SJW Tries To Convince Himself That All Is Well At Disneyland


All is well!

Rick Munarriz writes a piece at the Motley Fool entitled, Theme Parks Fail Disney at the Worst Possible Time.  In it he writes:

The media giant experiences a rare dip in domestic park attendance and an even more problematic slide in the segment’s operating margin.

It was the turnstile click heard around the world.  Disney (NYSE:DIS) posted disappointing financial results on Tuesday afternoon, and one of its biggest shortcomings came at the theme park level. The media giant’s domestic gated attractions experienced a rare decline in overall visitors despite benefiting from the timing of the Easter holiday and the Disneyland opening of its most anticipated expansion in 20 years.

Florida won’t get Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening officially until later this month, but Disneyland’s 14-acre expansion has been up and running since late May. I checked it out for three consecutive days late last week, surprised that the immersive Star Wars-themed area seemed less crowded than the rest of the park.

None of the normal people who saw all of this coming immediately after the release of The Force Awakens are surprised one bit.

It could be that there’s just one ride available, with the more ambitious Rise of the Resistance attraction still months away from completion.

Or it could be that The Last Jedi was so awful, and the misbehavior of Lucasfilm representatives was so terrible, that it drove fans and potential paying customers away.  But it’ll take a good decade before SJWs are capable of processing that realization.

However, even CEO Bob Iger’s initial stance that Disney wouldn’t have to do much in terms of marketing to get the word out has changed. I ran into a pair of billboards heading out of a rival theme park last week.

Disney CEO Bob Iger on marketing Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge earlier this year: Maybe I should just tweet “It’s opening” and that will be enough.

Me as I exit Universal Studios Hollywood an hour’s drive away:

— Rick Munarriz (@Market) August 7, 2019

That’s Bob “hubris” Iger for ya.

The only thing that is more problematic than the weaker-than-expected 7% increase in its parks, experiences, and products division revenue is that segment operating income grew at a weaker 4% pace. Margins had been widening consistently for the segment. You have to go all the way back to fiscal 2010 to find a year in which the segment’s operating income didn’t outpace its revenue growth. Higher wages and beefy investments in new attractions work if guest counts are climbing, as this is a scalable business with high fixed costs. The math gets cruel when Disney overplays its hand.

Disney will get this right. It always does.

Ha!  It’s about to make the same stubborn mistakes with the MCU.  A company run by SJWs isn’t capable of learning from mistakes.  It’s not ever going to get it right.

Disney World’s opening later this month should prove more popular than Disneyland’s debut. Attendance will bounce back and the segment’s operating margin will improve, even if Disney has to twist some of the promotional screws that it didn’t think it would need. There’s a lot riding on the success of Disney’s theme parks.

Hey, remember when everyone was claiming that Solo would do big numbers at the box office, and Galaxy’s Edge would be packed like a can of sardines?  Good times!

Thanks to Toxic Discerning Film Fan for the tip.

8 thoughts on “SJW Tries To Convince Himself That All Is Well At Disneyland

  1. There’s something I can’t understand. SJWs want socialism for everyone. Well, Disney is a corrupt capitalist company. Why are these SJW fools cheering for them? Shouldn’t they be happy that the Disney capitalist empire is losing money on something?

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    • The lower SJWs are just useful idiots for the elite class of upper SJWs, who are all champagne socialists like Iger. The upper SJWs are totally fake, superficial socialists who preach SJW crap while living in vast mansions surrounded by luxury and servants.

      J K Rowling is a very good example of this kind of upper SJW, she’s just a mouth really, that’s where her SJWism begins and ends. just a yapping SJW mouth on Twitter and in the media. She does it to advance her career in a politically corrupt industry.

      The lower SJWs are extremely stupid, easily manipulated, and will fall for the most idiotically transparent scams, like ‘Vote For Hillary because you don’t hate women do you, you aren’t a misogynist are you?’

      And about half of the mid-level SJWs are just complete frauds whose sole motivation is careerism. Rian Johnson is one of these, he doesn’t really give one shit about ‘Social Justice’ at all, he just knows what the establishment wants and gives it to them to advance his career.

      Even SJWs like Aneeta Sarkeesian don’t really do anything out of a motivation to help women, or blacks or gays or trannies or whatever. The sole motivation is helping herself to a lucrative career in bullshit.

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      • You forgot to mention George Lucas, who espouses socialist rhetoric a lot of times, and in fact, arguably created Star Wars to push Vietcong propaganda based on his own statements (oh, and also voiced support for Occupy Wall Street). Not to mention stated he didn’t want corporations owning government and demanded a tax increase to ensure that, and then sold it off to Disney to get out of the tax hikes he asked for.

        Surprisingly, JK Rowling actually did voice some support for Trump fairly recently, albeit in a more “Voltaire” kind of way.


        • I just don’t think he qualifies as being a good example here. Although Lucas is certainly upper level in wealth, I wouldn’t put him in the same category of SJW because he’s not on Twitter or doing interviews running his mouth and pandering.

          You can pick out left leaning things he’s said, he’s certainly a left-leaning person in many respects, I wouldn’t call him an SJW though just because he leans left. For example, Alex Jones admires Revenge of the Sith as a parable about government power and subversion, and Alex Jones is definitely not a socialist. So it’s a stretch to call Lucas an SJW propagandist, he was an artist first and foremost, and his art was never tediously didactic, unlike the Disney corporate mulch that is being churned out now.

          I always saw Star Wars ANH as more like revolutionary-era Americans fighting a war against a very socialist-looking British ’empire’. It may have come from his bad experience working with the British trade unions to get the film made, combined with his previous bad experiences with the American studios cutting his films. . Almost like he took the American historical idea of the British empire as this evil controlling thing, and then transposed it to 70s Britain which was very socialist, very drab and grey, and then designed it into a cosmic allegory about freedom and control. I don’t know if it’s the acting, or the decor, but to me the Empire is very influenced by 70s socialism in Britain, as well as WW2-era Nazi stuff.

          I know a lot of people say it’s the Nazis he based them on, but I wonder how much of that has been retconned in, especially by Disney, who have pretty much officially labelled them as Space Nazis now. But in a documentary a roommate of Lucas mentioned he was always drawing ‘startroopers’ at college, so they must have become stormtroopers some time later.


          • Yeah, about that… He’s made some interviews condemning capitalism and advocating for “pure democracy”. Here’s a couple of these interviews (and I assure you, there’s plenty more. He even tried to sell Red Tails by claiming that Hollywood’s too racist to accept it, which is more of a SJW-type tactic):




            Besides, Lucas made it pretty clear in his development notes that he modeled the Rebels on the Vietcong, and in that AMC documentary later on, he even indicated he deliberately modeled them after the VC knowing full well they were a terrorist group: ;

            Also, he doesn’t merely “lean left”, he is if anything far left, as far left as the Disney heads right now. Now, John F. Kennedy? That guy was merely left-leaning.

            That the Rebels had any resemblance to the American Minutemen was either due to George Lucas mistaking the Vietcong as having the same ideology and nature to the Minutemen, or worse, a deliberate attempt at manipulating people into accepting far left ideology. And I think it’s pretty clear from his comments to Charlie Rose that he prefers socialism, and if anything thinks socialism is true freedom like the left does since the French Revolution. And believe me, this is speaking as someone who used to think the Rebels were the American Minutemen and thus the good guys before George Lucas and Chris Taylor, not to mention Bill Whittle, exposed that to be false thinking. Call me an Empire supporter now, because at least there, it means I’m showing my loyalty to America and rooting against communists.


            • Well as an ‘Empire supporter’ (you asked me to call you it) I think it’s fair to say you have a somewhat idiosyncratic reading of the narrative. But I like idiosyncratic readings, so thank you for the links.

              I still don’t put Lucas in the SJW category. George’s problems with capitalism seem to be moral and philosophical, which I’m okay with. It’s very typical billionaire’s guilt and explains why he signed the ‘Giving Pledge’:

              ROSE: There’s also the side of you that’s a political animal. I mean, you are, among people who know you, a billionaire who’s not that crazy about capitalism.

              LUCAS: That’s true. (LAUGH)

              ROSE: Tell me about —

              LUCAS: Well, I grew up in the ’60s. I grew up in San Francisco. And so I’m informed in a certain kind of way about, you know, believing in democracy and believing in America. And I’m a very ardent patriot. But I’m also a very ardent believer in democracy, not capitalist democracy. And I do not believe that the rich should be able to buy the government. And that’s just the way I feel.

              ROSE: Is that the America you see, where the rich have bought the government?

              LUCAS: Oh, come on. It’s been that way for a long time. And it’s just — you know, it’s — it’s not right.

              So I think you can definitely accuse George of having a kind of romantic ‘pure’ democratic utopia in his head, possibly a socialistic one – though he describes it more as a democracy that is resistant against corruption. But in that same interview he also says:

              ‘I’d already turned down the chairmanship of Disney for several billion dollars. And I said, “I don’t want to run a public company.”

              This is what makes him different to Iger in my mind, who definitely qualifies as an upper SJW because of his presidential ambitions. If you’re looking at Obama and the Clintons and thinking ‘great, me next’ – I think that puts you at the highest levels of SJWism, you’re literally trying to become the chief SJW of the USA. Which is much more power-hungry and terrifying than anything George has done. I tend to grade SJWs based on how much harm they do.

              (But on the funny side of things, Iger also fulfills the unofficial ‘comedy’ side of SJWism by making himself look like a complete buffoon on Twitter, tweeting some bizarre nonsense about opening a Captain Marvel theme park, and then deleting it LOL. One epic fail at a time please Bob)


              • Well, thank goodness he hasn’t considered running for President, yet. Knowing how he openly rooted for the Vietcong during the Vietnam War and even tried to manipulate countless Americans to do so, if he had control of our American military… well, let’s just say he’d openly invite America’s enemies to kill our soldiers and even kill them himself. It’s arguably be even WORSE than under Clinton or Obama who couldn’t even stomach giving respectful treatment to the soldiers they act as commander in chief to (and Clinton orchestrated quite a few anti-American rallies abroad if The Clinton Chronicles is of any indication). Then again, he had already been running a public company anyways (last I checked, Lucasfilm even BEFORE he sold it to Disney for reasons suspected to be tied to Obama’s tax hikes that Lucas requested he implement, Lucasfilm was a very public company, an empire in its own right), so I find that… hard to buy (yeah, yeah, I know, lame pun…). And let’s not forget, George Lucas also helmed Edutopia, which right now is pushing a LOT of SJW elements including EQ and math as a social activity among other things. He actually wields a lot of power as it is even WITHOUT his being president. Like I said, there’s a couple of sources that strongly implied that he was one of the people responsible for Obama cutting the Bush tax cuts, in order to ensure that corporations can’t own government: ;

                As far as Iger, while he certainly teased presidential ambitions, I’m doubtful he’s really as close to desiring to run for president as you say he is. If he were, he’d be in the primaries by now instead of having extended his long-overstayed welcome as Disney’s CEO yet again to 2021, several months AFTER the elections were over. In fact, quite frankly, I’d even take him running for president if it meant getting him out of Disney and preventing him from trashing it even further (never said I’d wish for him to win, though. Actually, if anything, if he runs, I’d hope for an especially humiliating defeat against either the other Democrat candidates or, even better, against Trump himself).


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