8 thoughts on “T-Shirt Design By Demonscythe Synthwave

  1. Hey Itchy-heard the latest rumor/leak from Gary Buechler, of Nerdrotic?

    Seems that there may be some answers to the question of why Di$ney has been killing off/distancing itself from the OT, and it possibly has to do with royalties that they would owe to George Lucas for using anything from the OT era and prequel era. Check out the link below:

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  2. That would explain the bizarre design choices:
    “Hey look it’s Tatooi- oh… it’s Jakku.”
    “Hey look ot’s Corus- oh… it’s Hosnian Prime.””
    “I can’t wait to see Rodians, Twi-leks, Ithorians and – oh, it’s all new stuff.”

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  3. Red-arm Threepio. Rectangle-dish Falcon. Starkiller Base. Lots of tweaked and/or ripped-off elements in these new movies, for sure. To say nothing of Leia in a coma and Jake Skywalker. Sidelining original characters and making them substantially different would indeed be reminiscent of the infamous “25% different” schtick with STAR DRECK DISGRACERY.

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    • The Sequel Trilogy may not be very original, or have any memorable characters, but it does have one the OT didn’t-lots and lots of DIVERSITY!!!!


  4. Don’t get me wrong: I think the combination of Rian Johnson’s round head & the Death Star is brilliant! That being said, I submit a tiny change: rather than the blast coming from Johnson’s forehead, which is 95% appropriate, I would have had the focused blast coming out of his mouth… a reference to his writing, direction and abuse of the customers.


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