Lippincott Has Lippinfit Over “Ugly Fan Behavior”

Readers of this blog may remember Charles Lippincott, the man who helped to market and merchandise the Original Trilogy, and who is currently working on a book about the Alien movie franchise.


Charles laces his dentures with LSD.

Back in March of 2019, Lippincott had a Lippinfit, in which he helped to spread lies about Rebel Force Radio.  He also babbled something incoherent about democracy and getting laid.  A few days after my initial blog post, Lippincott had another Lippinfit.  He mumbled something unintelligible about the purely imaginary alt-right, and the drones in his Collective then cheered him on.  And now, Lippincott is having his third known Lippinfit.


Well Charles, the Force is an invention of George Lucas and doesn’t actually exist.  So if you believe in it, then you have bigger problems than butting chests.

But what is the “ugly fan behavior” that Lippincott refers to?  Is it the “evolved” Reylos who dox and stalk Adam Driver?  Is it Jason Ward from editing the KMT Wookiepedia entry with racist comments to stir up artificial controversy?  Is it LFL rep Bryan Young chasing underaged Reylos in online sex chats?  Is it Antifa Star Wars fans assaulting another man’s head?

Unlikely.  “Ugly behavior” in the dippy hippy world is the expression of opinions that differ from that of Charles.  Such as this:



The mainstream media supported the war?  What on Earth is Charles talking about?  It’s the mainstream media that invented the Napalm Girl Narrative for cryin’ out loud.

Well, Charles, you and your fellow uneducated comrades can read all about your historical and geopolitical misunderstandings right here.

But what’s really interesting about Lippincott’s disposition here, is his promotion of J.W. Rinzler’s Alien Book.


One wonders if Lippincott is aware of Rinzler’s ill-fated project, “The Rise And Fall Of Star Wars.”  Would that book have been considered “ugly behavior?”  Only Charles can tell us.


11 thoughts on “Lippincott Has Lippinfit Over “Ugly Fan Behavior”

  1. I would like everyone on here to reach back in their memories and think about if there was any action, situation, statement or otherwise in the OT that would cause you in anyway to ever associate the Rebels with a background of floating cutesy hearts. Again these people are mentally ill.

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    • Well, in a way they were, due to them revolting against the Hollywood studio system. And that’s not even getting into how Lucas created Star Wars as Vietcong propaganda to the masses (and I STILL hate that revelation). Too bad he supports that crap rather than condemning it.

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  2. Honestly, the fact that George Lucas considered this creep suitable for marketing the Original Trilogy speaks more of Lucas than usual, and not in a good way (especially in light of Lucas making very similar comments in various stuff, like how he’s “for pure democracy and not capitalistic democracies”, or denouncing corporations as evil and how they shouldn’t own government, singing praises for the Soviet film industry and implying it’s better than the Hollywood film industry, among others).

    And I’d suppose Lucas would know a thing or two about so-called “ugly fan behavior” of the sort Lippincott described since, you know, he himself engaged in a lot of it by micromanaging the franchise starting with Return of the Jedi, and constantly bragging about his basing the Rebels on the Vietcong and that America is the Empire. And if I must be honest, Lippincott’s reminding me of those internet trolls who mess up stuff on various internet forums, and the mods who blame others for trying to stand up for themselves instead of punishing the actual trolls, something I’ve experienced all too well first-hand. Heck, forget that, he’s reminding me of some rather terrible professors at College, like Matt Dolloff, Thomas Anderson, and Dr. Richard Barton Palmer, who taught American Literature, Film, and Chaucer, respectively, and they most certainly used their positions as professors as a bully pulpit for their far-left views. Heck, Thomas Anderson in particular was old enough to remember protesting against Vietnam, and has even repeatedly implied he hated the military and seems to think America went to Vietnam for Tin deposits, instead of getting rid of Communism.

    So far as his comment about Star Wars and Apocalypse Now, it’s an extremely disgusting revelation, that Lucas basically used Star Wars to push the messages he intended to push in his rendition of Apocalypse Now before THX-1138’s failure forced him to abandon his initial version of Apocalypse Now, and that he essentially manipulated countless Americans into rooting for Communism. Even more disgusting that he went through with it despite not only Reader’s Digest doing an expose on the Vietcong’s war crimes back in 1968, but also the events of Vietnamization, the boat people, the reeducation camps by the NVA, not to mention the events in Cambodia occurring during Star Wars’ development. Unfortunately, what Lippencott said in that post about Apocalypse Now is indeed very much true, the bit about how Star Wars is George Lucas’s Apocalypse Now, as Walter Murch and Lucas himself can attest to. In fact, with the latter, he practically says it in J.W. Rinzler’s The Making of Star Wars. Lippincott is certainly wrong about mainstream media support for the war. Aside from Napalm Girl, the mainstream media was also responsible for showing multiple camera angles of ONE ruins of a Boeing cargo transport plane in order to imply strongly that they were being shot down at an alarming rate, making a lot of tasteless remarks about soldiers including implying they killed babies, actually going out of their way to aid Vietnam Protestors, and that’s not even getting into how Walter Cronkite handled the Tet Offensive (and there’s also evidence to suggest that Cronkite’s lying through his teeth about what happened there was ultimately the straw that broke the camel’s back and drove LBJ to think he doesn’t even have a hope in winning reelection in 1968). Heck, if anything, the mainstream media was on his and Lucas’s side, not those who actually supported the war. Note how the third-largest parade during 1968 was a parade PROMOTING the Vietnam War. You wouldn’t know about it because the mainstream media elected to ignore it in favor of college protests against the war. As far as parents supporting the war, that’s in the gray area. My maternal grandparents went out of their way to make sure my uncles couldn’t serve in Vietnam including having one of them stay in college indefinitely. Of course, I personally blame the media for its slanted reporting on the war. And quite frankly, it’s because of Lucas, Lippincott, and Murch specifically basing the Rebels on such an evil group like the Vietcong that I’m a massive Empire supporter now, and I don’t even like rooting for villains and would normally go out of my way to avoid that, so if they do something that forces me to make an exception against rooting for villains, you know they screwed up big time.


  3. I keep saying it, everyone really needs to familiarize themselves with how much influence Gary Kurtz had on the first two OT films and the absurd ideas Lucas had that he made sure did not see the light of day. Remember, Gary Kurtz was not involved with ROTJ, he quit because he refused to go along with what Lucas was mandating and was vehemently against there being a second Death Star (one of the many issues that show through the cracks of ROTJ).

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