Aerial Evidence Of Barren Galaxy’s Edge

Recently I published a post with optics and comments from Drunk 3PO’s YouTube video, which showed poor reviews and empty vistas.

Now take a gander at Galaxy’s Edge from a bird’s eye view. You can’t make a couple dozen people look like a massive crowd from this viewpoint.

Courtesy of Nearmap and which published the headline:

Fewer crowds at Disneyland’s Star Wars:  Galaxy’s Edge?

Aerial images offer evidence

Many have noted how attendance this summer at Disneyland seems lighter than anticipated with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

And recent photos of the park taken from high above offer some anecdotal proof.

The overhead shots, taken by aerial-imagery specialist Nearmap, offer a unique perspective on the buildings and crowds.

From this vantage point, you get a good idea of just how large those 14 acres are in Galaxy’s Edge. You also can see how it absorbs the crowds.

Guests and Disney-dedicated bloggers have noted how Disneyland has been less crowded than usual, and while the overhead photos (taken July 4, according to Nearmap) seem to prove it, they do record just one moment in time.

Now remember, when you start counting people, some percentage of them has to be employees.










SC Reviews comments:



15 thoughts on “Aerial Evidence Of Barren Galaxy’s Edge

  1. Is DWorld the same way? No chance this could be attributed to people terrified of contracting the plague or whatever from Kalifornia lately? Maybe Brie could see her way to pay for disadvantaged coloured girls to come visit? The chances of them making it there otherwise is zero.


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  5. When I first heard word that Disney was going to produce this highfalutin’ Star Wars entertainment theme part: I was genuinely worried. I envisioned families–oblivious to the underlying Social Justice lining everything in SW–taking their hard-earned money and just dumping it in Disney’s coffers. I grieved to think these oblivious customers would bask in all kinds of super-fun mindless entertainment while Iger and Kennedy grinned, assured that their plans to destroy an IP without anyone noticing had been successful. I saw Iger and Kennedy giving the “Fandom Menace” the finger as they taunted saying, “See? We’re BETTER than youuuuu are!” like some arrogant kid in a school playground.

    The last thing I anticipated was an abandoned theme park during summer holidays, Disney desperately trying to do damage control while remaining determined not to change their ways.
    Buying the LucasFilm franchise: 4.01 Billion, US
    Creating Galaxy’s Edge ensuring it has few links to the OT: 1 Billion, US
    Watching Iger’s and Kennedy’s faces as both flop? — Priceless.

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