Pete Fletzer Parrots Pre-Discredited Talking Points

If you’re not familiar with Pete Fletzer, here’s a bio from his website:


Sardonic cheese.

Pete decided to go on one of those seething frothing SJW rants on Twitter, reminiscent of unhinged crank Chuck Wendig.

Let’s examine Pete’s blatant stupidity.



In the SJW pea-brain, any complaint that they don’t like is a whine.


Here Pete responds to a point that no one is making.  Not one person declared, “I am entitled to the Disney experience!”  The actual entitled people in Star Wars fandoms are the uneducated SJWs who screeched demands for equal representation and gender equality for a movie franchise about wars in the stars.


Here Pete devolves into a variation of the “Lucasfilm customers are not customers” idiocy.

Who is more entitled?  The entitled whiner? Or the entitled whiner who whines about entitlement?

When did criticism become defacto entitlement anyway?


Disney making money.


Nothing says inclusivity quite like exclusivity.


Maybe we need to send Rose Tico there to give some more of her deeply stupid social justice lectures.  That should fix the problem.  Our good friend Pablo Hidalgo has offered a final solution for Galaxy’s Edge:




Back to Pete:


At least not until uneducated SJWs arbitrarily decide that affordable entertainment is a right.  Then you’ll see all manner of raised fist logos holding up film stock in some stupid activist campaign.

But no, their strategy will not change.  SJWs always double down, because they’re ineducable.


Not one person claimed that Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 Billion to turn it into a charity.  Again Pete responds to a comment that no one made, in order to prove a point that doesn’t exist.


What on Earth is Pete talking about?  Of course, you can complain about SJW activist screeching and then complain about high prices.  Why on Earth couldn’t you?

Pete, how about if we express our opinions in any way we please, particularly since we’re going to anyway?  I mean, you are fully aware that you have exactly zero authority, right, dummy?


So here Pete essentially disparages the entire profession of critics.  No sense in giving movies a poor review, critics.  Just move on.

What Pete doesn’t understand, is that this is no longer about Disney’s crappy simulacrum of Star Wars.  Few care about the franchise itself anymore.  This is now about the misbehavior of Lucasfilm representatives and their media minions.

It’s absolutely hilarious to see Pete parrot the commonplace “space wizards with laser swords” line.  I wonder if he’s read the recent Nerdist Twitter thread that Rian Johnson replied to.


Pete can’t handle the heat in the kitchen when his own blatant idiocy is clearly demonstrated.



16 thoughts on “Pete Fletzer Parrots Pre-Discredited Talking Points

  1. His photo checks out. Compare and contrast:

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  2. As Ethan recently said, complaining about people with legitimate complaints about entertainment is pure mental illness. But it’s apparently perfectly okay for THEM to complain, as with all the whining over the recent Disney/Sony split over Spider-Man.

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    • Mind you, I have no great love for the MCU or the current iteration of Spider-Man. Spider-Man happens to be my favorite comic book character, and the movies have gotten progressively worse, with the Raimi films getting SOME things right, the Webb movies being abominations, and these new movies getting some things right and a lot of other things grotesquely wrong. Disney OR Sony, it’s lose-lose for comic book purists like myself. Gary from Nerdrotic is right in that we’ll likely never get a proper Lee-Ditko or Lee-Romita version of the character in a movie. Now he’s just Iron Man Junior, surrounded by a bunch of race-swapped supporting characters who use familiar names so as to trick fans into thinking these movies are somehow faithful to the source material. Which they are not. Not unlike STAR WARS trying to trick people into parting with their hard-earned dollars by playing on nostalgia. So, no money from me, thank you VEERRRRYYYY much.

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      • PP is an icon of:
        what it is like to be a straight white adolescent moral male
        handling empowerment responsibly
        guilt culture (as opposed to shame culture)

        He is popular now and cannot be allowed to give credit to this section of society. He must be corrupted or appropriated.

        If there was ever a time white boys needed a hero and role model, now is the time. (JBP accepted)


        • I’m quite appalled by the stripping of Peter’s agency in the new films. The genius of the original comics was that the spider-bite was the only variable for the character. A single quirk of fate. Everything else after that came from Peter Parker’s choices. He had no confidantes and no support system, since his identity was SECRET. All of his victories and defeats were entirely his own. He was a self-made, existential superhero driven by personal feelings of guilt, and only the readers were privy to his internal struggles. The MCU has turned him into Spider-BOY: “Aw, gee, Mistah Stark, I wanna be an Avenger just like you when I grow up!” Meanwhile, INTO THE SPIDER- VERSE (which I can’t even be bothered to watch, as with FAR FROM HOME) shuffled Peter off to the sidelines and made him into a loser, with bi-racial Miles Morales serving as the lead. And the message is apparently that “anyone can be Spider- Man”. Which COMPLETELY misses the point of the character. Only Peter Parker could be Spider-Man. I have no interest in a Spider-Man movie that’s not about Peter Parker. That’s the character, so either accept it or get lost.

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  3. “Who is more entitled? The entitled whiner? Or the entitled whiner who whines about entitlement?”

    ^BOOM! QFT

    This beta bitch, Pete Fletzer, with his Neo-Marxist stupid look on his face, is having severe “SENSORY OVERLOAD” over things other people don’t like!

    He is running his mouth off about people “whining” while he is doing the most whining!

    And what that twitter user, Jedi Hunter said, is exactly what I was saying for a long time as many on here were as well. Neo-Marxists like Pete are the “entitled” ones. They are the ones telling others that it, “doesn’t belong to us, move on!” Now if that quote doesn’t scream entitled, I don’t what does?

    And what about, “The Force is Female?” Does that not imply entitlement?

    Let’s face it though, Marxist twunts like Pete, all engage in the same tactics.

    1. Accuse others of exactly what they are doing.
    2. Respond to criticisms/ complaints no one has actually made.
    3. Act is if what they are saying is profound, even though it isn’t and that these new SW films are pushing new boundaries, they aren’t.
    4. Claim that there isn’t any SJW messaging in the new films! HAHA! But they will praise them for said not SJW messaging that ‘isn’t” in them.
    5. Claim that people are “mad” because there isn’t a White Male lead in them! No that isn’t why anyone is “mad” far from it. Like Jedi Hunter stated, it is the creative side of things. And how the LFL staff are going on about it. Calling everyone a racist, sexist, misogynist, Nazi, White supremacist etc. is not going to win over any fans that left or potential new fans. LFL is learning this lesson the hard way.

    But I will touch on the racist, sexist, bigot schtick if I may. So this is for the SJW and Proglodyte Savages out there. All those labels don’t work anymore. For me they never worked. And for many others as well. Why you ask? Well that is because we aren’t any of those labels tha you keep applying to is, that is “why!”

    But more and more folks are waking from the slumber and realizing that these labels don’t mean anything anymore. The leftist, Marxist scumbags have watered down these labels to the point of non existence. If EVRYONE is a racist, sexist, bigot? Then NOBODY is a racist, sexist, bigot. So scream it all you want you Marxist scum, because NOBODY cares about these labels anymore. All you are doing with these labels are destroying the SW brand more and more. And you are driving fans out in droves more and more.

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  4. “Are you advocating killing people you disagree with politically?”

    Pablo Hidalgo:
    “Oh of course not, just the rich…”

    ^ That is the sign of a real piece of shite right there! Please Pablo, vote for Sanders or Warren, then I bet you will be the king comedian of the 4 day bread lines…

    Well KK and Iger are rich, do you advocate for their death’s Pablo?

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  5. Disney: “Pete, thank-you for your kind words and support. We really appreciate it in these difficult times. Here is a voucher for a free 3-night stay in the Star Wars hotel for you and your family. Can we ask, do you have any children between the ages of 8 and 13 and are MASSIVE Star Wars fans?”

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  6. from the bio picture:
    – freelance writer
    – Star Wars Insider mag/SW galaxy mag
    – in the thick of the SW resurgence at the turn of the century
    – covering prequel premieres
    – returning to writing with something for 20th anniversary of EP1

    I wonder if Jake Lloyd was affected negatively by this 🤡.

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  8. Pete Feltzer embraces Social Justice’s idea of shutting down what some else has to say. Does a person have a valid complaint? Then present their complaint as “whining.” Then? Well, don’t stop doing it. Keep shutting people down. Poor Pete’s a victim! A victim of some other person’s opinion. So Feltzer indulges in the Social Rot of Victimhood:

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