalty to the Rebels to the core, as I initially thought the Rebels were American Minutemen or even Charles de Gaulle’s French Resistance in World War II, the non-Communist branch anyway. That came across as a stab in the back moment for me regarding George Lucas, and immensely destroyed what little respect I had for the guy.).

    I’ll admit that I wasn’t particularly fond of The Clone Wars TV series (I saw the movie and wasn’t really impressed with it, and while from what I gather the TV series was an improvement, it still engaged in a lot of retcons, and in hindsight, I wasn’t fond with how it got away with doing a blatant promotion of Che Guevara via the likes of Saw Gerrera. Sure, might have been a bit more… balanced compared to how Peace Walker practically worshipped Che Guevara’s diseased lap, but it’s still not good that they promoted him as a good guy at all. They should have made him a Separatist ally, at least that would have hinted at Communism being bad.), but at this point, I’d rather take that than Rebels or Resistance right now. And I sure as heck would not embrace the sorry bunch who are trying to promote by propaganda the sorry excuse that is the Sequel Trilogy like the ones listed in this article.


  8. I think Disney will inflate TROS box office. They have the money, and they already did it for Captain Manvel this year.
    Disney can’t let people think Star Wars is a dead brand

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    • I’m debating whether they had to spend real money to get the numbers, or if they just ‘suggested’ what the numbers should be. Virtually nothing in print can be trusted these days.

      Liked by 2 people

      I’m about 60/40 on whether Disney will need to cook the books to get it there.
      I’m 100 percent certain they will if necessary.

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  10. The VC allusion disgusted me too, but I wasnt all that surprised by it since it seemed in the 90s and Early Aughts every time there was a major success of a film installment of an IP, he would come out and announce “Oh yeah, that’s what inspired Star Wars. I thought up Star Wars because [popular successful franchise like PJ’s LOTR, or something else]”] He was already on my shit list because of all the things he promised to bring to bear in ROTJ (changing title from Revenge of the Jedi to Return, Ewoks instead of taking us to Kashyyk, writing the dialogue himself instead of hiring actual writing talent as he’d done in ESB.) Lucas committed a lot of MeToo-ism whenever he got in front of the media. I am the most disgusted with him in signing up Mark, Carrie, and Harrison with the promise of doing the sequel and then selling the franchise out from under them. Harrison may or may not have had an in on that deal, but Mark himself implied that he’d been completely betrayed. GL has struck me as a vindictive little man…so his jumping up and declaring it was all about the Vietnam War is a grasping me-tooism aimed at people he knows would be disgusted by it.

    At least, that is the conclusion Ive drawn. Maybe Im completely wrong. But invariably, every time I see/hear GL come out with some new explanation for something, it always strikes me as vindictive and petty. None of the other great directors acted this way…at least I dont think they did. None of them have acted/pouted the way GL, Abrams, and Johnson have.

    Just IMHO


    • There is a good bit of truth in what you are saying. Im not advocating executing Lucas as he is the “father” of the Star Wars we love, but over the years as I have read an learned more about how the OT films were made, in my mind I have come to the conclusion that who is responsible for making the OT great (SW & ESB) is Gary Kurtz. Kurtz left the production of ROTJ over disagreements with Lucas over silly ideas and it shows.


      • Don’t forget Harrison Ford, who apparently did a lot of the directing when Lucas had a breakdown during IV. Also Coppola who made crucial edits. And the Eyes of Laura Mars guy who did Empire with Kasdan. Can you imagine if Lucas had let Spielberg direct the 3rd like he wanted?


      • No, no, no! Kurtz was let go before TESB was even released. He was let go because he almost bankrupted Lucas during the making of TESB. And he couldn’t keep the schedule in check. Kurtz pulled this with both SW and TESB.

        And to prove this point further, Kurtz was producer for both Return to Oz and The Dark Crystal. For the Dark Crystal, which was being made by Jim Henson, a good personal friend of Lucas, Henson couldn’t stand Kurtz! Because surprise-surprise! Kurtz couldn’t keep the film on schedule and the under budget! And Henson was fed up with Kurtz trying to poke his nose around in the creative process. The creative process was Henson’s territory and Kurtz wasn’t wanted in that area.

        Then he did Return to OZ. A Disney film. But again, surprise-surprise! Kurtz f**ked up again! He couldn’t keep the film on time and under budget. So much so that the director, Walter Murch, who was also a good friend of Lucas, had to have Lucas come in and actually pay out of his own pocket to have the film released on time. Thereby saving Kurtz’s ass in the process. Because Disney was just about ready to can Kurtz’s ass before Lucas came in and saved him.

        So no, Kurtz wasn’t a part of the creative team at LFL when the OT was being made. And there is a reason why Kurtz disappeared after the mid 1980’s. The reason why Lucas had health problems during the making of SW77, is because Kurtz was so incompetent that Lucas while taking on the director duties, he then needed to take on producer duties. This while have all kinds of difficulties with the production, Kurtz aside, and working with a shoe string budget, on a movie that most people didn’t think would fly, that is a lot of stress on one man?

        So what did Kurtz do? He spent the rest of his life pushing some serious fiction about how the making of the OT was, to anyone willing to listen to him. And he bashed Lucas every chance he got. Even though Lucas gave this guy a second chance after his incompetence with SW77. But as I just showed, is that Kurtz was a fuck up on every film he worked on. He was never part of any of the creative decisions regarding SW.

        Lucas is the person who created SW. It was his vision that was being put to screen. Yes, other pe9ople helped with the film making process. Just like every other film ever made. Lucas created the characters and wrote the story. He took care of the main parts. Kershner and Marquand were just directors for hire. They didn’t have much creative input as many would like to claim. They all signed contracts that stated Lucas had final cuts of all his films. So at the end of the day, all the stuff that anyone sees on screen in the OT is because Lucas wanted it there. He was totally independent from TESB on. Even with different directors, it was HIS show. And he called all the shots. Not something he gained with the PT, but with the OT as well.


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