Small World Out Performs Smuggler’s Run By Nearly Double

Star Wars: GalaxyÕs Edge - Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Nobody’s head is in this cockpit.

According to, Smuggler’s Run is a 5-minute ride.


This 5-minute long ride has the capacity to serve 1,800 passengers per hour according to Hollywood reporter for The New York Times, Brook Barnes, as reported on by Outer Rim News.


But the ride is not open 24 hours a day.  According to the official website, it is open daily from 8:00 AM to Midnight.


That means that the ride operates for 16 hours daily.


A capacity of 1,800 passengers per hour, multiplied by 16 hours, gives us a daily capacity of 28,800 passengers daily.


Charlie Hall from Polygon, breathlessly reported that the 1 Million riders number which Disney Parks Blog touted, came to 24,000 riders per day.


According to Wookieepedia, Smuggler’s Run opened on May 31st, 2019.


The date of Polygon’s article, was July 19th, 2019.   So between May 31st and July 19th, there were 49 days.


The 1 Million figure divided by 49 days of operation, comes to a little over 20,000 riders per day.


So there is roughly a 3,600 disparity here in the number of daily riders.

To arrive at the 24,000 per day figure, it would have had to have been calculated on the 41st day of operation.  One million riders, divided by 24,000 riders per day, gives us 41 days.


So either Charlie Hall from Polygon is inflating the number of riders per day, made an error, or he calculated this number and wrote his article 8 days before it was published.

But let’s go with the 24,000 riders per day figure anyway.  A capacity of 28,800 riders per day, minus 24,000 actual riders per day, gives us a difference of 4,800 riders.


So even at Polygon’s 24,000 riders a day figure, this would mean that the ride is operating under capacity at 4,800 riders per day.

But that’s not all.

Brady MacDonald at the OC Register has a different figure, of 27,000 per day, 54 days out from the opening day. 27,000 riders per day multiplied by 54 days, is just short of 1.5 million.


So are we to believe that between July 19th (the date of Polygon’s article), to July 24th, (the date of the OC Register article), that the attendance shot up by nearly half a million riders in only 5 days?

Even if we give Polygon the benefit of the doubt, and accept that they wrote their article 8 days prior to its publication, that’s still only a period of 13 days.  Nearly half a million riders in 13 days?

Does that make sense after seeing images on the ground and from orbit of a barren vacant Galaxy’s Edge?

And here’s another kicker, as reported by the OC Register:


So if that is accurate, then all of those earlier numbers look universally poor no matter how activists may have fudged them.  And keep in mind, we have no idea what percentage of the 24,000 or 27,000 riders per day may be Disney employees.

The capacity of some other Disneyland rides is listed here for those who are interested.

The OC Register reports:


Ha!  No kidding!

Readers are invited to check my math.


3 thoughts on “Small World Out Performs Smuggler’s Run By Nearly Double

  1. Man, if even a ride like Small World (a ride that’s notorious for having a very annoying son that drives people crazy, with even The Lion King referencing the song’s infamous reputation at one point) manages to sell better than Galaxy’s Edge, it really IS unpopular.

    Liked by 3 people

    • That ride needs a new update with a left leaning slant to it.

      The ride will just float in a nasty river that goes through San Fran and LA only showing bums, tents, syringes everywhere. They will have electronic bums pooping in the streets. Then their will be electronic cops with face masks on fighting of the giant rats with Bubonic plague.

      They should call it,

      It’s a filthy progressive State!

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  2. Capacity is actually just over 500 riders per hour by my accounting. 7 booths, 6 riders per booth. Ride time is just under 5 minutes, round up for entry/egress. So max 42 riders every 5 minutes gives us 504 per hour.

    I saw the article about 1 mil riders 7 weeks after opening. But even running 24 hours a day at max capacity would be just shy of 600k riders after 49 days.


    Liked by 1 person

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