14 thoughts on “Interest in Skywalker Not Rising For Episode IX

  1. For discussions sake, my understanding that the sharp bursts on the graph corresponded with the release of the various trailers for these films. I find it interesting that the path of both TFA and TLJ are nearly identical in their overall shape with TLJ levels being lower. Though I note I see no sharp rise when the teaser was released for TRS, could there be a bump when (or if) they release a final trailer? Believe me Itchy I am hoping above all things you are correct and I want this film to do worse than Solo. It is certainly very possible.

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    • Napoleon Bonaparte: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
      Solomon: “Pride cometh before the fall.”
      Thank you, Itchy, for your patience, your time and your lengthy investigations. You’re a real trooper… a STORM trooper!
      We know there will be droves that want to “finish this mess.” We know the shills will be paid to sing its praises. We know the numbers will be fudged to prove it’s a wild success. We know Rotten Tomatoes will lie, fudge, block, etc. We know The Fandom Menace Youtube hosts will go see it, return and hang their heads in shame that they spent money to see the trainwreck. And this is where we sit back and watch everything explode.
      Any company as big & round-headed as Johnson must come down and come down hard. A company that doubles down on its customers has taken a giant leap over “the line.”
      And any “I told you so’s” will be so unsatisfying when it all comes down in flames.

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      • “We know The Fandom Menace Youtube hosts will go see it, return and hang their heads in shame that they spent money to see the trainwreck. ”

        EVS always says that he gives Disney money so that no one else has to.

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    • There was a good article going over that Ep9 trailer release at the Jedi Temple Archives and Itch covered it here – I can’t post links but it’s worth a read.

      Is Interest In Star Wars Waning?
      Jedi Temple Archives
      June 25, 2019

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  2. Solo gets wrecked, Galaxy’s Edge a ghost town, Episode 9 a flatline on Google Trends… then there’s Disney+, which will hopefully backfire badly and result in Disney and Netflix both damaging themselves and their customer bases.

    But of course even as the bombs drops around them, for the shill media there still won’t be any blame attached to KK, JJ, Rian, TLJ, or the ‘direction’ that Disney took things in.

    It will of course, be the fans fault. It’s all our negativity and toxicity, we ruined Star Wars by complaining and not buying the Disney product. There’s no blame on the people who were entrusted with keeping it going, those people must remain completely free of blame in the clown world media. No, it was the fans. The fans ruined it because… they hate Star Wars. They just hate Star Wars! The Star Wars fans hate Star Wars, they just can’t stand it. Because they are assholes.

    Guarantee we’ll see shill media articles like that come December.

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  3. PLAN IX FROM HYPERSPACE has to bomb for a real statement to be made. Anything over a billion is a defeat. The point has to be made, and I think there’s a distinct possibility that it will be. More out of apathy than active boycotting, at this point.

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    • It would be wonderful if there was some metric which spelled out how much financial damage all the negativity from LFL, all the shill orbiters and things like rotten tomatoes have caused. Social media and otherwise.

      Like exactly how much it cost them to either not have a social media code of conduct policy or having one but being uninterested in enforcing it. Would be nice to rub salt in that wound using data.

      I know, but we can have dreams can’t we?

      Boycotting: The milk is good but hate the farmer.
      Apathy: The milk is sour, the farmer is moot.

      I’m unclear on where watching IX for free or without counting as a view stands.

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    • Oh, Mike. Mike, Mike, Mike: You just scored big time. You may have just broken the Internet! What has already been said? Let’s see:
      “Get woke, go broke”
      “Red pills pay bills”
      Disney wants the old guard out. Replaced with Reylos, Feminasties & Narcissists and those who have emerged from closets who make !demands!

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