A Galaxy’s Edge Prophecy Fulfilled


Scott explains how mirrors throughout the park allow SJWs to stare at representations of themselves all day long.

Back in February of 2019, Robert Niles from Theme Park Insider wrote the following:

Why Disney’s Star Wars land won’t be the big hit people expect

Lack of original characters

Generation X grew up on Star Wars. But fans won’t find Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Darth Vader when they visit Galaxy’s Edge. Disney has decided to exclude almost all of this franchise’s beloved characters from the land. If fans hated seeing their Han and Luke getting killed off in the new Star Wars movies, at least they got to spend a little time with them on screen in those productions. They will be absent in Galaxy’s Edge, which instead creates new storylines unconnected to the original trilogy that made Star Wars, well, Star Wars.

Galaxy’s Edge might turn out to be the biggest bait and switch in theme park history, as thousands of fans spend huge amounts of money to visit the Star Wars of their youth, only to discover that Disney has created an unrelated land that is, in many ways, “Star Wars” in name only. Imagine the social media backlash when that word gets out.

Unfamiliar world building

Just as Galaxy’s Edge will not feature the most popular Star Wars characters, it will not feature any iconic Star Wars locations, either. No Death Star. No Tatooine. No Coruscant. Instead, Galaxy’s Edge will be set in the Black Spire Outpost on the up-until-now never-heard-of planet of Batuu.

And now blooloop.com published the following about the Galaxy’s Edge approach to Imagineering in April 2019:

So why not create a theme park land based on a place familiar to fans of the 40-year-old-plus film franchise?

“The answer really is we know those places and we know those stories that happen there and we know that we’re not in them,” said Walt Disney Imagineering portfolio creative executive Scott Trowbridge. 

Those two core ideas framed all the decisions made by Lucasfilm and Imagineering throughout the development of Galaxy’s Edge. One: We’re going to a planet we’ve never seen before. Two: You’re the hero of this Star Wars story.

Fandom.com published the following in May 2019:

As Walt Disney Imagineering’s Scott Trowbridge explained, they knew early on that they wanted to build a new location and that the intention was that Galaxy’s Edge was “Not a memory of someone else’s Star Wars story,” but rather a brand new story each guest can directly feel they are a part of, making them “An active participant in the world of Star Wars.”

Now, some might think that making visitors the hero in their own Star Wars story which isn’t a memory of someone else’s Star Wars story, might be the perfect recipe for a generation that is obsessed with staring at representations of themselves for 2 hours on a movie screen.

But what has this actually resulted in?

Ethan Van Sciver talks more about Galaxy’s Edge running out of souvenir stock despite being declared a ghost town.  Incredible souvenir sales?  Or just mismanagement?  You decide!

Drunk 3PO talks about potential layoffs at Galaxy’s Edge.  Maybe that’s why the souvenir shops have trouble stocking their shelves.

Thanks to Dataracer and General Friendliness for the tip.

18 thoughts on “A Galaxy’s Edge Prophecy Fulfilled

  1. But why would I go there?
    I mean, I already know what current Lucasfilm, their representatives and Disney think of me.
    They told me I’m an evil racist mysoginist piece of trash scum of the earth and that this new Star Wars is not for me or for women who think like me.
    So, that is why I’m not going, why my husband is not going and why my children are not going.
    No need to be told to my face how much they hate me but that they still love my money.
    It seems they forgot SJWs never spend money on what they claim to like.
    Anyway… no, never spending a dime on Galaxy’s Dread. Disney can close the park and rework it, but it will still be another feminist failure.

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  2. I am reposting this question:

    Has anyone here been to some version of ‘Flintstone’s City/Bedrock City’ in their past?

    If so, does GE sound like it is basically the same thing?


  3. “The answer really is we know those places and we know those stories that happen there and we know that we’re not in them,”

    What a ridiculous statement. This is another example of their limited imagination. To them, Star Wars locations only exist for the stories that we happen to see in the movies. To them, those locations cease to exist once the main characters leave it and go somewhere else. Luke & co leave Mos Eisley? It’s gone. It ceases to exist. No more stories there.

    That said, I’m glad that they think that way.

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

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  4. Even after all the shit Loserfilm has thrown at the fans in the last year or so, I’m still just blown away by the level of autistic corporate arrogance they display in public, time and time again. They’re like the Microsoft of cinema, Episode 8 was a lot like Windows 8. A product of corporate idiocy, cowardice and groupthink that was internally touted as surefire hit, but on release to the public, was exposed as an incredibly, disastrously bad failed product.

    No doubt the same hubristic internal corporate delusions led Dismal Loserfilm to make these brilliant decisions about building a Disney Wars-only theme park. When they had EVERY asset available to them, to make something truly great that would be a genuinely global attraction.

    But no, instead they chose the route of arrogance, of believing that they knew Star Wars better than the creators and longtime supporters of Star Wars. And this is the result.

    Enjoy those tumbleweeds rolling around your crappy empty park, Scott Trowbridge, and get used to the stench of failure that clings to you forever now.

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    • Also I can’t post youtube links any more but Clownfish TV has some very good videos analyzing the situation:

      This one has some insight into the Disney corporate culture being incapable of dealing with negative feedback:

      And this one today about impending layoffs:

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      • I’ll be looking up their vids. In general, I find Clownfish difficult to watch when the couple are on together. The wife is perpetually interrupting her husband’s thought that I’m trying to follow. Some of their views are a bit too left of centre for me to remain subscribed.

        Thanks for your post, TDFF. You can imagine my excitement as more news rolls in about Disney’s failed ideas. That they’d produce bold-faced lies to cover their awful plans is no surprise, especially after they monkeyed with Rotten Tomatoes and then with the Box Office numbers from Capt Marvel, which I would be VERY interested in seeing. Don’t they have to, for legal reasons, disclose the true figures? Something about shareholders and stuff?

        After years of reading shill abuse funded by Disney rats, this is very VERY sweet Karma (as McFrozenNuggets mentions below).

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        • I can’t wait till they debut the new droid at Galaxy’s Edge!

          The droid will be named, “R2-METOO!”

          R2-METOO just sits there and if any Male visiting the park, touches R2-METOO, or just even glances at it in a rude manner, the droid will just start blaring an air horn, with sirens blasting as Di$ney security escorts that person off the property.

          Gee, isn’t Di$ney swell…(/S)

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        • Haha brother I feel your pain, I was EXACTLY the same way about Clownfish, in fact I only subbed yesterday. I had held off because the wife is too loud and interrupts too much! You’re exactly right that the dude gets going down an interesting train of thought and she completely derails it with her A.D.D interruptions. There was a third video they had about GE that I didn’t link because she’s on it, doing exactly what you said, interrupting and derailing and being too loud. The guy on his own though, seems to be a good source of info/analysis.

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          • When Kneon’s on his own, his vids are interesting, to say the least. And of late, both he and his wife have kinda taken the gloves off as far as Disney’s treatment of the fans. Which, I recall they were a bit hesitant to do so. They’d go over some shill-troll sites to comment, but over-all, I felt a hesitation that’s now gone. They’re telling it like it is, and they’re NOT happy with Mickey.

            But good call on those links, TDFF; I took the time and was ~not~ disappointed.

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          • I like Geeky when she’s there. Yes there is the odd break in flow, but I understand and there is passion there. I think she always adds at least something to what they are discussing, and I know she plays the ‘..and *i’m* a woman’ card a lot, but that is important. It gives the fandom menace a type of validation that guys in it can’t. She’s red pilled and I’m glad she’s speaking about it.

            I think this is my favourite video of theirs and she is in fine form here.

            I know there is a lot of redundant coverage of drama and whatnot between the various youtube channels (which i have no problem with), but Clownfish has had at least a few first-in-the-water videos and seem to have some insider knowledge and contacts which adds to ambiance of the various dumpster fires.

            Anyways, I’m just saying I don’t mind, and I watch most of their stuff.

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