Star Wars Not Worth Mentioning For Hasbro

Thomas at Jedi Temple Archives has the story:


As you can see after several quarters of declining partner brands sales, Hasbro’s partner brands finally see growth again when we compare Q2/2019 to Q2/2018.

Partner brand revenue increased from $208 million in Q2/2018 to $213.4 million in Q2/2019.

However, according to Hasbro’s earnings presentation, that growth is primarily due to Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Spiderman Far From Home. Which is no surprise. Endgame is only the biggest movie of the year.

And the sad news: Star Wars was not mentioned once in the presentation and report. This is the first time in many years Star Wars is not even worth a single mention. We can speculate that Star Wars sales declined once more (maybe not as much anymore). If Star Wars had shown growth Hasbro certainly would have mentioned it. But without movie support and only few new toys on shelves that is extremely unlikely. The real question is if the complete absence of Star Wars in Hasbro’s presentation has a deeper meaning, especially in light of a potential license extension. Maybe not. Maybe the franchise was just not worth mentioning in Q2/2019. This will certainly change for Q4/2019, with Triple Force Friday and the marketing push for The Rise of Skywalker.

You can read the rest of the report here.

“Kylo Ren became the dominating ruler of the galaxy”

Over at Reddit, IllusiveManJr posted an image of what purports to be an official Japanese flyer for Episode IX.



Users in the Reddit thread provided some translations.

In Japanese it says “銀河の圧倒的支配者となったカイロレン” which roughly translates to “Kylo Ren became the dominating ruler of the galaxy”.

I can read Japanese but the text is mostly fragmentary and stuff we already know.

One interesting line does say “Rey, who has awakened the Force and has inherited … [the mantle of the Jedi? Yoda’s stew recipe?]”

“…the tale of the ‘familial love and loss’ of the Skywalker family…”

Something (resistance?) “unfolds across the galaxy”.

The final battle has been entrusted to… (someone).

Could “overwhelming ruler” just be a transliteration of “Supreme leader?”

Edit – twitter OP confirmed that Supreme Leader is not the direct translation

Here’s all lines on the flyer. Use google translate or ask your friends who read japanese language to translate.

I think it has nothing critical to the story of episode 9 and no spoiler at all like other trailers.

スカイウォーカー家を描く 「スター・ウォーズ」完結編

「我々はすべてを伝えた。はるかな歴史が君の中に…」 1977年にジョージ・ルーカス監督によって生み出され、映画界における数々の金字塔を打ち立てた、 エンターテイメント史で”伝説”と呼べる唯一の映画「スター・ウォーズ」。 「スター・ウォーズ/フォースの覚醒」で、全米興行収入ランキング歴代No.1新記録を樹立し、 新たなる伝説の担い手として時代の寵児となったJ.J.エイブラムスが再び監督を務める。 この冬、スカイウォーカー家の”家族の愛と喪失”の物語は、 「スター・ウォーズ/スカイウォーカーの夜明け」によって、ついに42年に渡る歴史に幕を下ろす。

「我々は常に君と共に。誰ひとり消え去っていない」 祖父ダース・ベイダーの遺志を受け継ぎ、銀河の圧倒的支配者となった 伝説のジェダイ、ルーク・スカイウォーカーの想いを引き継ぎ、フォースの力を覚醒させたレイ。 そして、R2-D2、C-3PO、BB-8ら忠実なドロイドと共に銀河の自由を求めて戦い続ける。 生きる英雄レイア将軍、天才パイロットのポー、元ストームトルーパーのフィンら、レジスタンスの同志たち…。 はるか彼方の銀河系で繰り広げられる、 スカイウォーカー家を中心をした壮大な<サーガ>の結末は、 “光と闇”のフォースをめぐる最終決戦に託された……。

For those wondering, on the main poster, below the release date, it says “The tale is reaching its end.” Technically, resolution, but it means generally ‘end’.

The following is a translation of the flyer from Tumblr:


I have re-edited this several times so please see the original post on my blog to see the correct translation!

So some Japanese promo for TROS has cropped up so I thought I would go ahead and translate. Nothing major at all here, but still, it’s more promo than we have received where I am so far, so I thought I would translate anyway. I had a hard time cos the text writer missed some bits, so this has all been revised. Sorry for the confusion.

First off, the title, which I know some already know of, means ‘The Dawn of Skywalker’.

On the main poster, under the release date, there is a slogan. It states, ‘The tale is reaching its end.’

On the second page:

Telling the story of the Skywalker family – [Star Wars] the concluding volume/part/episode.

“We’ve passed on all we know. A thousand generations live in you now…”

This is quoting from the teaser, but interestingly, the translation makes it slightly out slightly different.

“We have told you everything. A long history is inside of you…”

Created in 1977 by director George Lucas, ‘Star Wars’ has led to the creation of numerous monumental works in the world of cinema and, in the history of entertainment, holds ‘legendary’ status as a unique film.

With [Star Wars – The Force Awakens] establishing itself successfully with a new record as no.1 at the national box office, it’s director, J.J. Abrams, became a favourite as the one responsible for this new legend, and is back to direct once again. This winter, following it’s long history of 42 years, the curtains of the Skywalker family’s story of ‘family love and loss’ are finally closed with the release of [Star Wars – The Dawn of Skywalker].

“We’ll always be with you. No one’s ever really gone.”

Again, another quote from the teaser. Again, directly translation is –

“We are already with you. No one is gone.”

Inheriting his grandfather Darth Vader’s dying wish, the dominant ruler of the galaxy, Kylo Ren. Taking on the ideas of legendary Jedi, Luke Skywalker, Rey, who reawakened the power of the Force. Along with faithful droids R2-D2, C-3PO and BB-8, they continue to fight for the freedom of the galaxy. The surviving heroine General Leia, the genius pilot Poe, the ex-Stormtrooper Finn, the comrades of the Resistance… The conclusion of this magnificent [Saga], centered on the Skywalker family, unfolding in a galaxy far, far away, is dependent on a final, decisive battle concerning ‘the light and dark’ of the Force…. … .. .

Again, working off just the main blurb. Nothing ground-breaking, but still interesting to read. It is a translation, so even directly translated, it can sound a bit of but this is normal. I wouldn’t read too much into any of this.

Star Wars Insider Pulls A Vanity Fair

Readers of this blog may remember a short time ago when it became evident that Vanity Fair used Episode VIII images of Luke Skywalker in their issue touting a preview of Episode IX.  Now it appears that Star Wars Insider Magazine is doing the same for their own Episode IX preview.  Here’s the cover for that issue:


Here’s where the image of Leia came from:




Thanks to Ruin Johnson for the tip.

Adult SJWs Suddenly Okay With “Space Wizards And Laser Swords”

Whenever SJWs know they’ve lost an argument with regards to the Star Wars franchise, they instinctively trot out the derisive phrase “space wizards with laser swords.”  It’s meant to belittle any person who has a lingering vestige of interest in the franchise.


She’s a big girl now.

Which is why it’s so immensely amusing and gratifying to watch Lucasfilm SJWs suddenly argue that Star Wars is for all ages.  Geek Girl Diva and Matt Martin do not disappoint.






Thanks to Club Star Wars for the tip.

The High Adventure Of Holdo’s Hair

Feminists like to lecture thinking people about how men and women are equal and exactly the same in every way on every level. Character first, woman second.  See, SJW writers are now required to write characters without gender in mind, because they’re attempting to move our culture towards a genderless society.

Yet when feminists get control of an IP that was predominately geared towards the interests of men, they unintentionally swing the pendulum the other way and write material that would appeal to the stereotypical female, thus making a complete mockery out of themselves.

Enjoy the adventures of Holdo’s Hair Styling:



Maybe the SJWs writing these poorly rendered comic books can treat us to the perils of a Star Wars hair salon.  What’s next?  Reading about Leia’s ex-boyfriend like some kind of mid-century day-time soap opera meant for housewives?  Oh wait…



Thanks to Mr. Roboto for the tip.

NSFW – ChewRey

SJWs like to label any criticism of any form of sexual depravity and/or deviancy as an expression of bigotry.  This, of course, is because the SJW lacks a fundamental understanding of the basic definitions of words.  Each and every one of them is in desperate need of a remedial vocabulary class.  For instance, any criticism of any gay person is considered homophobia by the uneducated SJW.  But there’s a significant difference between a normal gay person and a perverted freak.  That difference lies in civilized behavior, or lack thereof.


Can you distinguish the difference in behavior here?

So the SJW is known to be incapable of distinguishing the difference between romance and perversion.  It’s all the same to the SJW as long as someone is inserting something into somewhere.

So I knew I was in for another descent into depravity when the phrase “star wars sex comics” showed up in the search terms on my WordPress dashboard.


I wondered if Lucasfilm had actually finally gone all the way there, and produced some sort of sex comic.  It’s not an unreasonable suspicion, given that the SJWs at USA Today have publicly called for sex scenes in this “kid’s movie about space wizards and laser swords.”  So I searched for the term myself to see if it would be a good subject matter for another blog post.

Now, this isn’t published by Lucasfilm, but given Lucasfilm’s endorsement of shipping, they’re certainly responsible for encouraging this sort of thing:

I’m not sure what’s more disturbing. This, or Kathleen Kennedy’s tentacle fetish.  The most amusing aspect of this image is that the very same people who created it and will likely defend it, are the very same people who get angry about movie posters showing the butts of wahmen, and then spend time creating this to prove non-existent points:


Anyone else remember this nonsense?

But the ChewRey image reflects the kind of “official” material that we’ll likely be seeing from Lucasfilm in 10 or 20 years, as today’s perverts get hired by Lucasfilm to write stories for children in the future.  And you can bet that they’ll call you a bigot if you dare to criticize it.


Bryan Young Scolds Bad Online Fan Behavior

The middle-aged man who has had online sex chats with underaged teenagers has some advice for other online fans.


Bryan scolds bad fan behavior after taking a swig of their tears.

The following is a series of tweets that came out roughly 25 days after the Reylos had a public argument over him and sexual harassment online.

Bryan Young Tweets:


Because you see, since their position is “bad,” Bryan’s position must by default be good.  Or at least that’s what his self-delusion tells him.


Bad faith bad takes on bad positions from bad actors is a bad look?  It must be the digital medium!  It can’t possibly be Bryan Young’s underaged online sex chat that is the problem here.

Would Bryan be referring to the underaged online sex chats he participated in?  Is he suggesting here that all of those claims made by Reylos just isn’t true?  How would all of those Reylos feel being called a liar by Bryan Young?


Are there any scorned Reylos out there who would like to discuss things civilly with Bryan Young?

Did Galaxy’s Edge Steal Its Title From Sci-Fi Novels?

So let’s briefly go over the growing bullet list of plagiarism claims against Lucasfilm under Disney.

Now another new coincidence has popped up, in the form of a series of books from authors Nick Cole and Jason Anspach, entitled Galaxy’s Edge.


Interestingly, here’s what the description says at

The Galaxy is a Dumpster Fire.

A hot, stinking, dumpster fire.

Amusing coincidences aside, I posed the question to author Nick Cole to get his perspective on the possibility.


Now, it’s possible Nick is being sarcastic.  But as we’ve seen above, other plagiarism claims have been made, so this isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

The Amazon listing for the first book in Nick Cole’s series states that it was published on June 12, 2017.  That’s roughly two years ago.

Disney announced the “Star Wars Land” in 2015, but the name “Galaxy’s Edge” wasn’t yet attached to it, at least not publicly.  The “Galaxy’s Edge” title for Disney’s “Star Wars Land” was not revealed until July 2017 at the D23 Expo.  That’s roughly a month after Nick Cole’s books were published according to  Interesting timing.

It would be interesting to find out if there are any other similarities between Nick Cole’s Galaxy’s Edge books and Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge theme park.  Or similarities between Nick Cole’s Galaxy’s Edge books, and Delilah Dawson’s Black Spire novel, which provides the back story to the Galaxy’s Edge theme park.

If there are more similarities, then this could be reminiscent of the plagiarism claim against Star Trek Discovery with regards to the Tartigrades point-and-click video game.

But who came up with the name for Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge theme park anyway?  Perhaps one of these wahmen is responsible:


Gender equality.

Thanks to Rebracer for the tip.

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