Comments And Optics From Galaxy’s Edge Attendees


Drunk 3PO recently posted the following video to YouTube:

Since then, he’s been getting some interesting remarks about Galaxy’s Edge in the comments section from people who claim to have been to the theme park.

Those comments are posted below, mixed in with images courtesy of General Friendliness, of the Galaxy’s Edge park from a week after it’s opening.


The wait time for the Millenium Falcon reportedly dropped from 4 hours to 35 minutes. But if 50 minutes in Star Wars time is 20 minutes in real time, does that mean that 35 minutes in Star Wars time is 14 minutes in real time?


Here’s a comment from Drunk 3PO’s video:





























Here’s another Drunk 3PO video:

I wonder if the Sequel Trilogy Only policies might have anything to do with this.

9 thoughts on “Comments And Optics From Galaxy’s Edge Attendees

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  3. This just simmers away in the back of my mind… I’ve said a few times that SW is dead to me. I wish I had never consumed any of this DSW media. I wish i could un-know what KK’s shit-laden product tastes like, but I don’t really care that it is dead. My interest lies in the culture war, and the moves and reactions of Disney and its supporters vs. the detractors and the general public. It is a convenient test cell of the bigger picture and easy to understand and measure.

    The sheer ignorance and/or arrogance of the people who are green-lighting this stuff is mind boggling.

    The single biggest question in my mind is also being asked all over… Why didn’t they use the original trilogy as the foundation?

    The dollar value of the experience is being called out over and over.

    so, to put it plainly:
    Q: how do you guarantee a venture to be a failure?
    A: make it irrelevant to interested people with money and then price it out of reach of the only people who do care.

    There is a thing kicking around sometimes known as the worst business deal in history, and it is the sale of ‘The Learning Company,’ a software property of Kevin O’Leary of Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank fame, to Mattel. It is how O’Leary made his fortune and it nearly bankrupted Mattel (I don’t care how accurate this sentence is). TLC almost literally crumbled the moment the cheque cleared.

    Quantitatively, DSW may or may not end up being worse when we look back in 10 years or whatever.

    Qualitatively though, TLC was a bill of goods only. It was overvalued at the time of sale.

    Starwars, in contrast, at the time of sale was an ongoing concern. A machine in good working condition that was printing money. It has been squandered, ‘Rian Johnsoned’ and disfigured beyond repair. (big thanks to whomever here pointed out the “Rian Johnson” entry over at urban dictionary… It is glorious) Theres a joke about great-grandfather’s axe which seems applicable here too.. It has had the handle replaced 5 times and the head replaced twice.

    I’m dying to know what the conversations in Disney’s boardrooms and at shareholder meetings sound like. Is it possible that Iger and/or Kennedy could be sued for gross negligence?

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