10 thoughts on “Doomcock’s Spies Report From Galaxy’s Edge

  1. Ah, good old Doomcock! A true patriot of the Fandom Menace! Like many others on this blog. As well as many more from all corners of the TRUE Fandom!

    All the intelligent true fans have been quite aware of this situation. It is the brain dead Di$ney War$ fan girls who spend day in and day out that are trying to delude themselves that Star Wars is in, ‘great shape” and has never “been better!”

    Well I hate to break it to them, but IX will be a stupendous FLOP! All the crying will do nothing to change this! Absolutely nothing! Calling people “racist”. “sexist” and “misogynist” is done. Those words are meaningless and have zero effect on the people they try to use it against. Those words have lost meaning for some time. So thanks you scummy proglodyte savages! For making these words obsolete. Just like your narrow “WOKE” world view which is on the brink of becoming extinct while I type this.

    Eventually when too much money is lost, that is when your proglodyte savage handlers will tell you to stop with your virtue signaling trash!

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    • I’m pretty sure that the articles that will appear in the Legacy Media are already being typed up on keyboards in preparation of a cinematic failure, along side glowing articles about how the New Age is so perfectly displayed in this wonderful feature movie. Rotten Tomatoes already has the “Nuh uh, you can’t say anything bad about Dizney mooveez” put in place, so that part’s safe.
      The only nagging element remaining: double-speaking how the Fandom Menace is too small and insignificant on the one hand, while being too large to ignore for the next 12 months, require much doubling down and quotes from hero Rian Johnson.
      Yeah, I think they’ve got this all covered already. Didn’t Dizney admit they were getting better at shutting up the Fandom, proving it with Captain Marvel and sketchy numbers about box office victories?

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      • Well when that shite fest IX rolls into town, then and only then will they realize that this war has already by us, the Fandom Menace!

        But like you stated that, the $hill media will crying that it is in, “safe hands” and that the only people who are hating on it is a, “small vocal minority!”

        But no matter how hard they $hill, it won’t make money fall from the sky and turn profits like the believe it will.

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  2. I was willing to hold back from counting on anything Galaxy’s Edge but what a shit show. How could a muli-billion dollar corporation fuck up a theme park attraction so badly!?? I’d sooner visit the actual Tatooine set in Tunisia than lay down any coin on this travesty.

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