Wahman’s Edge


A lack of lines is typically an indication of a closed theme park.

As I wrote about yesterday, Galaxy’s Edge doesn’t seem to be bringing in the crowds.  The desertion of the theme park seems to be continuing apace according to Disneyland News Today




Now, if the theme park were a rip-roaring success, then Disney and Lucasfilm would no doubt brag about the genitalia percentages of their Imagineers.  But now that the park is emptier than Wallyworld closed on a day for cleaning and repair, will anyone be touting the wahman in charge of this fiasco?  Unlikely.

The Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge park was written, designed, built and managed by women. Guess whose fault it’ll be when it fails? #womenbehindthemagic pic.twitter.com/ujcqhISe2R

— Jar Jar (Not) ̶A̶b̶r̶a̶m̶s̶ (@JarJarAbramss) June 30, 2019


Gender equality is closed for cleaning and repair.

Suddenly it makes sense as to why Star Wars Land would celebrate “International Wahman’s Day.”  Who would have thought that pestering people with annoying political indoctrination would drive away customers?

It’ll be interesting to see if they re-package any of these pre-fabricated excuses for low attendance in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Jar Jar Abrams for the tip.


19 thoughts on “Wahman’s Edge

  1. so.. please note:

    the first word in the descriptions after each of the titles in the roster above is …. (drum roll)


    (7 seconds)

    the roof, the roof, the roof is on 🔥



  2. (laugh)… in light of GE failing, the shot of Kathryn Yancey ‘apparently’ working on Hondo or one of his race… just reminds me of this…

    (if the picture doesn’t work https i.imgur.com/Hu6537r.jpg you can figure it out.)


    • (sarcasm) I disagree. (/sarcasm) (truth) I read somewhere that kids can get hormones now without requiring parental approval or even allowing parents to intervene. No idea if this is legal. And that teachers are encouraging kids to become transkids. Hormone therapy before they even start puberty. (/truth)

      (sarcasm) So that is the real purpose of the “droid depot,” estrogen injections for boys(/sarcasm)

      (1:18) (https vimeo.com/50349975)
      (if this vid gets taken down.. it is an SNL spoof commercial for ‘lil poundcake,’ a child’s doll which comes with a dose of HPV vax and some random time, injects it in your daughter, they even have a biohazard ‘sharps’ disposal bin for it at the school)


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