Hot Toys Palpatine Used For Episode IX Teaser Poster

By now most folks who are interested have seen the new teaser poster for The Rise of Skywalker which was released at the D23 Expo.  If you haven’t here it is:


For many, there was something wrong about the Emperor’s image in the background.  It seemed a bit too cartoony, or like video game CGI from the 2000s.  So some started to make parodies like this to lampoon the art:


Recently, it was thought that the image which was used to create the Emperor in the official poster was found.  But it turned out to not be an exact match.

An exact match, however, has now been found.  It comes from the Facebook page of Hot Toys which posted the image in September of 2018.



Let’s see a side by side comparison with the official poster.


The dimensions of the face in the poster appear to be scrunched up vertically a bit, and the width widened horizontally.  But that’s a match.  And it would appear that Hot Toys may now be aware.


Now, I’m not sure that there’s anything wrong with using images of models or even toys if it makes an effective final product.  Though I suppose the sculptor and painter of the Hot Toys Palpatine ought to be credited for the poster art.  The artists were:

Hwan Kim (Head Sculpt)

Da Hye Kim (3D Design)

JC. Hong

Not to mention, the photographer of the image, Jingobell Photography.


But one would think that for the movie poster of a major motion picture, that at least a new photograph of the toy would be taken.  Apparently, they were too lazy to be bothered with that.  Because they didn’t just use a toy, they literally grabbed the image from Hot Toy’s Facebook account.

We do not know who the artist of the official teaser poster is as of this writing.

Thanks to Coach Craig Kenneth, Supergoodpixel and Phantom Sidious for the tips.


SC Reviews comments about how negative comments about the poster on the official Star Wars Instagram page are being deleted.

Geeks + Gamers comments on the art in the poster:

Clownfish comments:

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21 thoughts on “Hot Toys Palpatine Used For Episode IX Teaser Poster

    • Apparently, Disney can’t be bothered to tolerate freedom of speech. Deleting one “like” is dishonest, disrespectful and dismissive. Disney’s decision to do so reveals their hatred for facts, along with their belief that “likes” could only come from The Fandom Menace, that “tiny vocal minority” they’ve tried so hard to kill.

      If that’s their attitude toward us… I suppose using stolen artwork is a lesser crime.

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    • It is indeed highly suggestive. Every bump, every swirl, every change is chosen. Considering how “woke” the art staff at LucFil are probably staffed with raging feminists, this “bulge” is likely deliberate.
      “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” –Bonaparte
      “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” (keep Gillette in mind) –Unknown
      “Pride goes before a fall.” –Solomon


  1. I’m sorry, but this is wrong. I overlayed them in Photoshop and while they are mildly similar (they’re both Palpatine, duh), they are most definitely not the same:

    Check it out for yourself with that framecompare I made. The lighting is completely different, the fine details are different, the toy shows teeth, the entire facial geometry is slightly different. It would be faster to do a new render than to photoshop the Hot Toy into what you see on the poster. In fact, it would make no sense as the Hot Toy looks much better lol.

    In short, it’s a different picture, although close enough to be worth a meme.

    The real meme should be that the hot toy actually looks better and has more detail than the official poster.

    I like watching Jeremy’s videos, but sometimes he just picks up false information without properly checking it. Let’s see if he corrects himself.

    P.S. If this article and all the videos are supposed to be satirical, feel free to ignore me.


  2. Just looks like bad cgi that was rendered up quickly that may of used a sample image pulled off the net. Perhaps his new look in the film is underwraps and they did not want to spoil it and/or Palpatine may simply be a hologram or some other type of apparition of the Dark Side of the Force and could be old footage/computer animated.


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  4. RE: SC Reviews (Hey Youtube, I’m back!) in the Updates:
    Rabble, directionless mobs now cling to this dumpster fire.

    6. DISMISSING AND IGNORING THE BACKLASH – Shill media publishes pieces declaring that the backlash doesn’t exist. Shill media also publishes pieces instructing others to ignore the “tiny vocal minority,” some of whom used to be the old “gatekeepers” of the community.

    7. SUPPRESSING THE BACKLASH – Blogs, internet forums, social media, and other websites delete or otherwise “redact” critical comments and posts in discussion forums under the aegis of “hate speech,” and may even engage in the complete banning of accounts. Some websites remove their comments sections altogether. Oftentimes the media will use race and gender in their articles in an attempt to shame a backlash into silence.

    15. THE FINAL PUSH – Shill media entities, and rank and file SJWs tell long time customers to go find something else if they don’t like it anymore, in a last ditch effort to push critics out of the “community” once and for all. “Don’t like it, don’t buy it.” This can also come in the form of the more friendly phrase, “Why don’t you focus on the things you love, instead of on the things you hate?” They will also engage in Gaslighting, a method of psychologically manipulating an adversary into thinking that they’re crazy. This will oftentimes come in the form of the SJW saying that their brand of politics has always been in the IP from the very beginning.

    Also: the twisted notion these short-term memory SJWs have that this was never their IP, but they’re telling everyone, get this… I just love it: “olballnchainy: ‘Fun Fact, Easily triggered, fragile broflake, basement dwelling fanboys are easily the worst part of a Star Wars experience.’ ”

    Mmm. I’d say that the worst part of a Star Wars experience is some armchair critic who feels the need to insult incessantly. He’s already made up his mind, in typical SJW-style, that the Fandom Menace has no valid claims. This is a major modern problem: imagine this guy on a jury?


        • Exactly! The 501st “claims” the Fandom Menace plagiarized their image. Itchy puts it well by saying that–in fact–it’s a parody. But without skipping a beat–going from one post to the next (practically)–we go from 501st whining about “plagiarism” (for the sake of argument, be it real or imagined) to LucasFilm’s actual plagiarism (real, NOT imagined).

          POINT: In a nut shell, if the Fandom Menace is perceived as having done it?
          They are WRONG; wrong, I tell you!
          HOWEVER: if LucasFilm performs the very deed 501st’s claim FM did?
          The 501st goes radio silent.

          Condemn the FM, real or imagined. Remain silent when that tyrant LucasFilm actually does this. This is no parody! This is no homage to the source artists. This is blatant rip-off. There be hypocrites in the 501st camp, me thinketh.


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  6. You’d think the imagineers would have invented a way to keep Disney’s pants from being pulled down by SW fans, over and over and over and over ….

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