Did Riz Ahmed Lie About His Airport Detention And Absence From Celebration?


Riz might be nuts.

Riz has been going on about being harassed at airports for some time now.

It’s a big issue for him.  But as we know, SJWs routinely commit hate hoaxes in order to prove political points that don’t exist.  Entire lists are curated of them.  The most popular hate hoax to date might be the Jussie Smollet case.  And of course, we must never forget the fully exposed Tea Party infiltrators.  The hate hoax is the SJW’s primary form of activism.  So can we believe Riz here?  Let’s examine the story.

On June 26th, 2019, The Hollywood Reporter published the following interview with Rogue One star, Riz Ahmed, who spoke at the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in Ojai, CA, which “hosted its three-day Amplify leadership summit focusing on diversity and multicultural issues across entertainment, sports, tech, and politics.”

On a more serious note, Ahmed discussed how for 15 years he’s been consistently stopped, searched and interviewed at airports because of his race, and just last month, was headed to a Star Wars convention in Chicago when Homeland Security stopped him from boarding the plane.

Pointing to Minhaj, Ahmed said, “He can win a Peabody, I can win an Emmy, Ibtihaj Muhammad can go to the Olympics, but some of these obstacles are systemic and we can’t really face them alone, we need your help. I’m basically here to ask for your help, because it’s really scary to be a Muslim right now, super scary. I’ve often wondered, is this going to be the year when they round us up? if this is going to be the year they put Trump’s registry into action? If this is going to be the year they ship us all off?”

Adding that the easiest way to win elections today is with Islamophobia, Ahmed called for improvement in how Muslims are represented, starting with research and data, creating a framework and building institutions that people like he and Minhaj can support.

“How I do what I do is because like all of you here, I’m a code-switcher,” Ahmed said in closing. “We all know how to change the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we walk as we enter one room or another. We all know how to navigate terrain that isn’t of our own making. That’s how I can do it, but that’s not why I do what I do. The why is because I don’t want to have to code-switch anymore.”

First off, let’s discredit the registry/concentration camp nonsense.  The only two U.S. Presidents who actually established genuine registrations and concentration camps in America were Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson established the German concentration camps in during WWI in Hot Springs, N.C. and Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

4-term Liberal Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered all American enemies to register.  Most SJWs like to prattle on about the Japanese internment camps that FDR signed into existence with Executive Order 9066.  But what SJWs either don’t know or would prefer not to talk about, are the German and Italian internment camps that FDR also signed into existence.  FDR also interred Latin Americans.  True to form, FDR’s internment camps were multicultural.  And yes, this fully takes into account The Great Southern Strategy Switcheroo Myth.  So as long as we don’t have a liberal progressive President, we should be fine.  And no, the immigration detention centers are not concentration camps.

Second, The Hollywood Reporter article was published in June.  In June, “just last month” would have been May.  Which makes one ask, then why did SW_Celebration post this on April 12th?  What’s the nature of this discrepancy?  Time compression?




Note how the phrase “circumstances beyond his control” is conveniently vague.

Purportedly Riz was detained at an airport sometime between April 1st and April 12th where he attempted to board a plane bound for Chicago.  The other thing is, Riz isn’t quoted directly addressing the purported detention at the airport.  The writer of the article, Elyse Frelinger, is making those comments instead.  So what did Riz actually say?

Initially, I wasn’t interested in this story.  But at the urging of Dataracer, I read more of the articles to see if there was more to the story.  Let’s peruse some of the articles that reported on these statements, and see if any further details about the incident can be gleaned.

i09 quotes Riz speech about the imaginary Trump registry, but that speech does not say anything specifically about being detained and delayed for Star Wars Celebration 2019.  i09 has reached out to Lucasfilm for comment but has not heard word back as of this writing.

IndiWire also quotes the same Trump registry speech.  But cites no specific details or comments about the purported detention.

ScreenRant also quotes the non-specific Trump registry speech.

NME also quotes the same vague Trump registry speech.

Digital Spy, the same Trump registry speech.

MovieWeb, same Trump registry speech.

People, same Trump registry speech.

The Mary Sue, same Trump registry speech.

Comicbook.com, same Trump registry speech.

ScienceFiction.com, same Trump registry speech.

Yahoo Lifestyle, same Trump registry speech.

Metro UK, same Trump registry speech.

Gizmodo UK, same Trump registry speech.

Buzzfeed, same Trump registry speech.

CBR.com, same Trump registry speech.

ScreenGeek.net, same Trump registry speech.

Star Wars Underworld, same Trump registry speech.

USA Today, same Trump registry speech.

Fox News added a new quote:

Ahmed also made note of Uighur Muslims being detained in China, as well as the influence of nationalism on Brexit, adding, “I think lives are quite literally at stake here. The representation of Muslims on screen — that feeds the policies that get enacted, the people that get killed, the countries that get invaded.”

As did the Huffington Post.

The Los Angeles Times added this quote:

“The same people swabbing me for explosives want selfies,” Ahmed joked.

That represents the first three pages of a Google search on the matter.

Dataracer was right.   All of these publications quote Riz talking about imaginary Trump registries, and code-switching, and selfies, and representation of Muslims on screen.  Almost all of them merely repeat what The Hollywood Reporter published, and all of the statements are vague.

None of them quote Riz saying anything containing the words, detention, Chicago Celebration, Star Wars, etc.  Those words do not appear within quotation marks together.  It’s quite possible that he did specifically address these things, but the articles don’t report on it if he did.  All of the statements about being delayed on his flight to Chicago because of being detained, all come from the activist writers of these articles, not from Riz himself.

So we can ask if Riz is lying about this incident, except that he didn’t actually say anything specific about it at all according to these reports.  Rather, the media writers who authored these articles are saying these things instead.  So is the media lying?  Are they exaggerating?  Are they accurate?  We won’t really know until we receive a reliable transcript or recording of the event.

This is eerily reminiscent of the infamous Kelly Marie Tran NY Times op-ed, where SJWs everywhere claim that she wrote point-blank statements about her Instagram account when in reality it was her editor who wrote the point-blank comments instead.  Or even earlier when I went through garbage tier article after garbage tier article about the KMT Instagram Incident and determined that the writers of those articles were merely using a vague incident to push their politics.  This was all too familiar.

So I started to do some more digging and came across this article by Dominic Ponsford at The Press-Gazette UK from May 24th, 2013.

Freelance journalist wins libel payout from Reluctant Fundamentalist actor Riz Ahmed over ‘bigot’ tweet

Actor Riz Ahmed has apologised and paid damages to a freelance journalist he accused of being a “bigot” and falsely claimed had punched him.

The star of film The Reluctant Fundamentalist made the allegation on Twitter in June last year against freelance journalist Hardeep Singh. The tweet was in response to an article written by Singh for the Telegraph headlined: “It’s time to stop using the word ‘Asians’”.

The actor has now apologised and agreed to pay substantial damages, a proportion of which Singh is donating to the charity Help for Heroes.

In his apology Ahmed states: “As you know, on 9 June 2012 I posted a Tweet to my followers on Twitter in which I accused you of being a bigot following the article you wrote that was published in the Telegraph entitled: It’s time to stop using the word ‘Asians’. I also alleged that you had tried to punch me at the Jazz Cafe.


What are the chances that an SJW who committed a hate hoax in the past, is committing a hate hoax again more recently?

Suddenly Riz’s credibility falls through the floor, particularly since neither himself nor any of the reporters in the media provide any specifics regarding his claims of being prevented from attending Celebration as a result of being detained at the airport.

Now, TSA/DHS has responded to detention claims before.  We can only hope they’ll respond to this claim as well, and I’ll be tagging them on Twitter when I tweet out this blog post.

But we can also make a Freedom Of Information Act Request of the TSA and DHS for records or footage of any such detainment.  But to make that request, we need the following information about the incident:

•Specific dates or a date range (ex. March – September of 2018)
•Specific topic (ex. Number of loaded firearms detected at the checkpoint; Name of contracting company, contract number, and services provided)
•If asking for correspondence, the relevant parties’ full names and office\airports

All of which are pieces of information that none of the media outlets listed above are reporting, or that Riz is communicating.  What a coinkydink.


RINO 4563 makes an interesting observation:


12 thoughts on “Did Riz Ahmed Lie About His Airport Detention And Absence From Celebration?

  1. Well, this guy is a muslim. Their death cult has this thing called taquiya, which allows a muslim to lie to infidels if it helps them infiltrate and promote their death cult.
    Therefore, no muslim is to be trusted of being honest.

    Liked by 2 people

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  3. Excellent work Itch. He’s been coming out with stories like this for years, there was also one he told about getting called a racial slur at a soccer match, probably also a lie. He can pull anything like that out of his butt and the entire mass media will gather round him and give him the sympathetic attention he craves, cooing and petting him, and weeping about the terrible cruel injustices of our fascist racist Western society. Oh, why can’t we be free and fair, like the Muslim countries!!!!!! Sarcasm!!!!!

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  4. I particularly hate being butt fondled at the airport and other places and find it dehumanizing, demeaning and shameful that such a thing has to happen in a free society. People have blanked out why this is being done to them, and act like sheep in the lines. For me, I understand and acknowledge that the reason this is being done is because of a Jihad that was called on the west by Muslims. Not the pre-9/11 assimilated Muslims of yesterday, who lived peacefully in the US and voted Republican, but the new first and second generation imports post 9/11. As far as I’m concerned, Riz Ahmed should be given a body cavity search every time he flies. Just for old times sake.

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  5. The left has been committing hate hoaxes for quite a while now. And they get this boldness in the era of President Trump.

    Whenever I may read a progressive blog, site, etc, there are many times when they all seem to have the same story. Like one of the biggest uses of this, is when they spit out anecdotal screeds that usually involve White Males, Wearing MAGA hats, wearing Confederate flags or Nazi symbolism.

    So I really take all of these cases with a huge grain of salt. Trump has now become the cause of the entire worlds ills and problems! (rolls eyes)

    And yes Itchy, this is definitely a KMT copy cat hoax it seem? I would bet money on it! These idiots know they can spew any garbage, and facts be damned, as long as they include, “orange man bad!” in their rambling. That is all it takes to get the Marxist Stream Media.

    But more importantly, who the F*** is Riz Ahmed? He is just some stupid ass back bencher who played an insignificant part in ONE SW film!

    Liked by 1 person

    • He has “minority” and “muslim” SJW victim points. In the victimhood pyramid, muslim is only below gays and transexuals, so for the liberal press that’s enough to make it a huge deal, even if we all know it’s a hate hoax and lies.

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    • He was also the bad guy in Venom. That’s the only other movie I recognize him from.

      At least he’s not being a hypocrite and complaining that there shouldn’t be so many Muslim bad guys in films.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah yes that he was. I only seen that Venom movie and don’t ever plan on seeing it again.

        What is funny though, during the promotion of Rogue One, it was Ahmed who jokingly said that “Jar Jar Binks won’t be in this film!”

        But if anyone watches RO, he Was the Jar Jar Binks of that film! Just watch how he acts and deals with people. He personally reminded me of Mr. Furley from Three’s Company. Except Riz’s character wasn’t funny, he was just doofy.

        Liked by 1 person

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