Rian Johnson Killed What We Loved, To Save What We Hate

Recently, Rian Johnson tweeted out the following self-aggrandizing image:Rian1

To which my cousin asked:Rian2

Rian has yet to comment on the Bloomberg article.  But the man who feels that myths aren’t made to sell toys really ought to comment on it, given that his film may be largely responsible for this unfortunate situation.

To that end, I strongly encourage all of my readers to respectfully ask Rian Johnson to comment on the Bloomberg article.  I’m sure that there are many on all sides of the argument who would be interested in hearing his perspective on it.

10 thoughts on “Rian Johnson Killed What We Loved, To Save What We Hate

  1. I can’t wait until the day when people are so apathetic toward STAR WARS that this obnoxious little troll simply blinks out existence from the lack of attention. Being an edge lord is clearly the only card up his sleeve. His involvement in the climactic episode of BREAKING BAD—one of the greatest episodes of television ever produced (and that CLEARLY due to the writing and acting moreso than the directing, in hindsight)—now makes me ill.


    • “I can’t wait until the day when people are so apathetic”
      Dude we’re already there

      OH A LEAK ABOUT EP9…………………No one in sight. (Expect WCBS covering it)
      And I’m already there. I give no fuck to disney star wars.

      HELL even the EA game of Star wars like the upcoming Fallen order.(i think that the name)
      OH what is every gamer in the internet say. WAIT AND SEE. DON’T PREORDER. and FUCK EA.

      The WHAMANdolor (Mandalorian) I give no fuck about cuz I’m wondering
      To pirate or not pirate.

      HELL……Even the S7 Of clone wars…….. Im ………MEH. Cuz there always a fucking possibly that IT CAN AT WOKE to it


  2. I’m not on Twitter but I would love it if somebody also asks him what happened to Kiri Hart. Did they not love her, was she not worth saving?

    It’s so strange that she’s gone, while Rian’s round empty head is still orbiting unpleasantly around the Star Wars fandom.

    I want to know if he came up with that cheesy line, or her. I mean she was his boss, in effect. He was there to execute her ideas, she said as much in interviews and he backed that up.

    Is Rian stealing credit from Kiri Hart with this tweet, I wonder…

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    • I suspect he was paraphrasing G.K. Chesterton: “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” The problem is that it makes no sense in the context of the film.

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  3. Speaking of ‘Dune’, latest buzz around the upcoming film has the character of Liet Kynes being race AND gender swapped….I’ve got a bad feeling about this.


    • Well I did see that Chani was being played by zendaya (however it is spelled) so I guess that gives legitimacy to what you are saying about Liet. A female Dr. kynes makes no sense and does not work. Why should we be surprised with this.


    • Well, the book is about controlling the spice, everything important happens as a result of the spice. So, patriarchy? I *wonder* where this is going to go if they put intersectional politics in it. I *wonder* what the Free-men are going to be either renamed to and/or changed to. (Soymen?)

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  4. Watch this interview with Kevin Feige (around 2:45 Min). He is a Star Wars uber-fan. He knows what the Dark Times in the fandom were, unlike that lying little shit of an interviewer. He has a passion for Star Wars Kenner toys and West End Game books. He played with toys longer than others (again that little shit is lying, while saying “me too”)

    Kevin is my generation – too young, to be a fan from the beginning, but has love for the Toys, the OT and the lore of Star Wars.

    Kevin, burn down the MCU (hand it over to the SJWs) and come over and make Star Wars great again (and fire that little shit with all the other Lucasfilm retarded fucks). By the way, that little fuck tells Kevin that they have with the Story Group “something similar” to the MCU… Half of the people in that shot probably doesn’t work for Lucasfim anymore.


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